7 Real Reasons to Lose Weight

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19 May

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So, I try to be as informative as I can about various parts of being healthy. It’s my goal to help others understand the physical and mental aspects of living better. Today, I would like to share some of the real reasons you should lose weight. But, let’s go beyond looking good in a bathing suit – although that’s one of my goals. What are some real-life situations that could benefit from slimming down?

Real Reasons for Losing the Weight

I’m not going to cover the idea of keeping yourself alive; that should already be a given. There are many times when being smaller in size could be greatly beneficial in life. Here are some of the things that I’ve found to be much easier as my body mass drops.

1. Fitting Into Movie Theater Seats
Before I started losing the weight, I couldn’t believe how tight some seats were in movie theaters. Not everyone lives in an area where the chairs are so wide and accommodating. It’s not fun to go watch a flick while the armrest of the chair next to you is digging into your kidney. Although I haven’t lost a vast amount of weight, it’s still noticeable when I sit in the seats at the local theater now. It’s a much more relaxed environment than before and is motivation behind some real reasons to get into a smaller shape.

2. Walking Long Distances to Gas Stations When the Van Runs Dry
A lot of people have the foresight to make sure the gas tank is full. Unfortunately, that’s not the case in my family. I’ll even let my wife know that she needs to put fuel in. Needless to say, I have to either walk for gas or push the van back into town at least three times a year. So far, I’ve had to do it twice. This last time I tried riding my bicycle while carrying two gallons of gas. Yeah, being in better shape would have made that trip much easier on me.

3. Saving Money on the Grocery Bills
I’ve mentioned this point before, but it still holds true. Reducing how much you eat to proper portion sizes can make a big difference in your grocery bills. Since I have five adults and two kids in my house, we’re talking hundreds of dollars a month saved. Especially since we order pizza less and are trying to stay away from excessive amounts of snacks. You realize you have a problem when the cashier rings up a $300+ tab and you notice that a large portion of the food you’re buying is junk.

4. Old Clothes that Feel Like New
I have a few shirts that I have never wore because they were too small as gifts. I loved the patterns and the colors, so I kept a hold of them. And these aren’t the only articles of clothing that are getting closer to being the right fit. I’ve had to start wearing a belt with some of my shorts, and two of my pajama bottoms had to be retied. Clothes I haven’t seen in years are becoming more of a part of my wardrobe now. Instead of buying larger sizes of stuff every year, I am saving money on shopping for clothing. I’m kind of geeking out about wearing my favorite Hawaiian shirts again.

5. Getting Up Off of My Couch
Our couch sits relatively low to the floor. If you’re overweight like we are, it’s a bit of effort to get up. Lately, I’ve found that I no longer have to shift my weight back and forth to use the momentum to pull me forward. My wife thinks we should just get a new couch that sits higher, but I say no. How about we lose the weight stopping us from getting up off of my $1200, two-piece couch? So far, it’s been one of those things that stand out most in my mind regarding how much better shape I am getting into.

6. Getting Behind the Dryer to Reattach the Duct
Our laundry room is quite small. Since we have a constant battle with the ducts falling off the vent behind the dryer, I have to try and finesse myself into position to reattach it. Lately, I’ve noticed that I am more capable of fitting behind the little space to reach the duct. Out of all the real reasons to lose weight, this one has been one of those that had demonstrated the most changes. I hated when my stomach got in the way of doing some of the most mundane of chores around the house.

7. I Am Not a Cow
When my daughters were little, we had this kid’s version of a mechanical bull at the local Walmart. You’ve seen these; you put quarters in and the kids can ride it. When we would get home, the girls would jump on me if I was laying on my back and say, “Gittyah, cow!” I’m not sure if they just wanted me to bounce around like the bull does or if they truly saw me as the size of a cow, but it was motivation to consider doing something better in my life.

Out of everything in this list, the real reasons centering around my daughters view of me is probably the strongest. I don’t want them to feel ashamed of me for any reason. I know they probably never will, mostly because we have a strong family bond. But I don’t want to take the chance.

While fitness and weight loss may require a bit of a pensive mindset to find your reasons, the act of changing your life really doesn’t have to be a deep commitment. Even changing some of the smallest things in your routine will make a profound difference. At one point, I lost eight pounds simply because I stopped using real sugar in my coffee…which goes to show you how much coffee I actually drink. Find the real reasons in your life to help you make better choices for health. Not everything has to be focused on how good your butt looks in your favorite jeans.

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