7 Healthy Ways to Take Advantage of Earth Day

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Earth Day is when a lot of people around the globe celebrate life on this planet. Without this ball of rock and water, carbon-based life here would not exist. Most people like to plan activities that center around promoting the environment. Coincidentally, there is also a healthy benefit to most of these functions. In many cases, eco-friendliness and improved health benefits go hand-in-hand.

Taking Advantage of Earth Day in a Healthy Way

There are a plethora of ways you can show your appreciation for this planet. If I had more time, I bet I could compose 1000s of healthy ways you can support Earth. Since I am strapped for time at the moment, here are seven ways you can get more out of your life while contributing to Earth Day.

1. Going On a Trash Walk
While you’re on your walk today, why not carry a small trash bag with you? It takes a mere second or two to bend over and pick something up while walking around the neighborhood. Not only will this increase your movement and stretch out the hamstrings even further, but it will contribute to a cleaner environment. It can also improve how everyone views your immediate area. Just make sure everything goes into the correct recycling bin. It would be pointless to toss trash into a landfill on Earth Day.

2. Barbecue
Instead of firing up the gas or electric oven tonight, why not have a barbecue? In Colorado, the weekend is supposed to be incredibly nice. I am looking forward to setting up the grill and cooking some chicken. There is a large number of things you can cook on the barbecue that are considered healthy. Everything from meats to vegetable kabobs can be quickly whipped up. Since I have a ton of wood from a dead tree we cut down recently, I don’t even have to use fossil fuels to do it.

3. Going for a Swim
Just like going out for a walk, why not take a trash bag with you out to the lake? I know our reservoir here is usually full of all kinds of random pieces of junk. Not only will it clean up the beach and water, but it will help protect people from stepping on the random piece of glass or metal. Since swimming is one of the most effective forms of cardio exercise, this is a very healthy way to spend your day.

4. Head Out to the Park
Outdoor activities of any kind are not only healthier for you in the long run, but it reduces how much you spend in electricity. Although this savings is relatively small, it’s still less time spent in front of the television with a Playstation controller in hand. While you’re at the park, you might as well spend a few moments picking up some trash. No one likes to play touch football while slipping on an old burrito sitting in the middle of the grass.

5. Go Window Shopping
Window shopping has potential to show you things you might not know are in your home town. Go for an extended walk through town and see what kind of shops are available. You might come across something that you’ll have to come back for later. Again, there’s nothing wrong with picking up a few tidbits of garbage while you’re out and about either. Many cities will have trash cans readily available that don’t always get used properly.

6. Gardening
Gardens do more than just look great to those passing by. Gardening can be a physical activity that gets you up and off the couch. It can also assist improving the air quality of your immediate area. In fact, did you know that having more plant life in your yard decreases the amount of dust that’s developed in-doors? Of course this is also dependent on the area in which you live. Personally, I like planting trees. They are a long-lasting bonus to the environment while making the landscape look more alive and green.

7. Ride Your Bike Today
Riding a bicycle is not only a healthy way to travel, but it can be monumental in reducing traveling costs and pollution. After all, there’s no CO2 coming out of the bike’s chain. This reduces the amount of gasoline you’ll consume while getting the pulse rate up. This is especially true if you live within a few miles of the store or work. Why drive when you can ride for free?

These are only the tip of a very large iceberg when it comes to healthy living and eco-friendliness. Before you turn on the TV or load up your favorite computer game, consider what else can be done to help the planet out. Unless your home is 100% self-sustaining, every little bit can help when keeping the electronics off. Get up and explore the world around you. Earth has a great deal to offer other than being the place you call home in the galaxy.

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