5 Simple Daily Steps to Build a Healthier You

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A lot of people wish they could build a healthier body. Whether it’s losing weight, getting ripped or simply being able to fit those tight jeans over your butt, we all have our needs. The sad thing is, getting to a healthier level isn’t all that difficult. In fact, it’s incredibly easy. What slows many of us down is our inability to maintain good practices. So, what makes good health easy to do?

How to Build a Better You

I don’t believe in instant diet pills or getting expensive and dangerous surgeries to lose weight or be healthy. In reality, almost anyone can be as fit as they want – as long as they have determination to do so. I know some people will have certain restrictions, but that can’t be an excuse for so many others out there.

I am in the process of building myself from the ground up. Yeah, I’m still overweight. The difference is that I am doing what I can to fix that. Here are my five steps that I try to maintain to become a healthier person.

Step 1: Get Enough Rest

Sleeping at WorkSleep is a very important facet to being healthy. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most overlooked by many people. Sure, you can probably get by with only five hours each night. But a lack of sleep may be causing a lot of physical and mental problems for you.

According to many sources on the Internet, seven-to-eight hours of sleep per night is the average number to reach for. Personally, I am wafting around at just over six on average. This means I need to make a conscious effort to go to bed at a reasonable time if I want to hit more than seven.

And that’s the rub. People are either too busy or simply too awake to actually rely on a sleep schedule. For me, it’s the thought of missing something. Yes, I have the mentality of a child when it comes to sleep. It’s odd because I love sleep so much, but I don’t want to miss out on anything fun.

My Plan
In this regard, I am using my Fitbit Charge HR to track my sleep. If I can go to bed at 10:00 every night and get up at 6:00 in the morning, I should be able to hit those seven hours. This is because I monitor my patterns and how often I am restless.

Step 2: Get Enough Water

WaterWater is one of those things that carbon-based lifeforms such as ourselves absolutely need to survive. It’s also a very common substance to go without. It helps build our bodies while influencing how we think. Pop, coffee and a myriad of other drinks wind up quenching our thirsts more than anything.

It is believed by many that any given individual needs at least 80 ounces of water per day. I know I didn’t get any yesterday, even though I downed a pot of coffee and half a bottle of a nice Chardonnay. The problem is that I didn’t drink any actual, plain and ordinary water.

My Plan
Every time I get a cup of coffee, get back into the habit of grabbing a cup of water first. When I was doing this before, I wound up drinking a lot of water throughout the day. I’m also going to start including at least a bottle of water with each meal. This alone should grant me about 50 ounces.

Step 3: Keep Calories in the Green

Portion ControlWe are incredibly overfed here in the United States. I state this a lot on Crossing Colorado, “Monitor your portion sizes.” Just because you can get a pepperoni pizza from Little Caesar’s for $6, doesn’t mean you should eat the whole thing.

Keeping an eye on proper portions when you eat can drastically cut down the weight. That includes your snacking. You’d be amazed by how much money you’d save on food alone if you were to maintain proper levels of eating. You’ll also want to focus on healthier foods if you want to build muscle rather than fat.

My Plan
I use MyFitnessPal for tracking my intake. Now, there have been a few days when I wasn’t the most vigilant. However, I am starting to get back into keeping my calories in the green for the day no matter what. As a result, I’ve felt better both in a physical sense and in brain power.

Step 4: Commit to Daily Activity

Playing With KidsAnother problem that a lot of people have is a lack of commitment to exercise or other physical activity. Many of us think we don’t get the opportunity to get more simply because we work and play glued to our computers. In reality, that’s actually causing a lot of damage on your body.

You don’t have to go all hardcore and sign up for a ton of aerobics classes. Any physical activity beyond your regular routine is ideal. While you may get quite a bit by going to yoga three times a day, you still need a level of commitment to yourself if you want to benefit.

Keeping yourself active, in any regard, helps the body build muscle mass and density. It can influence stamina and provide you with additional strength for even the most mundane of chores.

My Plan
Since moving to Los Angeles, I’ve been a bit lax in the exercise department. However, I don’t have any mode of transportation outside of my feet. As a result, I am walking far more than I used to. I do have my resistance cables here with me, so I need to set up a routine again for working out my body.

Step 5: Spend at Least One Hour with Yourself

Meditate for HealthNot everyone considers how mental health can directly affect their physical self. The state of your mind can lead to depression, anxiety and high degrees of stress. All of these will impact your health.

Having some “you” time is vastly important if you want to maintain your emotional state. You can’t keep drilling on, whether it’s work or family, and expect your body to stay healthy. Stress can cause everything from sleep deprivation to heart attacks and strokes.

It’s hard to imagine anyone without a hobby. You could read a book, build a model or simply enjoy drawing. The whole purpose of this is to give your mind something else to do rather than stress out over work or family matters. Take a breath and enjoy it.

My Plan
Spend at least one hour every day doing something you love. For me, it’s usually maintaining this blog because I enjoy writing. Otherwise, I will be getting back into gaming and writing once my computer arrives. Regardless, some solid “you” time is important no matter what kind of hobbies you enjoy.

Easy, but Often Neglected

When you think about it, these five steps are incredibly easy to maintain. You just need to put a bit of thought into the process every day. You don’t need to make severe, life-altering decisions to achieve some resemblance of good health.

Taking the time to construct a new you can be exhilarating. For me, I am excited to see what I look like as a fit adult. I’ve always been at least stocky. Now, I am working on building a completely new man…and I can’t wait to eventually unveil this masterpiece.

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