80 in 4: Update Week 3 – Getting On Track Now

Ok, so now this week went far better than the previous two. It’s where I wanted to be at the very beginning of this adventure. But, it’s better late than never. This week has been quite an active one and I plan on continuing the trend. Now, I have an additional reason to stay on track for losing weight and health. I am going on vacation to Los Angeles in 26 days!

Weight: 262.0 lbs.

Lost 4 Pounds this Week
gained weightOn average, I lost four pounds this week. I was hoping for more, but I need to keep in mind that I am developing muscle mass as well as shedding fat. I should have taken measurements of my body before starting. It would have given me a better idea of how much fat I truly am losing outside of weight.

This last week, I vastly increased my workouts in comparison to the previous weeks. I mixed in weights as well as a great deal of cardio. I would love to add some muscle mass, or at least create a more dense set up than what I’ve got going on now. So, what am I going to work on this week?

Continued Morning and Evening Exercises

I found that if I work out in some form at least twice per day, then I can easily hit my calorie burn goals in my Fitbit. Because I don’t really get a lot of physical activity throughout the day, I have to make more of an effort to exercise.

I think one of the motivators for me to push so hard this week is because of my trip to Los Angeles. To be honest, I would like to look, well, less than I am now. I know that I can only do so much inside of four weeks. But that’s not going to stop me. As long as I continue to work on myself, I can keep my fitness on track for my ultimate goal while being in the 240s before heading to LA – a weight I haven’t seen in years.

Keeping Calories in the Green

I’ve been doing a much better job keeping my calories in the green this last week. I’ve been keeping a close eye on everything, until Saturday. We had a bit of a drinking fest while playing Yahtzee. Although I didn’t make myself sick from drinking too much, I know I consumed a lot of empty calories. Luckily, I offset a lot of that by drinking more water.

One thing I do need to work on is making sure I eat well before working out. Last week, I went into a mild shock due to hypoglycemia. I didn’t eat much before going through a grueling workout, and it really messed with me. I wasn’t able to do much for the rest of the night. It was a lesson well learned…and one I already knew. Just my body saying, “Hey stupid…eat!”

Still Not Sleeping

Sleeping at WorkI am still having a hard time actually getting to bed when I need to. I believe it may be because of the amount of tension I am under. It’s extremely difficult to rest when your mind simply won’t shut off. In fact, I’ve had less sleep this last week than when I was managing the liquor store.

I have a few remedies that I am going to try to help me get some rest. For instance, I have Sleepytime Honey Tea here as well as Emergen-C Nighttime Sleep Aid. I guess I will have to try them out and see if they make a difference. Which I hope they do.

Motivation I Will Focus On This Week

So, looking good for my Los Angeles trip is one of my primary focal points right now. I guess looking good is a bit over stated. How about looking better than I have in a long time? Much better. Either way, I am going to focus on several key factors this week. I need to focus on something to keep me on track.

1. Breaking My Lying Leg Raise Record

I enjoy keeping track of exercises within Exercise.com because it gives me a chance to keep a running record of my abilities. I am going to work on more core work this week than before. This will keep me on track to break my Lying Leg Raise record. Essentially, I am boosting my abs a bit.

2. Two Workouts Per Day

Being Social for FitnessSo, when I refer to two workouts per day, I am also including things like walks. If I can maintain at least two activities, I can easily reach my 3,500 calorie burn goal. In fact, I am debating on increasing that goal based on what my Taylor scale has been telling me. I might just shoot for 3700, which really isn’t all that difficult in the grand scheme of things.

What causes the most problems with trying to keep on track for a certain burn is the fact that I spend 16 hours a day sitting. Well, slightly less than that now that I have been working out. Perhaps I should start adding in 10 minute short workouts every two hours just so that I can get up and move around.

3. Increasing Water Intake

I am still not drinking enough water. You’d think that would be easy to remember. But it can be a pain if you’re not really thinking about it. So, I will try to get back into water with every cup of coffee and filling up some water bottles for my desk. I think that’s where I lose the most time. While I’m working, I really don’t think of it.

4. Getting More Sleep

This is an extremely difficult one for me. However, I do have those sleep aids I mentioned earlier. Now, I just need to remember to drink the damn things. I know getting more sleep will help in so many aspects of my life. It’s just incredibly difficult to overcome a severe case of insomnia. Even after pushing myself to walk as fast as I can at night, I still can’t drive myself to sleep.

Estimated Date for Weight Goal: February 22, 2018

stop your weight lossOk, so my estimated goal date is way beyond four months. However, this is also based on a very poor start over the first two weeks. If I based my estimate off of my performance this week, I will hit my goal weight by March 11, 2017…which is still more than the four months.

This means I need to work harder to keep on track if I want to meet my December 31st deadline. Curses for screwing up the first two weeks. However, I am still confident that I will meet my goals. There is still quite a bit of time left, and I know I can do it.

I know that it may seem like a dilemma for me to lose so much ground in a matter of two weeks. However, that is where faith in myself and confidence will come into play. Sure, it looks bad now. But just wait until I make my own “Fireman” calendar.

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