Fila Fail. Ripped seams only after 28 days of use…sigh.

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I only had the gloves for less than a month and the seam across the wrist already popped. I suppose it’s better than having the whole glove fall apart and shred like the cheap brand at Target did. Luckily, I can easily sew the seam back into place and keep going.

Aside from the threading coming apart, these gloves haven’t been too bad. Although I think the $10 Gold’s Gym weighted gloves are of better quality, I do like how these feel. I’m just not convinced they are worth double the price.

Still, the Fila weighted gloves have helped me burn through a lot of calories this month. I also like how my upper body feels and looks thanks to the added weights on my hands during game play of the Xbox Kinect.

As soon as I can afford to buy another pair of the Gold’s Gym gloves, I’ll do a side-by-side comparison of how many calories I burn. It will be interesting to see how much of a difference a one-pound glove has compared to a 1.5-pound glove.

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