8 Top Things that Will Stop Your Weight Loss

stop your weight loss
13 Jun

Last Updated on June 13, 2016 by Michael Brockbank

Identifying things that can stop your weight loss will help you avoid certain obstacles. While some of these can be quite simple to circumvent, others may be extremely difficult. It’s all about how you approach them if you want to be successful. As more than $6 billion is spent annually on weight loss products and services, you don’t want that money to go to waist. In reality, it’s doesn’t cost you anything extra to live a healthier lifestyle.

What Can Stop Your Weight Loss?

1. Lack of Change
I’ve seen a lot of people who started to lose weight gain it all back because they didn’t change their lifestyle. Not committing to a change in eating habits and physical activity will stop your weight loss and possibly reverse everything you accomplished. A healthier lifestyle is going to require a few permanent modifications if you want to be successful. Once you get that ball rolling, though, it can be quite easy to maintain.

2. Lack of Motivation
Motivation has been one of my major downfalls over the last decade. It’s easy for me to just continue what I’m doing even though it may lead to an early death. A lot of people have the same motivational problems I have. This is perhaps one of the hardest things to get around. However, finding a way to keep you going is going to lead to a longer lifespan and a greatly improved way of life all around. As long as you don’t center around instant results, the ends will justify the means.

3. Lack of Determination
Here is another thing that I often find myself suffering from. Your determination in any project will influence how successful you are. If you don’t have the conviction to live healthier, you will stop your weight loss. I know how hard it is at times. There are days when I throw caution to the wind and fall back into the sedentary life of sitting at my computer for 16 hours a day. Then, there are days when I push myself to the limits because I truly do want to lose 25 years worth of fat storage.

4. Disbelief in Yourself
This is a common element I see from a lot of people. The disbelief in yourself can stop your weight loss as well as a wide variety of things in life. This is often the product of self-esteem issues that may require professional help. If you truly don’t have faith in your ability to live a healthier lifestyle, then you won’t. You have to find a way to change that frame of mind. I don’t just believe I can, I know I can.

5. Too Much Faith in Commercial Products
People hold far too much faith in commercialized weight-loss products. Let’s face it, these manufacturers are preying on those who suffer from the top four on this list. Since the turn of the century, there have been more than $26 million in settlements paid out due to false advertising from products that make claims of weight loss. I’m not saying that all commercialized goods are bad for losing weight. But many of them do make some outlandish claims. Just try not to get sucked into the glitz and glamour of manufactured products and services.

6. Incomplete Planning
Planning could be a great tool for losing weight. Not everyone can memorize exercises and meals. Planning out your week for fitness can give you something to focus on while contributing to a healthier existence. For instance, it’s much easier to go shopping if you know exactly what you’re there to get. It can also help prevent impulse buying of unhealthy foods. Just get in, buy what you need for your plan and get out. A planned exercise routine for the week can also be beneficial as it gives you goals to focus on rather than just “winging” it.

7. Lack of Knowledge
I have personally seen quite a few people fail at weight-loss attempts because they lacked proper knowledge. This is part of the reason why I built this website in the first place. Not only is my knowledge continuously growing, but I hope to help others by sharing what I learn. Knowing how certain things affect your body empowers you to make better choices. I remember how I felt when I saw how many fats and calories I was eating on a regular basis through the information collected by MyFitnessPal. It’s all about what you learn and how you use that knowledge.

8. Stress
Although exercise and a proper diet can help alleviate a great deal of stress, not everything can be “fitnessed” away. Stress can stop your weight loss by altering your moods, ability to think clearly and the release of the hormone cortisol. This hormone can be responsible for weight gain even if you’re on a diet. It creates deep-tissue fat usually around the core of your body. I know it can be difficult to live a stress-free life, but you need to find methods that can help reduce the impact.

You Are the Common Element

Did you see the common pattern in these top things that will stop your weight loss? That’s right…it’s you. The way you approach fitness and health will be the determining factor whether you’re successful or not. It won’t matter if you’re on the best diet plan or find the best exercise for fat burn. If you have any doubts in your mind, you will stop your weight loss. Begin by making healthier choices from the moment you wake up in the morning.

It can be difficult for many to rebuild themselves in terms of fitness. If you want to succeed at creating a healthier you, it all starts with your mindset. Convince yourself that you can live healthier and take steps to do so. It’s not as difficult as you might believe.

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