Super Bowl snacks…so don’t have the calories for this!

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For the Super Bowl, we decided to throw caution to the wind and do a bit of snack binge eating. We accomplished our goal, and made ourselves incredibly sick in the process. Not only am I currently plagued with rotten egg burps, but there is a ton of gas coming out of every orifice. Probably something you don’t want to know about, but it’s often a side effect of eating too much.

On the up side, there was very little in terms of heavy sugary goodies. No cookies, cupcakes or sweets of any kind. Our binge snacks consisted mostly of meats, crackers, chips and dips. In fact, we didn’t have dairy products of any kind as well.

What does this mean for this week’s weigh in? It means it’s not going to happen. I am still digesting probably five pounds or so worth of food from yesterday. Which means I’ll be working it off for the rest of this week…that is if I stay true to my diet plan.

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