5 Foods that Help Reduce Stress

Stress Foods
04 Nov

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Many people don’t realize just how food can directly affect their moods as well as body mass. Like the saying goes, “You are what you eat.” Your body breaks down everything it needs in order to properly function. Foods can help reduce your stress levels and help you feel good about yourself.

The Underlying Vitamins for Stress Relief

It is believed that B vitamins can play a role in reducing anxiety while regulating the serotonin within the body. As such, many “energy” drinks deliver a great deal of some of them to promote a more physical alertness through what you need as opposed to caffeine and other stimulants. Folic acid and vitamin B12 are often used to treat depression and panic attacks. This means the following foods are some of the best to eat in order to reduce stress and promote natural energy.

1. Spinach
Spinach is essentially a wonder food that can do just about everything. It is full of all kinds of vitamins and minerals, and it is one of the most heavily fortified greens when it comes to folate. Personally, I enjoy mixing spinach in with my salads as a cold lunch. While boiling the dark green can give you far more nutrition than raw, I just can’t pull myself to eat something that looks like it came out of Shrek’s handkerchief. Gesundheit!

2. Asparagus
Like it’s leafy counterpart, asparagus is essentially a stick version of the health potential wrapped around spinach. It, too, is incredibly dense with folic acid and a large number of nutrients that are well documented to promote stress reduction. Personally, I’m not a fan of eating something that can be used to line a raft. However, I know a lot of people that love this vegetable in just about everything.

3. Broccoli
I remember when I was a kid, broccoli was one of the worst thing to smell when cooking. Actually, I still get nauseous when my wife boils it on the stove. However, I can wreck a bag of broccoli raw with a serving of ranch dressing. This food is one of those that has a long list of health benefits including stress reduction through vitamins and minerals.

4. Berries
Not only do berries make a pretty good homemade wine, but most of these fruits are also beneficial for stress reduction due to the folate content and various vitamins. Although it’s not as potent as dark green veggies, the anti-oxidants and other benefits can help make you feel physically better as a bonus – which does play a role in your stress levels.

5. Chocolate
Many studies have demonstrated how chocolate can be linked to moods. Eventually, I’ll find scientific data to support this claim, but I know I feel better even after having a small serving of Hershey’s. Chocolate also contains a great deal of antioxidants – and dark chocolate is often used in diets due to it’s high iron content.

These are only five foods out of hundreds that can benefit your stress levels. One of the best tricks to feel better both mentally and physically is by making sure you get as close to 100% of your intake for all vitamins and minerals. While it may seem impossible, it can help you feel far better about yourself as well as virtually any situation that comes your way. Remember, it’s all about giving your body exactly what it needs to maintain your existence.

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