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I know this one is a bit late, but I wanted to at least give an update for week five. I gained a bit of weight, then lost it. Right now, I am not sure how much I weigh, but I have definitely noticed a profound difference. I have developed far more definition in my upper body as of late. I’m actually quite proud of the choices I have been making this past week.

Choices that Made a Difference

overeating stomach painOver the last few days, I have made profound leaps in the things I choose to eat and sticking with exercise routines. As a result, everything is starting to pay off. In fact, the weight made a sharp dive over the past five days because of it.

Walking Past the Ice Cream

Yes, I am one of those people who have a strong affinity for ice cream – especially at night. A few days ago, I had an opportunity to pick some up. However, I decided that I had enough junk foods already and didn’t need it. I know this sounds like a small accomplishment. But for someone who loves Moose Tracks as much as I do, it was quite a big one.

Last night I wanted to pick up a six-pack of Klondike Reese’s bars, another item that I usually have in the freezer most of the time. Again, I thought about the other snacks I have in the house and made a healthier choice. I left them behind.

Oddly enough, I am finding it easier to walk past the things I want. This isn’t saying that I’ll never have ice cream again. It just means that I am focusing more on losing my bulk while enjoying the snacks I already have. Which have also decreased in frequency and volume as well.

Increasing Reps at the Gym

Anytime FitnessLast night, I got far more of a workout at the gym than I have been getting. Usually, I’ll try to increase the weights just so that I can at least catch up to the average of other users on Exercise.com. This time, I focused more on repetitions while keeping the actual weight lower. I was more of a sweaty mess than I was during any other workout.

Although lifting heavier weights can help you build muscle mass, it’s the work that goes into lifting that will burn the calories. When you just want to lose weight such as myself, you’ll burn more calories by keeping the body moving. This is done by increasing repetitions of the weight you’re lifting. By keeping the weights to a lower setting, I was also able to break my personal record of total amount lifted thanks to the higher repetitions.

Instead of struggling to reach 30,000 pounds by lifting heavier, I was able to hit 33,000 while stilling having the energy to continue. This was all done in the same amount of time. According to my Fitbit, I burned far more calories this way.

Focusing on Keeping Green

One of the most profound choices is the one I’ve made for myself regarding my intake. I am bad when it comes to keeping my calories in the green through MyFitnessPal. Lately, I’ve been recording everything and make sure that I remain in the green.

Why is this important? Because it helps me focus on keeping the intake of food down. For example, because I didn’t burn enough calories for dinner last night, I had to have my cheese burger without the bun. Oddly enough, I didn’t feel like I was still hungry afterwards. It was a homemade cheese burger and 15 tator tots. In reality, it was less food than I normally have at dinner and I still felt satisfied.

Soups Over Fast Food

Child EatingThis week, I had a few extra dollars to buy fast food for lunch. However, my choices centered more around soups. Well, actually they were cans of Chef Boyadee pastas because the family dollar nearby doesn’t stock a very good selection of Progresso.

Because I focused more on the lighter side of lunch, I had one-third the calories while spending one-third of the money instead of going to Taco Bell. Again, it may sound like a small accomplishment. But any victory is still a victory. I’m quite proud of myself for not taking the quick and easy route of fast food.

What made the experience all that much better is that I walked more than a mile round-trip in order to get my lunch. My choices for walking and eating allowed me to burn more calories, spend less money and consume less food. It’s a great feeling, actually.

Less Sugar at Night

Before, I had a serious problem with having too much sugar at night. Without physical activity to burn it off, I found it harder to shed the weight. I’ve gone so far now to simply have a cup of licorice spice, caffiene-free tea at night instead of a pop or other flavored beverages.

I still have left over Butterfinger miniatures from yesterday that I stopped myself from eating at 10:00 pm last night. Mostly because I wanted to have them after my lunch today. But in the past, I would have ate them and then gone to the store today to buy more. So again, saving money and reducing food intake while making better choices.

My Focus for Next Week

I leave for Los Angeles Saturday morning. This will be for six days from Saturday morning through Thursday night. I am a bit worried about being relaxed in tracking my intake during my working vacation. The people I am meeting with want to share some of the finer points of LA with me. Wineries and restaurants are among the most that are brought up. So, how do I maintain healthy living while in California this next week?

Keeping Active

I have no doubt that I will be far more physically active while I am away. Although it is a working vacation, I won’t be tethered to my computer like I am now. In fact, it sounds like a large portion of my week is going to be exploring LA and the surrounding areas – somewhere I’ve never been to before. I am pretty excited, to be honest.

I do plan on getting some good walking time in. And, the client is taking me to her gym in the mornings. This way, I can still get in some body work and keep trying to lose some weight.

Don’t Make a Pig of Myself

Holiday Eating Mental ErrorsSome of the hardest choices I’ll have to make are in regards to the restaurants. I have a hard time wasting food in any regard. Would it be OK if I was to ask for a to-go box while going out to dinner with a client? I mean, I want to keep to proper portion sizes. I do love to eat, though.

Perhaps I can get enough of a workout throughout the day to burn off the excess amounts I’ll have at the restaurants and wineries.

Good Habits of Making Good Choices

It’s almost like I developed a habit over time to make better choices. I am putting more thought into deciding whether to snack, workout or have certain things at dinner. It’s getting to the point where I can make these decisions without really thinking about it. It’s a nice feeling.

Better HealthProper health centers around the choices you make for physical activity and food throughout the day. If you can train yourself through repetition, you may find it easier to accomplish your goals without it being stressful. I am now at the midpoint of my personal challenge. And although I haven’t lost much weight at all, I have developed a great deal of muscle mass and definition. I can’t wait until I start burning the fat away to see what lies underneath.

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