500G Challenge: Day 3

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Here we go with day three of my seven day challenge. So far, everything is looking good and I am almost half-way through the week. At this rate, I might wind up losing more than I did last time. Today, we’ll be adding some weight training into the mix. However, it’s important that we also center a bit of attention on cardio. I need to work on stamina if I want to ride across Colorado.

Hours Slept: 6hr 58min

So, I got a bit more sleep than I normally do. Unfortunately, I want to get up at six to do some exercises. If I keep sleeping until seven, I get a bit more rest but less activity. I am going to push myself to go to bed before 10:30pm tonight – but we’ll just have to see how that all goes.

Weight This Morning: 278.6 lbs

Still losing weight. So far, that’s almost five pounds in two complete days. If I can keep it up, I’ll definitely break my record for the most lost in a week since I’ve been recording the data. I lost exactly 10 pounds during the last challenge. That would be nice to be in the 260s again in the near future.

Foods I Ate Today

Some might think that my choice in dining options is a little bland. When I like something, I’ll stick with it for the long haul. It’s nice to mix it up a bit once in a while, but I am a pretty basic guy. I know what I like and don’t see a reason to change it most of the time.

Breakfast: 330 Calories
Cream of Wheat and mixed berries is my standard staple this week. I get a large amount of vitamins and minerals that I wouldn’t receive otherwise. Plus, it’s a quick breakfast to just toss something into the microwave for a few minutes. I really like the Nature’s Three Berries from Kirkland, though. It’s a nice addition to my mornings.

Lunch: 370 Calories
Creamy Tomato with Penne noodles from Progresso is one of those dishes I am trying to figure out how to make on my own. Perhaps I can add something to it than what’s available. Until then, I’ll just enjoy the can of soup. I added another V8 5.5oz can today to go along with my lunch.

Dinner: 400 Calories
Tonight, I had a Marketside Seafood Salad from Walmart. It’s one of my favorites and doesn’t have a lot of calories to it. These large salads are actually intended for four servings, but the entire dish is pretty close to what I had at lunch. Originally, I wanted the fried chicken salad. But alas, our Walmart sucks here. I guess that’s good, though. The fried chicken salad as nearly twice the calories.

Snacks: 725 Calories
OK, so my snacking calories were horrible today. I did make sure that I stayed 500 in the green, but I did kind of pig out a bit. I had Emerge, cheese and peanut butter crackers, a tuna pouch, 2.5 servings of pork jerky and two Reece’s peanut butter eggs throughout the span of the day. It’s not like I sat down and ate all of this in one sitting. But as you can see, snacking can add up quite quickly. In reality, nothing I had today was over 200 calories in one snack.

Water: 7 Cups
I didn’t have as much water as I would have liked, but I still had more than my average. I try to keep my blender bottle full, which is 18oz. Normally, I simply forget to drink water. It’s not that I’m lazy, but that I’m forgetful sometimes.

Significant Workouts: 552 Calories Burnt

I did a short set of core exercises today while at the store. I did a couple of lying leg raise sets and a couple of glute bridge march sets. I also did two minutes of standing toe touches. Not an incredibly heavy workout, but I burned a few calories before customers arrived.

I didn’t get to go to the rec center tonight and work out. We’ve been feeling kind of sick lately and got lazy tonight. I did walk around a bit, though. Since we are cleaning the basement tomorrow, I’m sure I’ll burn quite a few.

Calories Remaining for the Day: 487

I am a bit upset with my performance today…and with the Fitbit adjustment. I thought I had enough calories to eat one more peanut butter egg last night, but I guess I didn’t. I only missed the goal by 13 calories, but it’s still upsetting that I didn’t hit above 500 by the end of the night. I will just have to try harder tomorrow to make sure that my calorie adjustment doesn’t drop me below 500.

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