7 Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated for Fitness

04 Dec

Last Updated on December 4, 2015 by Michael Brockbank

One of the biggest drawbacks a lot of people have when trying to get into better shape is the lack of motivation. Sure, you may come out of the gate strong, but your energy could be easily sapped and you slowly decrease your effort. This is my problem a lot of the time. Perhaps we just need a few ways that will keep us motivated to continue.

Keeping Yourself Motivated

You know that proper fitness will bring a lot of benefits. Things such as personal appearance, longer lifespan, disease prevention and more should be motivation enough. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case most of the time. Humans need that instant gratification, and you may be one of those people who fail because they don’t see immediate changes when dieting or working out. Here are a few methods that I use myself in order to stay focused.

  1. Meditation:
    I find myself meditating quite a bit for a variety of reasons. It helps me relax and allows me to focus more clearly on certain objectives. If you can find a nice quiet place, try meditating for a few minutes per day. You never know how it may affect you until you try.
  2. Monitoring Your Health:
    I know I am on the verge of beating a dead horse here on this blog, but I swear by MyFitnessPal. Food and exercise can be tracked through this app, which can give you data to help keep you focused. I try to keep my calories in the green every day – even if I have to workout harder in order to eat some of the snacks I want at night. It’s a free app, and I find it to be incredibly helpful.
  3. Set Some Goals:
    Some people don’t like the process of goal setting because they believe that it sets you up for failure. However, this isn’t the case if you make realistic goals. Don’t go into the idea of losing 90 pounds or more. Focus more on losing at least five pounds this month. Breaking up larger goals into smaller, more obtainable ones can help you stay the course. Remember, even body builders had to start from somewhere.
  4. The Buddy System:
    One of the reasons I like the apps in My Tools is the aspect of social integration. For personal accomplishments, I’ll share it on Facebook. My family and friends are supportive and often “like” and/or comment on my activities. If you can join a fitness group either online or in person, you can get some of that same support by those who are just like you. Never underestimate the impact a stranger’s encouragement can have on your activities.
  5. Identify Your Weaknesses:
    For me, I know that if I don’t go to sleep at a reasonable time that I’ll end up snacking. By identifying your weaknesses, you can learn to avoid situations that are not conducive to proper health. The more your able to control your fitness in such a way, the more motivated you can be. Successes, no matter how small, builds confidence. Confidence can lead to greater levels of motivation. At least, it does in my case.
  6. Disaster Recovery:
    I know this one may sound silly, but I would rather be in excellent shape in the event of a disaster. I have a bit of a superhero complex and don’t want to be part of the burden if something drastic happens. I want to be able to protect and care for my family, and I’m not going to have the physical capacity to do this if I’m obese. Beyond the zombie apocalypse, you never know when that perfect storm will hit or a stray asteroid pummels the Earth. In the worse-case scenario, I want to be able to survive without my physique slowing me down.
  7. Your Muse:
    Personally, my children are my driving force to be healthy. I want to be there for them as they grow. When I practice healthier habits, they do as well. I don’t want my daughters to be embarrassed by their obese father. I don’t want to suffer a heart attack before they are married. There is so much that I need to teach them.

Find what motivates you to put more effort into maintaining healthier practices. From physical fitness to mental awareness, being healthy can affect many different facets of your life that you may not realize. Keep focused and make the most out of your life.

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