Joys of Having Remarkable Fitness, and What it Means

Remarkable Fitness
11 Oct

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Health and fitness are two exceptionally popular topics right now, especially in the United States. It seems everywhere you look, there is a new health product or an explosion of gyms in the area. However, not everyone really considers what goes into remarkable fitness. It goes beyond simply looking good or fitting into old clothes.

Why Everyone Needs Remarkable Fitness

I’ve covered this topic before by delivering practical reasons why you should focus on health and fitness. Today, I want to share on what it means to me and what it could do for you in the long run.

In many ways, it has potential to drastically change how the world works. Focusing more on health and fitness can alter the destiny of humanity.

Less Consumption

To start this off, consuming less food means I need to spend less money at the grocery store. By maintaining proper portion sizes, my grocery budget goes much further than it did in the past. Which means I have more money to put towards some of the things I would like to have.

Less consumption also means less trash I throw away. There are some weeks when I feel that I am getting screwed by trash pickup because I don’t need weekly services but have to pay for it. While reduced trash doesn’t directly impact remarkable fitness, it’s less junk that goes into the landfill.

Eating less food means there is more to go around. Now I know that my little contribution isn’t going to reverse the hunger problems of the world, but can you imagine what would happen if even half of the United States started eating proper portion sizes?

Less Pollution

Denver Metro AreaThere’s no doubt in my mind that humanity is pushing climate change. We’re not the sole contributors to it, but we’re not helping it at all. If people were more conscientious about health and fitness, there would be greater demand for change.

Plants breath CO2…we don’t. And I can tell you the HUGE difference between walking along the busy streets of Los Angeles and walking along Federal in Denver. The emissions are so horrible in Colorado in comparison. What would happen if humans decided breathing is more important than travel?

Don’t get me wrong. I am not some tree-hugger hippy who protests at the drop of a hat. But there is a great deal of logic to achieving remarkable fitness. What would the world be like if oil all of a sudden disappeared?


One thing I find extraordinary while working to improve my health is the ability to get more done. My energy levels are higher, I can do more around the house and lifting heavier objects is no longer a chore. It’s quite empowering, really.

You don’t have to look like a body builder to have remarkable fitness, either. It’s nice knowing that I don’t have to rely on anyone to lift, carry or open anything for me. And it’s a mindset that I am going to keep for the next 50 years.

I know some people still need assistance because of degenerative diseases or severe injuries. But there is still something to be said about playing on your strengths to do as much as physically possible around the house or when going to the store.

One thing that pisses me off more than anything are lazy people who take advantage of driving carts at Walmart who are completely capable of jumping up and attacking someone in the middle of the isle. I’ve only used a cart once in my life, and it’s when I had a broken foot.

Improved Mood

personal mentalityI’ve noticed significant changes in my attitude since going on my health and fitness kick. Not only do studies show how exercise improves your mood, but I have witnessed it first hand. I am less depressed and my bipolar swings are not as severe as they used to be.

There is something to be said about eating healthier and striving for remarkable fitness when it comes to happiness. In fact, many therapists prescribe exercise to deal with depression. That’s because of the hormonal changes that occur through intense routines alter the mind.

If you think you’re happy now while being overweight, imagine what you can feel like when you’re at optimal health. Actually, I’m really looking forward to existing under 200 pounds. I am almost there and get excited with each pound I lose.

Improved Productivity

One thing that has made a big difference in my life is how health helps me focus. This, in turn, helps me make more money. With the increase in energy levels, I find that I am far more productive than I was in the past. If you follow this blog, you’ll notice that I write more often.

I feel that I am more ambitious now than three years ago. While it’s true that I still have a long way to go to be in exceptional health, the journey has been interesting. My drive for self-improvement hasn’t been this high in a very long time.

Living Longer

April 19 2017 Comparison
Left: 275lbs. Right: 240lbs.
There is a mountain of evidence to support how remarkable fitness vastly increases your lifespan. Sure, you’ll have the occasional health expert or doctor die at a young age from some heart disease or other genetic defect. But the odds are in your favor when it comes to prolonging your life through practicing good health.

I have a lot of reasons to live. I want to see my children develop and succeed. Experiencing new changes in gaming are also intriguing. And I want to bear witness to how the world continues to evolve at such a rapid pace. These are things that interest me, and I would hate to miss out on what is to come.

I didn’t mean for this piece to turn into a landing page for environmental concerns. However, it’s funny how the two are directly linked.

Use Remarkable Fitness to Live

For me, remarkable fitness doesn’t mean being able to bench press a truck. It’s more of caring enough about yourself to get the most out of life. Don’t worry about trying to become a phenomenal human. Anything beyond what you can currently do for yourself is a success…even if that’s simply tossing a 50-pound bag of dog food into the shopping cart.

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