7 Ways Fitness Benefits a Command of Holiday Shopping

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For many people, holiday shopping is stressful and physically taxing. So many people flock to favorite stores to get discounts and deals, and some seem to be ready for combat. You’ve probably even seen stories on the news of people getting trampled on Black Friday. Have you ever considered how health and fitness impacts your ability to shop during the holiday season?

Holiday Shopping is Almost a Sport

Holiday shopping is a grueling process for many. Today, a great deal of your shopping is probably done through apps or eCommerce sites. Personally, I’d rather face the crowds as it’s part of the Christmas experience.

I know…I am a bit odd in some regards. But I love hearing Christmas music piping through a store as I hand-pick a gift for someone in my life. The smell of pine tree wafting in the air…perhaps the scent of freshly brewed coffee in a mall making it’s way into the toy department.

I love this time of year.

Anyway, holiday shopping is quite similar to sports. And the winner gets the best deals before everyone else. Here are seven ways health and fitness will provide power when facing the crowds.

1. Improves Stamina

Regular exercise ultimately affects your stamina. You’ll find you’re capable of doing more whether it’s charging through a crowded Walmart or staying on your feet for 12 hours as you hop from one store to another.

In many instances, it’s all about having the stamina to keep shopping to get the best deals. For example, being slow in a Walmart or Target will cost you savings as many people will tear through the isles like a tornado on crack.

2. Reduces Stress

One of the biggest issues for millions of people every year, stress is detrimental when holiday shopping. Stress can easily lead to anger and frustration, which could turn a bad situation into something far worse. Exercise and a proper diet helps keep one’s mind centered.

For instance, I am somewhat claustrophobic when it comes to large crowds. It’s part of why I don’t go to many concerts. Practicing good health and fitness is a way to alleviate much of that stress.

High levels of stress are often what spark riots and fights in the middle of stores. If you approach situations with a clear and logical mind, solutions are always available without resorting to violence.

3. Improving Brain Power

Mind Fog

Many studies show how fitness enhances brain power. This affects things like cognitive reasoning, memory and mood. The healthier your brain is, the better it performs in nearly every regard.

A lot of people approach shopping with more of a covert mindset. It’s all about making the best use of time to get the most done. Think you have a good holiday shopping strategy now? Imagine what you could plan if you were in optimal health.

4. Enhancing Agility

When facing against the hordes of shoppers, it’s good to have an enhanced agility. This helps you move in and out of foot traffic, avoid obstacles and keep your hands quick to grab things off the shelf while on the move.

You’d be amazed by how often parents are left in the dust because they simply were not “fast enough” to get to the perfect gift. While you don’t need the reflexes of Jet Li to ninja-swipe the new toy off the shelf before a competing shopper, being dexterous does help.

Some may even have the elation of victory after a cat-like swoop of a popular product that has limited inventory. I know I do.

5. Prolonged Nutritional Endurance

Eating Healthy Again

Some foods are just better at providing prolonged energy than others. Although coffee and a ton of sugar gives you a quick boost, it’s also as effective as nitrous oxide – instant massive power at the cost of burning out the engine.

A good diet will provide sufficient energy to do what needs to be done without burning out or feeling sluggish later. I know I feel more empowered after a healthy breakfast of proteins as opposed to a 20-ounce flavored coffee from Caribou…although I’ll often have that too.

Instead of stopping at places like McDonald’s while in the middle of holiday shopping, take along some nutrition bars or pack your own healthier lunch. It’ll keep you in the game longer without making you feel like garbage later.

6. Resistance Building

Being healthy boosts your resistances in all forms. From fighting off a cold your kid brought home from school to recovering quickly after slipping on the ice, a healthy body is more resilient.

Think of health and fitness as a way to keep you from getting sick or winded while holiday shopping. Nothing is worse than standing in a long line to buy a gift when you’re fighting a fever.

This isn’t too mention how a healthy body is capable of sustaining direct damage better from things like car accidents. I know nobody wants to think about it, but it’s easy to lose control at a stop sign on the snow even when you’re only doing 10 miles per hour.

7. Boosting Strength

Not everyone considers how a boost to strength can affect holiday shopping. Carrying bags of presents or edible goodies is only part of it. What about shoveling the snow so you can get to the car, or perhaps helping someone push a vehicle out of a snow bank?

I’ve helped many people out of a busy intersection during snow storms when a car or truck stopped working. Physical strength does far more than just letting you pose with a barbell in your hands. It has a plethora of practical uses in the real world.

Be Safe this Season

Holiday shopping is not without its risks. Whether your standing in line at the register or walking over snow and ice to get to your car, health and fitness will play a clutch role. It’s never too late to start improving your physical shopping prowess. Give yourself an edge when competing against others for that last toy on the shelf.[template id=”3591″]

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