4 Ways to Combat Rotten Egg Burps

Rotten Egg Smell
28 Mar

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Few things can clear out a room like a rancid rotten egg burp at the most inopportune time. There have been several times when I made my wife sick to her stomach because the smallest belch escaped and apparently ripened while in my stomach. Luckily, I’ve found several ways that will let me combat this situation, much to the delight of my family.

Ways to Quell the Power of Rotten Egg Burps

These are the ways that I’ve found that work best for me. This isn’t saying that you’ll have the same experience. After all, what affects me may be different to what causes your issues. For example, I get rotten egg burps usually by eating way too much in any given day. My dad, on the other hand, has other gastrointestinal issues going on and takes medication.

Yes, this mint-tasting pink goop can do wonders for quelling the rancid smell of a rotten egg burp. I even found that generic Pepto can be beneficial as well. Although it didn’t stop my belches entirely, it did stop them from smelling horrible. I tried using Pepcid in the past, but it didn’t do anything for the smell. A shot of generic Pepto later and I could sleep in the same room as my wife.

Watching What You Eat
A lot of people are affected by rotten egg burps simply because of overeating. Case in point, this is the only time I get this affliction. When ever I eat 1000 calories or more beyond what I am supposed to eat, I can safely bet that the next day is going to be horrible for me and my family. So, this is another reason why you should want to get into better shape and curb your eating habits. You may have the same kind of issue as I do.

Monitor Your Food for Patterns
Most of the research I’ve conducted for rotten egg burps centers around specific food types. For instance, some people will get rancid gas simply by eating onions or tomatoes. It all depends on how your body digests foods. If you keep an eye on your eating patterns, you may be able to determine that you have problems digesting a certain product. If you use MyFitnessPal, you can easily keep an eye on what you eat and discover what foods cause this problem in you.

Seek a Specialist
As I mentioned earlier, some people will have more dire issues going on internally when experiencing rotten egg burps. If you can’t solve your problem through nutrition or over-the-counter remedies, you may want to consult a gastrointestinal professional. There are a variety of things that could go wrong in the digestive tract, and you don’t want to put it off until it’s too late. Rancid gas could be a precursor to all kinds of ailments, such as severe ulcers. An example of this is my Dad. He has rotten egg burps that are related to digestive disorders that are currently unidentified. However, the sulfur burps started around the same time he began showing signs of hemochromatosis – a genetic disease in which the body stores too much iron.

Keep in mind that I am not a physician. The above suggestions are based purely on my own personal experiences. The best way I avoid having such terrible gas is by keeping the food intake down. This may or may not work for you, but it’s worth a try if you can clear out a house full of people with a single burp through the nose. No, keeping your mouth shut during such an instance doesn’t do anything to stop the smell. Figure out what is driving your personal experience with bad gas. It maybe something as simple as eating too many onions.

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