5 Ways to Get More Water Into Your Routine

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Water is a basic element that all humans need in order to survive. We get some of this substance from various foods, but nothing can beat the actual real thing. Unfortunately, not everyone gets enough of it in their daily diets – which could lead to a myriad of problems. What can you do to get more water into your daily routine?

Getting More Water

Getting more water into your daily activities doesn’t take a great deal of effort – just a bit of memory. Many of us simply forget that we need water and wind up skipping it for something else. Water is essential for human development and can contribute to the way we think. Although a soda pop may quench your thirst a bit, it’s still not the same. Try to build routines around your day that puts you into a position to get more water into your diet.

1. While Getting Coffee
Myself, I tend to drink a great deal of coffee. In order to get my daily goal of water, I try to remember to pound back a cup full of water before I fill it with coffee. Most mugs are at least eight ounces or more. If you can remember to drink one before filling it with caffeinated life, you can quickly reach your saturation goals for the day.

2. With Each Meal
Instead of getting a soda or other drink to go with your meals, why not have a glass of water? Not only will this reduce the number of calories you consume during the sitting, but it can be invaluable for many health reasons. I know, many of you want something with a bit of taste to wash down lunch or dinner. Myself, I use Mio Energy enhancers. For example, I am looking at the Acai Berry Storm energy additive right now. It has 0 calories and delivers 10% of various B vitamins and Niacin. Just a brief squirt into my cup and I am good to go – after adding water of course.

3. Any Time You Go Into the Kitchen
Another habit I have been trying to get myself into is to get more water any time I walk into the kitchen. I have an eight-ounce plastic cup sitting next to the sink that is specifically for that purpose. Regardless of why I am in there, I try to grab a quick drink before walking out. This habit has been exceptionally difficult for myself to master. Usually, I have a great deal on my mind at any given moment and tend to forget. However, I keep trying to turn it into a habit.

4. Before Bed, After Sleep
One thing I have been successful at has been drinking a cup of water before bed and one when I get up. Unfortunately, it seems that I have to visit the bathroom more often in the middle of the night. The key is to master a balance of saturation – especially since many people will actually get up in the middle of the night to specifically get a glass of water.

Note: Some experts believe that drinking any substance before bed can potentially disrupt sleeping patterns. This means your mind and body doesn’t get the full night of rest like it should. If you are one that keeps getting up to use the bathroom, perhaps you need to reduce your intake prior to hitting the sack. It may also be interesting to note that you should never accept everything you read on the Internet as absolute truth. For example, the belief that a glass of water before bed can reduce strokes and heart attacks was debunked several years ago. I try to base everything I write in facts or through personal experiences.

5. While Carrying It With You
I have a 16 ounce blender bottle that I usually have protein drinks in. However, I’ll often fill it up to get more water in my day if I am on the move. Try to keep a bottle with you at all times and periodically take a drink. If it’s on your person, it’s easier to remember – at least, it is for me.

Adding water to your daily routine can be greatly beneficial. However, too much can have serious repercussions. Many experts attest that 64 to 80 ounces of water per day is the ideal amount. If you feel there is something wrong after drinking this much, you may need to seek medical help to make sure that you’re not inadvertently hurting yourself.


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