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25 Jan

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I figured that since it’s National Breakfast Week, according to Twitter, then I might as well throw out seven healthy ideas for the most important meal of the day. These are the breakfasts I enjoy the most, and they are some of the healthiest ways to get the day started. After all, your morning meal plays a prominent role in how you function for the rest of the afternoon.

Good Choices for a Nutritious Breakfast

I often see people having some kind of skimpy meal at the beginning of the day. In reality, you need to have a logical breakfast as it will determine your energy levels as well as your concentration. A banana or a small yogurt may be healthy, but it’s also starving yourself of nutrients for physical activity as well as cognitive thought. Now, combining the two is a different story.

  1. Bowl of Mixed Fruit and a Cup of Milk
    When it comes to healthy, you can’t go wrong with a bowl of mixed fruits. Naturally, fruits have an incredible low calorie count when compared to other foods you’ll eat. Most people will eat fruit merely because of the antioxidants and immunity-boosting attributes. Personally, I just love the taste of fruits in general. I’ll drink a cup of milk on the side in order to receive calcium and a bit of protein in the morning as well. For many people, such as my daughter, not enough protein in the morning can make them irritable and less likely to concentrate at school or work.
  2. Hard-Boiled Egg, Orange and a V8
    I love V8. And now that they have a fruit version, my wife does as well. Personally, I enjoy drinking my veggies – especially in the morning. When I have the cash available, I’ll include a small can with almost every breakfast. Anyway, a hard-boiled egg can be good when you serve it with a large orange. Between the fruits and vegetables, you’ll get more than what you need to have in regards to vitamins and minerals that keep you illness-free. I enjoy sprinkling a bit of fresh-ground Himalayan pink salt or garlic salt on my egg.
  3. Homemade Breakfast Wraps
    Breakfast wraps can be incredibly healthy and tasty if made right. While you’ll consume a lot of calories in the wrap itself, the other components are conducive to a nutritious breakfast. When I make mine, I use: 1 small to medium flour wrap, 1/2 medium scrambled egg, 1/2 cup of maple sausage, 1/6 cup of shredded cheese, 2 tablespoons of salsa. If it wasn’t for the flour wrap, this would be low on the calories and high on the nutrition. Full of proteins, calcium, vitamins and minerals, this is one of my favorites. Don’t be afraid to make large quantities. Save the rest for tomorrow’s breakfast. You don’t have to eat the entire egg in one sitting.
  4. Granola Bar, Fruit Medley and a Serving of String Cheese
    Yes, I know this sounds a bit random. However, it was one of my staples when I was losing weight. Often, I’d switch up the granola with a protein bar or something similar. I received a large number of the vitamins I needed through the fruit medley while getting proteins from the granola and string cheese. The fruit medley cups you buy at the store are pretty good in terms of health – just make sure you get the ones that are packed in water. The ones in syrup are higher in sugar than you may like. Personally, I enjoyed chopping my own fruit medley with fresh blueberries, strawberries and pineapples.
  5. Egg with a Side of Sliced Pineapple
    Although eggs are relatively high in cholesterol, they do offer a significant amount of health benefits. One large egg has as much protein as a cup of oatmeal. Eggs can also contribute to a variety of vitamins and minerals ranging from vitamin A to magnesium. When you add in the sliced pineapple, you can receive more than enough vitamin C as well as potassium – that and I love pineapple. My goal is to stay under 300mg of cholesterol per day. Since one large egg makes up 187mg, I would need to be careful not to go too far over for lunch and dinner.
  6. Quaker Oatmeal
    Quaker oatmeal is a superb breakfast to have. You’ll receive a large degree of iron, vitamin A, B-6 as well as a decent amount of protein. One of the most important things to consider is the fact that oatmeal has a paltry amount of sodium in it. This means it’s conducive for healthy eating for those looking to reduce their blood pressure. It’s also a good source of potassium, which a lot of people often neglect. Statistically, only 2% of adults in the United States actually consume the correct amount of potassium – which is a required substance for healthy living.
  7. Instant Cream of Wheat with Chopped Strawberries
    I know…I am a bit biased when it comes to Cream of Wheat. It’s for a good reason, though. Two packets of the Maple Brown Sugar instant breakfast gives you nearly all of your iron for the day as well as a large degree of B vitamins. The only thing you’re missing out on is vitamin C, which can be addressed by adding fruits to the bowl. Personally, I enjoy a half-cup of chopped strawberries in original instant Cream of Wheat – which gives you more than 80% of your vitamin C. A cup of blueberries in the maple brown sugar variety is pretty good as well, which only yields 24% of vitamin C.

From my perspective, I try to keep my calories below 300 first thing in the morning. So, I need to ask myself, “Do I want one doughnut, or should I have two packets of Cream of Wheat and a half-cup of chopped strawberries for the same calories?” I often choose the one that is the most quantity of food, as most humans would. The difference is, my choices are also driven by what would offer the greatest health benefit.

The next time you’re faced with a decision to pick a breakfast that is healthy, mix and match alternatives to give you something both tasty and nutritious. Just keep in mind that berries and proteins are often the components that drive energy levels as well as concentration throughout the day. Eat well, and give your body what it needs to operate efficiently.

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