7 Reasons to Include the Kinect in Your Exercise Equipment

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10 Mar

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Those who know me understand how I am quite addicted to the Xbox Kinect, especially for fitness. It’s one of my most utilized pieces of exercise equipment when it comes to workouts and burning calories. However, there are a lot of people that still don’t believe you can lose weight while gaming. Instead, they would rather consider spending thousands of dollars on other fitness pieces and memberships. OK…so let me explain why the Kinect is such an ideal choice.

Reasons Why You Want the Xbox Kinect in Your Home for Fitness

While it’s true that there are more mind-numbing games for the Xbox than there is for fitness, it doesn’t mean that is all it can do. It’s primary function is to entertain, after all. However, the technology behind using your body as a controller through the Kinect is nothing short of brilliant if used correctly as a piece of fitness equipment.

  1. Physical Engagement
    Instead of being able to sit on the couch and move a controller about, the Kinect monitors your entire body. Most games will require you to be on your feet in front of the system if you want to play. It’s far more difficult to cheat on the Xbox as opposed to the Wii. Don’t believe me? Try playing Kung Fu Panda while sitting on the couch. Your whole body can be in constant motion, which will allow you to burn an incredible number of calories.
  2. May Be Cheaper
    When you consider the money you put into exercise DVDs, fitness equipment and gym memberships, the Kinect can be incredibly cheaper in the long run. For a fraction of what you might spend throughout a year, you could get a system that you have access to 24/7 without leaving the house. Now, I’m not saying that you should plug yourself into the game system and never go outside. I am saying that it may be cheaper overall to invest in a system that can help you burn calories while entertaining yourself regardless of what time it is.
  3. Varying Levels of Intensity
    I have an affinity for Kinect Sports Season 2. It’s what I burn the most calories playing so far. It can be as easy as you need it to be, or you can intensify the activity by putting more physical movement into the game. However, other titles like “Wipeout” could easily kick your ass if you’re not ready for it. I wasn’t even able to complete the first level. I’m also incredibly out of shape at the moment. Eventually, I will be able to play that game without stroking out.
  4. High Caloric Burn
    I burn more calories playing Kinect tennis games than if I was to go for a walk or a 1.5 mile bike ride in the same amount of time. Depending on the game you play, you’re likely to move nearly every muscle in your body at some point. For instance, I burn a little more than 11 calories per minute while playing tennis on the Xbox. That’s because I dance around like a fool and make my children laugh. The point is, I’m burning a ton of calories playing a game.
  5. High Competition
    Now, I haven’t played too much of the online physical games with the Kinect. However, we do have regular competitions in the house for various games. Currently, I am undefeated in every game. My 11 year old will give me a run for my money in Track and Field, though. I just have superior hand-eye coordination since I’ve been playing games for the past 34 years. On the other side of this coin, there are a lot of people out there to play against across the globe. Are you more fit than these other people?
  6. Diverse Collection of Titles
    How many times can you do the same workout DVD before getting bored of it? Perhaps you have a piece of exercise equipment sitting in the corner that hasn’t been touched in a couple of years. I find that the games on the Xbox can help you set a menagerie of goals that are engaging. For example, I am currently working on reaching 1,000,000 fans in Kinect Sports Season 2. For myself, the Xbox is a better piece of exercise equipment simply because it can hold my attention longer. If I don’t feel like playing tennis, I pop in Avengers and play as various Marvel Characters. I enjoy throwing down as Wolverine and Iron Man.
  7. Something Everyone Can Do
    As long as you can stand up, virtually anyone can play games on the Xbox Kinect. The sensor will adjust for height per player, track four sets of feet and hands simultaneously and can be fun for the whole family. It’s more than just digital entertainment as the system is getting you up on your feet an moving. Regardless of body size, age or gender, it doesn’t take much to put you into the game.

Before you shell out a ton of money on exercise equipment, take a look at some of the titles that are available on the Xbox Kinect. You may find several that can easily keep your attention while promoting fitness in your home. Between myself and my family, our Kinect experiences a great deal of use. Not all video games will melt your brain or include mindless violence.

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