7 Honest Ways Health and Fitness Helps Relationships

17 Dec

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Health and fitness does more than just help you fit into old clothes or look good in new ones. It can also be used as a way to help relationships. And yes, I am talking about more than just looking good for your mate. However, that point will be listed because it’s an obvious one. In reality, there are several ways that health and fitness can be helpful that you probably don’t even realize.

Improving Relationships through Health and Fitness

Being fit isn’t just about slimming down or impressing the neighbors with a ripper body. It’s a way of life that can improve nearly every facet of existence. Health and fitness can contribute to everything from enhancing a sex life to helping you make better career choices. Here are seven ways in which a healthier lifestyle helps relationships.

1. Building Confidence

Meet GoalsConfidence is one thing that both genders find sexy; some more than others. This boost to your self-esteem can not only help you attract a mate, but it can impress the one you may already have. Keep in mind this confidence is more than just having a fit body, although that does play a huge part in feeling good about yourself.

Being healthy will impact your mental state. You’re mind becomes more sharp, your capacity for rational thought improves and your emotional states are more stable. This helps relationships by removing doubts within yourself. For many, this may mean that you quit doubting why your mate is with you in the first place.

2. More Energy to Do Stuff Together

One of the benefits to enhancing your health is the energy to do stuff. Stamina and longevity are part of the package in fitness. This means you’ll both be more likely to go out and do stuff together without feeling too tired.

How often do you sit at home while feeling too exhausted to go out and enjoy life? I am speaking from experience when I say that I know how it feels. Now that I’ve lost nearly 40 pounds, I can already feel a difference in my energy levels. I am finding that I get cabin fever more often than I used to.

3. Reducing Stress

Reduce StressStress is one of the biggest problems many relationships have. Whether it’s trying to pay bills or emotional friction, it can easily tear a couple apart. I’m not saying that health and fitness is the cure to eliminating stress altogether. However, it will play a monumental part in reducing the amount of stress you feel in any given day.

Exercise and eating healthier impacts your mental state as much as it does your body. Making healthier choices has the capacity to influence your behaviors as well as your waistline. And removing as much stress from relationships as possible gives them a better chance to flourish.

4. Improving Sex Life

A lot of relationships have gone sour because of a poor sex life. Being intimate with someone is more than just that one moment of feeling good. For many, it’s something special that is shared between two people. When this goes bad, it can create a rift that often leads to breakups.

Health and fitness contributes to improving parts of the body such as the cardiovascular system. Yes, a stronger flow of blood throughout specific body parts can lead to improving sex and performance during the act. Stamina and sensation are both enhanced which will impact how often you are with your partner.

5. Something to Do Together

Better HealthChoosing to be healthy is a relatively easy activity that can be done together. Going out to the gym or eating better doesn’t have to be focused on just losing weight or become a chore. It can be a fun activity that engages you both. And it doesn’t have to be centered around the gym, either.

Walking around the park, going swimming at the beach or even taking a nature hike as a couple is not only healthy, but it’s time you spend together. This can also be an incredible method for supporting each other for getting healthier. After all, strong support from others is what keeps many of us active in just about any task.

6. Boosting Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is a problem many people have, including myself. When you have dim views of yourself, it may make your mate feel bad. He or she will feel like they are failing when it comes to making you happy. Instead of viewing it as a problem purely centered around you, he or she will feel responsible in some way.

A poor self-esteem can impact everything from stress levels to sex life. In a way, it can lead to all of the problems listed here today. Choosing health and fitness can help fix a lot of those problems. Not only will you feel good about looking better, but you’ll feel good while thinking better as well.

7. Sex Appeal

IntimacyWhen I say, “sex appeal,” I’m not merely talking about looking hot in a swim suit. Many of us don’t merely want to be attracted to our mates, but we want to feel like we’re attractive as well. In fact, not feeling sexy can have a negative impact in physical intimacy when you’re with someone.

The last thing that should be going through your mind when getting undressed is, “Why is this sexy person with me?” That kind of thinking will lead to a myriad of issues that will impact relationships. It’s not vanity to want to be proud of your appearance. Just be careful how far you take it when you start shaping yourself through health and fitness.

Health and Fitness is Not a Complete Solution for Relationships

There is far more that goes into strengthening a relationship outside of health and fitness. However, getting healthier as a couple can lay the foundation for building onto something that is more intense than ever before. Not only will your physical self improve, but your mental state will improve as well. It will still require work if you want the relationship to succeed, though.

A lot of us go fishing for compliments to feel good about ourselves. There’s really nothing wrong with wanting to feel like we are more appealing than we think we are. A big part of relationships is how the other person makes us feel when we are with them. Health and fitness may not solve all the problems, but it can be helpful to stabilize some of them.

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