80 in 4: Update Week 1 – Gained a Bit

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So, it’s been quite the week for me. Not because I am trying to lose 80 pounds in four months, but because I have been sick for the past 12 days. However, I am still pushing to meet my objectives. Unfortunately, I was kind of bad the last few days and ate a bit more than I should have. As a result, I gained two pounds. On the other hand, the weight gain doesn’t mean I’ve added fat.

Weight: 267.4

I started this adventure seven days ago weighing 265.4 pounds. I lost two by Wednesday, but added four on top of that. I’m still confident that I will reach my goals, though. And here is why.

Gained Muscle Weighs More than Fat

Ab WorkoutsThe continuous fever I’ve had has prevented me from putting in the weight training I want. However, I did increase my physical movement. In fact, I met my calorie burn goal last night at 3,500. Because muscle weighs more than fat, this may contribute to a bit of the weight gain. Unfortunately, it probably didn’t add a lot because I didn’t get as much exercise as I wanted.

When practicing proper fitness, you shouldn’t be too overly concerned by achieving a certain weight. I’ve seen people who look amazing who are depressed because they are five pounds from their goal. Weight isn’t the only measure of fitness.

Look at me, for example. No one in my family thinks I can get to 180 pounds. It’s not because they think I have a lack of conviction. It’s my body type; I am naturally a big guy. I may not hit the 180 pound mark, but I’ll look amazing by the time I get close. And that’s all that really matters. Don’t put all of your stock in reaching a specific weight goal.

Not Enough Water

The last few days, I haven’t had enough water. This means I am more than likely retaining it in order to function. Between the fever and the severe cold I have at the moment, it was pretty stupid of me not to drink more liquids. I’ll aspire to do better this week.

Water is the basis of all carbon-based life on Earth. Experts believe that you should consume at least 80 ounces of water per day. That’s really not that hard to do. It’s only 10 coffee cups spread throughout the 16 hours you’re awake. Drinking more water has potential to help you lose weight, feel better physically and improve your mental capacity.

Nominal Bathroom Visits

ToiletThis is a bit on the personal side, but I haven’t gone number two in a few days. This means I am still holding on to all the food I’ve consumed since last Friday. In other words, I’ve been too busy to poop. Between being sick and trying to close down this little liquor store of mine, I’ve been running a bit ragged as of late.

It’s relatively easy to keep weight on when you’re not, “regular.” You shouldn’t be overly concerned if you add weight without going to the bathroom. A healthy release can easily be the difference in losing up to three pounds. And yes, I’ve weighed myself before and after – so I do know what I’m talking about. Someone’s gotta do it.

Things to Work On This Week

I’ve had a rocky start to this experiment, but I am committed to losing 80 pounds in four months. I am certain that once I get rid of this damn cold, I should be able to set some personal records. I keep envisioning what I’m going to look like by Christmas.

More Water
Obviously, the first thing I want to work on is drinking more water. Not only will this help me stop retaining weight, but it will also contribute to getting rid of this damn cold. Urine is one of the ways the body eliminates toxins and excess materials. So, drinking more water is ideal all around. I’ll go back to the habit of getting a cup of water every time I get a cup of coffee.

For the most part, the reason I don’t get enough water in my daily routine is because I forget. I bet a lot of people are like me in that regard. If you’re not focused on fitness, it can be easy to deny yourself the one thing no human can live without. You just have to get into a routine of drinking more.

More Exercise
Best Workout RoutineAlthough I have been sick, I should be able to either maintain or increase my activity slightly. At least, until I can get rid of this fever. I don’t mind doing a bit of exercise with a cold. It’s this damnable fever that keeps stopping me. Perhaps I can have a glass of Theraflu before working out.

I normally have a morning routine of exercise. Unfortunately, I have been unable to get more than just a few minutes at a time. I haven’t gained a lot of ground in terms of burning calories. However, walking around and keeping as active as I can has helped considerably.

Being More Regular
Trying too hard to use the bathroom can actually lead to physical complications. The increase of water should increase my bathroom breaks. This is because it helps the digestive system process solid foods. It allows them to move more freely through your intestines.

Keeping With Daily Objectives

As long as I can keep to my daily goals, I should be losing weight relatively quick. Unfortunately, being sick isn’t helping as I gained a bit of weight over the last few days. But that’s OK, though. I know that I will easily get rid of the mass as long as I stay true to my daily objectives. Until I am completely healthy, this will mean less food and more water. Getting up and walking around a bit will help as well.

If it wasn’t for being sick, I would have far more “Zing!” in my step. Don’t get me wrong, I am still pretty excited about the prospect of losing this much weight. I am just a bit upset that I can’t put forth the entire effort because of how week I am. But, like I tell my children, “Never give up, never surrender!” I may have gained a few this week, but I’ll lose it all in the next.

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