80 in 4: Update Week 4 – Went Backwards in a Big Way

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So, this last week has been quite disappointing for me in terms of weight. I was incredibly bad at eating for several days. My weight went backwards and now I weigh more than I did than when I first started. Although I am a bit angry at myself, I cannot believe that I slipped that much this last week. Then I realized a few things about myself that may be why I gained so much weight.

Weight: 266.0 lbs.

Gained It All Back
I started this little adventure with a 102 degree fever and weighing 265.2 pounds. I have done an incredibly number of exercises and such over the last 28 days. Now, I am almost a pound heavier than when I first started. What is different this time then when I lost the first 20 pounds?

I Am Older?

While it’s true that the first 20 pounds came off relatively quick, I was also 38. Does being two years older really make that much of an impact? I have a hard time believing that. I know the metabolism of humans begins to slow down over time, but is it really getting that slow in comparison to two years ago?

Losing Inches

losing weight fastWe took measurements of my body to update MyFitnessPal. I have lost a lot of inches in every point of my body. The biggest loss was around my waist. In fact, I was seven inches lower than my measurements back in 2014. There are six points that we took measurements of:

  • Neck
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Bicep
  • Chest
  • Upper leg

Even though I seemed to have gained my weight back, I definitely lost some of my bulk. So, I really can’t be all that upset about going backwards in terms of weight.

More Muscle Work

This time around, I have also increased muscle work quite a bit. I am lifting more while doing higher repetitions than I have in the past. In fact, the hurting-muscle effect is no longer there. That is, unless I push myself. Does this mean that I am replacing fat with muscle faster than I can lose the weight?

The fist time I did this, the loss was relatively even over two months. However, I only had the two 10-pound dumbbells as my weight training tools. Today, I go to Anytime Fitness and use the weight machines. If this is true, and I am turning muscle into fat faster than I am losing weight, then I should eventually hit a burn plateau. This would be were I don’t develop muscle as fast while quickly burning fat.

At some point, the muscle mass should hit a critical point and the weight may probably drop off rather quickly. I can already see it in the mirror in my face that I have lost fat throughout the last four weeks.

This Week’s Focus

I’ve increased my water intake, included more cardio activities and have set new records in various exercises. This week, I will have to keep it up if I want to shed the fat at a quicker pace. Even though it looks like my weight is going backwards from where I want it, I seem to still be on track for general health.

More Water

Drinking WaterAlthough I have increased my water intake exponentially this last week, I still am not getting optimum levels every day. This week, I will try to exceed the 64 ounces that is suggested. It shouldn’t be that difficult to do, but again, I have a tenancy to forget to drink water.

I need to remember to keep my water bottle filled while sitting at my desk. It handles 32 ounces at a time. If I can drink two of those throughout the day, I would be set. Plus, if I can get back into the habit of drinking a cup of water every time I get coffee, I should easily become well hydrated.

Meet the 3500 Calorie Burn Goal

My Fitbit goal is set at 3,500 calories to burn in a day. For someone who sits at the computer all day long, this is quite a goal to achieve. I’ve discovered that I can accomplish this if I can get two really good workouts in per day.

For example, if I play Tennis this morning for 30 minutes and then go into my weight routine at Anytime Fitness tonight, I should hit that goal. However, I am thinking about adding a new quick 15 minute workout to my daily routine in the middle of the day. Perhaps a simple walk to the store to get my lunch every day would be beneficial. The point is I need to hit that 3500 calorie mark.

Better Food Choices

snackingThis week I was pretty bad on my choices for lunch and dinner. That may also contribute to not losing as much as I wanted. I’ll need to avoid some of the quick and easy fixings the family keeps picking up.

I haven’t been eating breakfast like I should. This has been a problem a few times this week. I need to remember to grab something when I get home from taking the kids to school. I’ve been so preoccupied with other things lately that I’ve found myself having a hard time eating before I realize it’s noon.

Is Going Backwards Such a Bad Thing?

Some would view this last week as a failure since I actually gained more than when I started. In reality, I’ve lost more over time. I am just in disbelief that I developed that much muscle mass as opposed to burning fat. Then again, You see it all the time in Football when linebackers can pick up a small car but not have a ripped body.

Is that what I’m doing? I truly hope not. While there is nothing wrong with being a linebacker, I would prefer to be smaller. Maybe reducing the carbs can help me burn fat faster than developing muscle. Or, maybe I should spend a bit of time and do some research on what other people experience.

In either case, I don’t view going backwards necessarily a bad thing. Like I said, I have noticed a significant difference the last few weeks.

Estimated Date for Weight Goal: Never!

Losing WeightAccording to my numbers, I will never hit my goal weight. I know this isn’t true, though. Like I said, I have noticed a significant difference in my body. Muscles are more defined and inches have been lost. I suspect that I will quickly start to lose weight once my muscle development gets to a certain point.

Proper health isn’t all about keeping a certain weight. A lot of people put too much emphasis on what the scale says. In reality, you can still lose fat even though the scale says otherwise. Remember, there are many things that can contribute to how much you weigh in any given day.

While I am still waiting to hit that breakthrough point when I lose weight from fat burn, I am starting to look better than I once did. As a result, I don’t view that going backwards in my loss is all that bad of a deal. Of course we’ll have to see if I’m right this week about hitting a muscle plateau. Four weeks down, eight to go.

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