7 Benefits of Good Health to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

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06 Dec

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I’m a big fan of zombie survival games. Currently, I’ve been logging in a ton of hours on H1Z1. While playing, something dawned on me as I was eating can after can of food to clear up some inventory. That is an insane number of calories. It started me thinking about what it would take to survive a zombie apocalypse to maintain health and what the benefits would be. For those looking at the doomsday clock with anticipation, here is why you need to start today to improve your physical and mental health.

Survival of the Fittest

If you haven’t seen “Zombie Land,” I’d suggest you watch it. That movie makes a lot of good points about what needs to be done to survive a zombie apocalypse. But then again, it could also depend on the kind of undead that are chasing you. Are you dealing with walkers or runners?

The points I am making in this post would benefit you regardless of what kinds of things are trying to eat you.

1} Escape

Whether you’re running from natural disasters, zombies or even people, good physical fitness will play a role in your escape. If your inclined to practice some parkour moves, it’s possible to out-maneuver your aggressors. However, I wouldn’t suggest trying some of those things you see on YouTube if you weigh more than 250 pounds. You might break something important – like a leg.

Cardio fitness is important for escape as it not only gives you the strength to run, jump and dive, but it also enhances your stamina. In a zombie apocalypse, the dead have no fatigue and will chase you endlessly. The last thing you’ll need is to get winded after 50 yards with a horde looking to make you dinner.

2} Less Prone to Making Mistakes

Physical fitness contributes to fine motor control as well as mental focus. Your brain is part of the whole process of keeping fit, and it will perform better if you eat the nutrients it needs to maintain functionality. Making less mistakes is imperative if you want to survive a situation such as the end of the world.

While most accidents are mistakes, not all mistakes are accidents. This means that there are things that can be avoided by paying attention to your surroundings. This comes from greater brain activity.

3} Resistance to Injury

When you’re physically fit, you have a greater resistance to various injuries. Bones strengthen, muscles protect and illnesses are less likely to slow you down. When everything in the world is trying hard to end you, being able to take a hit could mean your survival.

While this doesn’t mean you can stop a bullet with your bicep, it does mean that you’ll suffer less injuries from falling or full-on combat.

Although a bite may still be able to tear through your flesh, physical strength can prevent a lot of problems. Between the muscles of your body and your immune system, fitness can keep you going longer and harder than your opponents – save for the zombie who doesn’t have to worry about fatigue.

4} Reduced Stress Levels

Eating a proper diet of foods has the capacity to decrease your stress levels. This can play into keeping a clear mind as well as physical fitness. Stress can do everything from disrupt your sleeping patterns to making you physically ill. It reduces your immune system, which makes you more prone to things like the cold or flu.

Eating right allows the body to produce certain components such as endorphins. These compounds work to increase your mood while allowing the body to relax. The more stressed you are during a zombie invasion, the less likely you’ll be able to survive it. A mind clouded by high levels of stress is more prone to making mistakes and losing focus. It can lead to panic, which can be equally as problematic.

5} Greater Problem Solving Skills

Studies have shown that people who eat a balanced diet have an enhanced ability for problem solving. I don’t have to go too far into detail about how this could help you in the worst-case scenario. Being able to solve various problems can give you a leg-up against all opponents, living or dead.

One of the most distinct advantages you would have over the undead is the ability to calculate, reason and control. To a zombie, there is only one concern – to eat you. This makes them one of the easiest opponents to out-think. It’s the other humans who pose a dangerous threat to you and your family.

You need to outwit those who are trying to take what is yours.

6} Enhanced Memory

Enhancing your memory can go far in a world where everything is going to hell in a hand-basket. This is especially true if you want to learn all you can about surviving without the benefits of today’s technology. Reading books on virtually all subjects can help you learn how to do everything from identifying the right berries to eat in the wild to building your own solar-heated water system to take a nice shower.

Yes, you can heat water using the sun without the advantage of electricity or gas.

Increasing your memory can do more than just help you learn and educate yourself in the wild. It can also be advantageous for recognizing people, places and even situations. Life is all about learning from experiences and how to avoid the same mistakes. Proper health practices enhance your ability to do all of these things.

7} Combat Readiness

What zombie apocalypse would be complete without the aspect for combat? When most of the world is trying to eat you and people are trying to take your gear, combat of some kind is inevitable. Being physically and mentally fit will give you an advantage.

You might not need to turn yourself into a ninja, but fitness will play a role in how well you overcome your enemies.

It’s Not All About the Zombie Apocalypse

Although preparing for the zombie apocalypse may be unrealistic to some, consider that these seven points are beneficial in any world event. Mother nature has proved her ability to wreak havoc, and let’s not underestimate the potential for the human element. Fitness is key to survival, and you should want to make sure you and the family are well taken care of in case something drastic comes around.

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