8 Practical Benefits of Weight Training

weight training
11 Aug

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You don’t need to be a body builder in order to appreciate a bit of weight training. Building some muscle mass can actually have a major impact in how you function throughout the day. Being “ripped” or “stacked” doesn’t necessarily have to be your end goal if you simply want a few practical benefits. Aside from the fact that you may feel better physically and mentally, having some muscles on your skeleton can be very helpful.

Benefits You’ll Experience from Weight Training

When many people think of weight training, they get this idea of building bulky and massive biceps. Getting a bit of work with weights doesn’t mean you have to go for that look. In fact, even lifting five-pound dumbbells during an exercise routine can give you the following practical benefits.

1. Easier Chores Around the House

Benefits of ExercisingOne of my favorite points to bring up is how lifting dumbbells has improved my ability to go grocery shopping. A 55-pound of dog food doesn’t seem as heavy now as it once did. Laundry baskets seem lighter, I grow less weary when washing dishes and scrubbing various surfaces seem to take less effort. I know a lot of people don’t work out because it helps them with random chores around the house. But it’s a practical benefit that will make your life much easier to manage.

2. Improving Sports Activities

A lot of people enjoy playing sports as a hobby. For me, it’s golf. Adding weight training into your routine will impact your abilities regardless of the sport. For example, back and arm work has made a profound difference in how I play on the course. Bicep, tricep and shoulder workouts would benefit those who like to bowl. It delivers the ability to add more force to your actions while enhancing control. Bowling ball, bat and even club control are all heightened when you use weights to strengthen your body.

3. Preventing Injuries

A stronger body is more resistant to injuries. For example, someone who focuses on fitness and increasing muscle density is less likely to suffer from broken bones in a car accident. This doesn’t mean that you should plan on running a few stop signs because you work out. However, you can relax a bit when doing things like water skiing or even riding your bicycle across town. Accidents will happen without warning, and being fit can help you walk away from many of them.

4. Efficiency While Working

Labor professionals are not the only ones who can benefit from weight training. Even a network administrator could find moving computer systems to be much easier with a bit of bicep density. I am speaking of this first hand. Last week, I moved nearly a ton worth of alcohol in my liquor store on my own without becoming overly fatigued thanks to the muscle development in my legs, back and arms. These kinds of enhancements to yourself can make you more efficient in the workplace while potentially increasing your productivity.

5. DIY and Home Repair Benefits

Health and Fitness SaunaIf you’re one of those people who love do-it-yourself projects around the home, weight training can be incredibly beneficial. Everything from using a hammer to hanging drywall can be vastly enhanced through lifting weights. Building a green house, painting the house or even mowing the lawn can all seem more trivial when you have muscles to process the force. I’m not saying that those who are weaker can’t do these things around the home. However, weight training will make these projects much easier on the body.

6. Reorganizing the Home

How often have you moved furniture only to call your neighbor to help with some of the heavier items? Strengthening the body can make these kinds of situations seem trivial. Instead of grunting when sliding the couch to the other side of the room, you can simply pick it up and lug it over there. This could also fall under house cleaning if you want to get behind the fridge, washer or dryer. It’s much easier to move these heavy objects when you increase the amount of force you can deliver.

7. Enhancing Your Movement

I can say with certainty that there are days when I seem to move just a bit slower than normal. Adding a bit of muscle improves your range of motion and helps on those days when it’s difficult to get up off the couch. While this will also require changing your diet to provide energy for the muscles, weight training allows you to move easier without feeling incredibly lethargic. It also doesn’t hurt to reduce your body mass through weight loss.

8. Personal Opinion

One of the most important benefits for many people is that of boosting personal opinion of oneself. It can be quite the ego boost when you start to see the effects of your labor as you increase the density of the muscles on your body. Just merely knowing you have a great deal of strength to rely on can be incredibly helpful to self-esteem as well as confidence. It’s all about how you feel about yourself and the accomplishments you achieved after putting in the effort to strengthen the body.

It’s Not All About Modeling

losing weight fastWeight training does more for you than allowing yourself to look like a body builder model. You don’t have to bulk up in order to gain many benefits from lifting a few weights. All too often people understand the term, “lifting weights” as a way to look like the Incredible Hulk. This isn’t entirely true. Picking up the dumbbells a few times a week serves to improve various physical aspects of your life.

You don’t need to have a goal to look like a young Arnold Schwarzenegger. Any increase in weights you lift throughout the day will benefit your body as a whole. Add in a few pounds throughout the week and feel the difference. You may find yourself less dreadful of grueling chores around the house.

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