First Day Back on the Horse

So, today is my debut day back into weight training and full-on exercise. After six months, it’s a bit grueling. I am also a bit disappointed because I used to be able to lift far more than I did today. But that’s OK; at least I am back into it now. Next Halloween, I’m dressing up as Captain America.

Taking it Easy

Being excessively overweight and completely out of shape, I wanted to slowly get back into my routine. The last thing I want to do is keel over on the treadmill from a heart attack. You don’t want to go too far at the beginning because you can do a great deal of damage to yourself.

I mixed it up a bit tonight between weights and cardio. I don’t want to Hulk-out while being portly. To be honest, I really don’t want to have too much in the way of muscle. I just want to get back to being around 200 pounds. My goal is 190, but I think I have too much muscle mass to actually get that low.

Today, I burnt nearly as many calories as I consumed – which isn’t really a good thing. You see, you’ll burn about eight calories every five minutes just from being alive. Right now, I feel lethargic and tired. That will be a mixture of physical exhaustion from exercising and a lack of food intake. Don’t worry…I have fish sticks in the oven and a Mountain Dew Berry Lime Gaming Fuel sitting next to me.

My Workout Today

I didn’t do any leg work today – mostly because I really didn’t think of it. I concentrated on upper body and then walked to burn calories. My workout consisted of:

  • Machine Bicep Curl: 20 reps at 30 lbs; 40 reps at 35 lbs
  • Seated Machine Tricep Extension: 60 reps at 35 lbs
  • Machine Fly: 60 reps at 70 lbs
  • Seated Machine Row: 75 reps at 30 lbs
  • Treadmill Walking: .99 miles in 18 mins

I know, it doesn’t look like a lot. However, it’s 10,550 pounds and more than 260 calories burnt. It’s kinda sad, really. This time last year I was averaging more than 50,000 pounds per workout. Now, I have to start almost completely over. If I would have done leg work, I would have really cranked out some iron.

My wife and I will be getting back into the routine of going to the rec center every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On the other days, I usually put effort into playing the Xbox Kinect – which is more grueling than you may think. In fact, I am going to do a study in the near future regarding how Kinect gaming can be extremely beneficial.

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