5 Keys to Getting Fit Without Fad Diets

Portion Control
02 Nov

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Too many people jump on the diet bandwagon as soon as someone popular tells them it’s good. I’ve never been one to trust the word of people without experiencing things for myself. Which is why I know that you can still lose weight without cutting the goodies from your menu. Last year, I lost 20 pounds in two months by understanding five important keys to getting back into shape.

Five Important Things You Need to Know

There is no such thing as some “wonder diet” that can magically change you from obese to thin – unless it involves meth. Even dietary supplements that promote “fat burn” state you should do exercise in order to get a better effect. Of course that’s going to enhance the effect – it’s exercise. Things you need to keep in the back of your mind when looking to lose weight consist of:

  • Increasing physical activity
  • Adding more water
  • Portion size control
  • Nutritional value of food
  • Self control

Increasing Physical Activity
Regardless of how you lose weight, increasing physical activity does more than help you burn calories. It improves motor control, strengthens arteries, enhances brain functionality and builds muscle. You don’t know what it’s like to pick up a 50 pound bag of dog food with one arm without grunting after spending years having to lift it with both hands and struggling. Muscles are fun, and can be practical for chores around the house.

Adding More Water
Too many people don’t get enough water in their daily diet. According to many professionals, consuming at least 80 ounces a day is ideal. Personally, I try to surpass that. I know from first-hand experience how much of a difference being well-saturated made in my life. I burnt fat quicker while feeling better overall. Never underestimate the value of the one thing that all humans need to survive – water.

Portion Size Control
Controlling your portion sizes is imperative to getting fit. By keeping to single servings of various foods, you can quickly reduce your body mass. For example, a can of Progresso soup is actually two servings – not one. A can of Pringles should be able to give you six total snacks. Daily monitoring of everything you eat can help you realize just how much you’re consuming. In fact, portion control can also help you reduce the grocery bill each month as you’ll be eating less.

Nutritional Value of Food
Monitoring calories and fats means nothing if all you eat is cupcakes throughout the day. You need to balance your intake with vitamins and minerals. For instance, I’ll have a spinach salad with chicken and onions topped with shredded cheese. Then, I’ll add a single serving of Pringles. The number of vitamins in this meal is incredibly high while still being able to enjoy sour cream and onion chips. Mixing in healthy foods is the best way to get the nutrients you need in order to fine-tune your body.

Self Control
Last, but not least, is self control. This is the downfall of many people regardless of what kind of diet they are on. It’s all about you’re own dedication to put yourself in a better physical state. However, don’t dwell on failures. This can be detrimental to your own confidence. If you fall off the wagon one day, don’t let it drag you down for the next. Take each day at a time and strive for victory.

This is what helped me succeed back in 2014. I lost quite a few pounds without succumbing to paleolithic foods or diet programs. I simply changed the amount I was eating on a daily basis while adding a few healthier choices throughout the day. Getting fit shouldn’t have to feel like a punishment by denying you some of the tastier things in life. Just try not to down the entire bag of cookies in one sitting.

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