80 in 4: Update Week 2 – Back Where I Started From

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I am a bit upset at myself. After two weeks, I am back where I started from. Actually, I even gained 0.6 pounds since then. However, I know exactly what my problem is. The downside is that I am having a hard time getting past it. I know what needs to be done, but I am virtually unwilling to follow through. How can I go about correcting my issues?

Weight: 266.0 lbs.

I’ve still been increasing my physical activity, especially since I am feeling much better now. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to offset my intake. So, why am I still gaining instead of losing when I have all this knowledge and capability?

Staying Up at Night

One of my biggest issues is snacking when I’m awake late at night. I feel like I have to keep eating even though I know I should be going to bed. This usually includes fattening goodies that I know I should be slowing down on. What I’ll need to do is try harder to refrain from midnight munching.

Sleep deprivation can also lead to mental disorders. Perhaps that is part of my problem as well. A lack of sleep can cause anger, stress, high levels of anxiety and even depression. Maybe if I go to sleep at a normal time, I can fix a few of my mental issues.

Severe Depression

Will Fitness Cause DepressionI am one of those people who eat when depressed. It’s no secret that I am unhappy at home. In fact, it’s common knowledge that I hate where my life is at the moment. I often feel like I am drowning in quicksand and the only ones who care are too young enough to help. Actually, my daughters are the ones who give me strength.

Depression can lead to all kinds of serious health issues beyond mental stability. It can contribute to higher levels of stress as well as sap any energy you have for exercise. It can be extremely difficult to pull yourself together. However, it needs to be done if you want to correct a lot of the problems in your life.

Physical and mental health can all be linked to emotional states, and vice-versa. You need to find that balance if you want to succeed. I started from a low place in my life, and I’ll need to try and muster a bit more effort if I want to pull myself out of this funk I am drowning in.

More Exercise

Although I have been slightly increasing my workouts, I still think I can do more. After all, I haven’t been hitting my calorie burn goal of 3,500 on a regular basis. This is according to my Fitbit. I need to increase my exercise frequency and start setting goals for myself again.

One way that may help me get back on track is the membership at Anytime Fitness. We just signed up for 36 months, but I am a little weary about the membership. Like I’ve stated in past posts, a membership is only good if you plan on using it on a regular basis. I just don’t think we have the capacity to stay dedicated. However, time will tell.

Not Tracking Everything in MyFitnessPal

add ab workouts myfitnesspalI’ve also been lacking in tracking all of my food as of late. I know I will go red in my calorie count, so I say, “to hell with it.” This is one of those things I constantly tell others not to do. Sometimes, I feel like a fraud because I can’t follow my own advice.

Starting today, I will put everything, and I mean everything, into MyFitnessPal. I did it once when I lost the first 20 pounds. I can surely do it again. Even in my current mental state, I should still be able to at least focus on scanning everything I eat.

I need to remember just how much fun I had losing that first 20. It was more like a game than anything. I rather enjoyed the experience, and I would love to get into that again. It’s not that I am viewing health as a chore, but I’ve been having a hard time actually caring. That, I bet, has something to do with my high levels of stress and depression.

Going Beyond Where I Started From

Once I get into a good groove for fitness, I know I can meet my goals. Monitoring myself a little closer each day and remaining positive about this experience will help. I know I can do it; I did it once before. So, what’s different now? Perhaps one of the biggest issues I face is my mental stability. This has been especially difficult this past week.

Disappointment and stressI’m the only person that truly controls my own health, whether it’s physical or mental. I need to find a focal point that can help me stay on task on a daily basis. It’s just difficult to do when your mind is clouded with personal problems that seem overwhelming.

I do have faith that I can reach a certain level of health and fitness. But it takes more than faith in order to reach goals. It takes dedication and determination to keep yourself on track. I’ve been lacking in these two areas. I started from a heavier weight, but that doesn’t mean I need to balloon back up to where I was before.

So, what can I do to try and fix everything from a perspective of fitness? Here are a few of my goals for the next week:

  • Set daily point goals in Exercise.com: This is a decent measure about how much exercise and weight training I am getting.
  • Maintain 500 calories in the green: Using MyFitnessPal, I will keep my calories 500 in the green throughout the day.
  • Go to bed earlier: Instead of staying up until midnight and snacking, go to bed at a decent time.
  • Meditate more often: Meditation can be excellent when faced with high levels of tension or depression – two things I have in abundance.

Proper fitness isn’t an instant fix for your lifestyle. It can be a strenuous hike to reach a peak of excellence. I originally started from 280 pounds. I’ve managed to keep it off, and there is really no reason why I can’t keep going. I just need to hunker down and focus more on growing as a person both inside and out.

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