80 Pounds in 4 Months Challenge

Not everyone can lose the same amount of weight evenly. In fact, there are a number of things that can determine how much you can lose during any specific amount of time. For this challenge, I am going to push myself to lose 80 pounds within four months. This goal centers around what I know of myself and how quickly I can shed weight.

How Will I Accomplish this Goal?

Better HealthMy goals in the past have been quite lacking in dedication. There is simply no way I can lose what I need by Halloween to dress up like a superhero. This is because I haven’t been as dedicated to weight loss as I would have liked. However, that doesn’t mean I will give up the game. It just means my end goal is a bit further down the road.

One of the problems I am going to face is the fact that I am just getting over a severe cold an sinus infection. This means my body is fairly weak as it is. Because I am determined to lose the weight, I’m not going to let sickness be an excuse. Although I won’t be able to fully exercise until I am better, I can still keep an eye on what I eat.

My Foods

To track my food intake, I’m using MyFitnessPal. You can follow along if you like by visiting my profile. Anyway, it’s my intention to demonstrate how you can still eat some of the foods you love while losing weight. The key is portion control. However, portions are not the only aspect you should be paying attention to. For example, you can’t expect to live healthy if you keep your calorie intake below 1700 for the day while eating nothing but cookies.

For the most part, I’ll be eating Cream of Wheat in the morning, Progresso soups for lunch and what ever my wife is cooking for dinner. Every morsel will be recorded in MyFitnessPal.

My Exercise

Over the next four months, I am going to go back to my exercise routines when I lost the most weight. Essentially, these are a mixture of dumbbell workouts, cardio exercises and using resistance bands. Each week, I’ll increase the workout depending on how good I feel and how much strength I have been adding to my body.

My primary forms of exercise will be done first thing in the morning before taking the kids to school. I’m going to try and talk the wife into nightly walks again, which should be easy since it’s cooling down and she likes to walk with me anyway. This week, I’ll start with something simple for myself:

  • Monday and Friday: Dumbbell workout with slight core exercises
  • Tuesday and Thursday: Cardio exercises such as Xbox Kinect, walking or bike riding
  • Wednesday: Resistance band exercises

Taking it One Day at a Time

RunkeeperOne of the best ways to accomplish your goals is to break them up into smaller ones. While 80 pounds in four months may sound like a lot, that’s only 0.68 pounds per day. That’s just over 4.5 pounds per week. Personally, I’ve been able to do this in the past. However, it is still a pretty high goal to consider. On average, I can lose 0.3 pounds per day just by making sure the calories are in the green in MyFitnessPal.

By taking on objectives one day at a time, you work to accomplish the end result as a whole. Trying to lose 80 pounds can sound intimidating. Breaking up it into more obtainable goals can alter your mindset and help boost your confidence. Should you not reach your goal one day, don’t let it affect the next. Once you get into a positive rhythm, it’ll be your own confidence that drives you to continue.

Weekly Updates

I invite anyone who wants to follow my fitness profiles on any of the tools I use while I attempt to lose 80 pounds in four months. However, I will be posting regular updates every Monday on this website. These will also be shared on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for those of you who follow my accounts on those social sites.

Getting Through the Holidays

The hardest part of maintaining a good pace for losing weight is facing the holiday season. I am a HUGE fan of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas and love all the cakes and foods involved. But, I still believe that you can enjoy all of the goodies of the winter months as long as it’s done in moderation. I am actually looking forward to proving my point.


Halloween might be one of the hardest times for me. I have a weakness for peanut butter cups and autumn colored Kit Kats. As long as I don’t go hog wild on snacking, all should be good. Otherwise, I might have to increase my walks every night just so I can burn the excess sugars and carbs. Which I’ve been known to do in the past. I once walked an extra couple of miles to burn the calories just so I could have pizza for dinner. That was back when I lost the first 20 pounds.


Thanksgiving DinnerIn reality, Thanksgiving doesn’t have a lot of foods that are considered bad for you. Last time I calculated the health value of the foods we served, it was actually quite nutritious without a lot of carbs and calories. I was surprised by how much I could eat without going over my goals for the day. This year, I’ll share the info in greater detail.


Christmas is another holiday that keeps me rotund. There is so much sugar in my house that one could get diabetes just walking in the door. Joking aside, I do tend to go a bit gonzo when it comes to filling up the stockings for the kids. There is just so much candy left over that I don’t know what do to with it…aside from eating it.

Don’t get me wrong, we also toss in healthy items in stockings. For example, every year we add oranges and a custom tooth brush in every stocking. But yes, a large portion of the stocking is delectable goodness.

So, here’s to a banner year for me. If I am successful at losing 80 pounds, I will be at a weight that I haven’t experienced since high school…roughly 25 years ago. It’s possible. I just need to keep focused on daily goals and do my best to increase my physical activity.

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