Rotten Egg Burps? It May Be From Overeating

I recently had a problem where my burps smelt like horrid rotten eggs. Essentially, I could clear the room with the slightest belch. After researching this problem online, I discovered that my problem was due to eating too much the day before. However, I came across this discovery on my own – and it seems to be the only logical explanation.

Many Things Cause Rotten Egg Burps

During my research – of which I spent weeks reading countless articles – I found that many other people are affected by a foul smelling belch similar to my own experiences. Unlike myself, most of these problems were cause by a reaction to a certain food type or a side effect of splenic flexure syndrome. After closely monitoring myself and the foods I ate, I found that neither one of these were in my case.

Types of Foods
Depending on your physiology, certain types of food can cause rotten egg burps. Commonly, people are affected by onions or tomato products. Over the course of a few months, I found that it wasn’t either of these foods causing my problem. In fact, there was no correlation between what I ate and the horrible smells my body was producing. If you have this condition, you should monitor what you eat over the course of a month or two and see if there are any food types that can be identified as your problem.

Splenic Flexure Syndrome
Splenic flexure is essentially a gastrointestinal problem where bacteria is creating an incredible amount of gas in the intestinal tract. It can be extremely painful, and it often feels like a heart attack because of the pressure on the diaphragm. However, it can also cause you to have an amazing amount of flatulence and burping. In some cases, trying to hold back and not letting these gasses go naturally is what causes the buildup and the pain. It’s better to excuse yourself from the room, go somewhere isolated from the public and unload the ungodly amount of gas from both ends.

While I wasn’t able to test myself for splenic flexure syndrome, my own studies dismissed this as a possibility through the process of elimination. When I reduced the sheer amount of food I was eating, there was no more of a problem. Because of this, I can only assume that I did not have splenic flexure.

How I Discovered Overeating Was My Problem

When I started monitoring my caloric intake, the rotten egg burp simply went away. For several months, I didn’t experience a single problem. One day, I ate way too much – and guess what? Yep, they came back. Once I reduced my eating, they went away again.

In order to track my food intake, I used the free website It’s an easy-to-use system that allows you to record everything you eat. It also provides a nutritional report such as monitoring carbs, sodium and sugar intake. I’ve been using the site for quite some time in order to identify my eating habits. It seems I have a problem with snacking throughout the day. It’s this tool that helped me identify that my rotten egg burps were appearing if I ate more than 1,000 calories of food beyond my diet. In most cases, the gas appeared within one or two days.

Regardless of the app you use, I would suggest finding something that can track your food intake. However, you’ll need to be completely honest with yourself. If you eat a bag of Oreos in one day, you need to put that into your tracker. Otherwise, you’ll never discover the foods that may be causing your rotten egg burps.

Since I’ve been going through this problem for a couple of years, I am confident that overeating was the driving force behind my gas problem. After watching what I ate regularly, the rotten egg burps went away as well as the frequency in which I passed gas from either end. If you have a similar problem, you may want to explore the amount of food you eat in any given day. Perhaps you have a reaction to food like many others.

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