9 Ways to Talk Yourself Into Being Healthy in the Morning

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09 Dec

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It’s often difficult to get out of bed in the morning and get the day started. Some days, I just don’t feel like opening my eyes. However, I know that there are things I need to do if I want to change my life. Exercising and eating are two things I often put off and procrastinate. So, what do I do when I try to talk myself into being healthy in the morning?

Ways to Get Motivated for Being Healthy

There are days when you feel like that you just want to throw the alarm clock against the wall and sleep. In my case, it would be my phone – so that wouldn’t be ideal. Anyway, you need to shed those feelings and talk yourself into being healthy in the morning.

Why is this important? Because what you do in the morning can shape the rest of your day. Everything from exercise to the foods you eat can directly impact your afternoon. Here are a few things you can do to get yourself started while being healthy.

1. Listen to the Right Music

Taking StepsMusic can instill all kinds of emotions and feelings. It can also contribute to motivation and keeping your focus. I have a playlist that gets the blood pumping and makes me feel like a superhero. Then again, I always try to feel like a superhero.

You don’t necessarily need something fast-paced to get you into the mood for exercise or to face your day with a positive mindset. It’s really anything that inspires you to be more than you. For me, it’s the theme to Captain America. In case you’re curious: Captain America Soundtrack.

I prefer fast music when trying to get motivated. Usually, this is anything from recent Marvel movies. Lately, I’ve also been throwing it back to the 1980s with the theme to Sledge Hammer. Yeah, that’s showing my age a bit.

2. Look in the Mirror

When I look in the mirror, I’m looking for the person I could be. I am trying not to dwell on the person I am now. I know he’s in there, and I will find him eventually. In the mean time, I am starting to see this long, lost friend take shape in the reflection.

A lot of people avoid taking a good, long look at themselves in the mirror. Often times, they are either ashamed or afraid of what they’ll see. I was like this once. Now, I realize that my reflection can be shaped into anything I want. I am the only one who can make that happen, and I am the only one stopping myself.

Take a hard look at yourself and see the potential. I’m not just talking about weight, either. Confidence, esteem, happiness, strength of will, it’s all there. You just need to begin visualizing what can be and not wallow in what is.

3. Take a Look at Your Goals

lose 10 pounds in a monthWhen you break up your larger goals into smaller and more achievable ones, you don’t feel so overwhelmed. Like me. I want to lose 80 pounds-ish. Instead of dwelling on that ultimate goal, I look towards what I can do today.

Because each day you succeed, you’re that much closer to achieving your dreams.

This is when apps like MyFitnessPal and Fitbit come into play. Although you can focus on your goals while using a pad of paper and a pen, I find it more convenient to use health apps and tools. Plus, I am a geek for data…which both of these apps give me.

You shouldn’t be afraid of your goals. If you are, then you’re not being very realistic with yourself. You’re not going to lose 50 pounds in a month in a healthy way. But you can easily drop three per week just by reducing your food intake.

4. Giving Yourself a Pep-talk

As corny as it sounds, sometimes talking to yourself is a good way to get the energy level up. After all, who’s better at telling you what you want to hear than you? It’s not a sign of being crazy.

A lot of therapists recommend saying positive things to yourself. For some, it’s a way to boost self-esteem by focusing your mind on positive aspects. When you keep hearing the positive remarks about yourself, it’s easier to start believing in them.

Even if you have to sound like a football coach, get yourself fired up with a speech. If it helps, stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself what you are going to accomplish today and why no one is going to stop you.

5. Putting Clothes You Want to Wear In Plain Sight

Losing WeightI know a few people who keep the “skinny” cloths they want to wear hanging up in view. For them, it’s motivation for being healthy. It’s a constant reminder of what they are trying to do.

Every day I open my drawer, I see the shirts I want to wear before anything else. I still need to drop 20 pounds before I can fit into them nicely. And this helps me stay motivated, because I really like the color of these newer shirts.

I’m not saying you should go out and buy a whole new wardrobe to give you motivation. But what if you bought that one perfect shirt that is three sizes too small? Would that give you strength for being healthy? For me it would simply for the fact that I wouldn’t want to waste the money.

6. Convince Yourself, “It’s Only 20 Minutes”

Not all exercise routines have to be 45 minutes of grueling physical activity. You might be amazed by what you can get done in a 20-minute blast. In fact, I work up a hell of a sweat within 20 minutes every time I play the Xbox.

In reality, 20 minutes really isn’t that much time. You probably waste more staring off into space when you dream throughout the day. If you’re serious about being healthy, you need to convince yourself that 20 minutes isn’t all that difficult.

Even if it’s just a walk around the block, anything beyond your regular routine is going to be healthy. Once you start getting into the habit, convincing yourself to keep up the effort will become far more easier.

7. Get Into Friendly Competition

Walking for HealthI am a firm believer in success through competition. Being healthy can be fun when you’re pitting yourself against others. Competition offers a social element, which can keep you motivated and has potential to vastly boost esteem and confidence.

When I compete with others in Fitbit step contests, I know that there are people who are going to out-pace me. It still gives me motivation to not come in last place. I also compete more with myself than anyone. As long as I did better this week than I did last, then I am a winner in my eyes.

It’s all about being healthy and doing better as each day passes. It’s OK to have a bad week of eating food, as long as you don’t let it beat you. Face the next week with a better attitude and learn from your mistakes. Eventually, you may find yourself offering stronger competition to everyone.

8. Get More Sleep the Night Before

Health and fitness doesn’t merely evolve around what you eat and how much excise you get. A lack of sleep does a lot of things to the body and mind. Feeling lethargic, exhausted and mentally foggy can easily sway you from being healthy.

I find myself far more energized and positive in the mornings when I’ve had more than seven hours of rest. I’ve also found that it is easier to keep focused on doing the things I need to do.

If you’re unable to achieve that golden number of hours in bed, you need to revamp your schedule. This may even mean that you need to figure out ways to make you sleep at night. The point is the body needs rest to correctly perform.

9. Can You Defend Your Family?

H1Z1 HordeLast year, I pondered the idea of what would happen during a zombie apocalypse. I know…an odd situation to think about in reality. Would I be a hero, or would I be the guy who gets eaten first? Because I was seriously out of shape, I believe I would have been the guy who lasts for about five or six episodes before being an appetizer to a horde.

One of the things that drives me is being able to defend my family no matter the situation. Would I be able to defend against a mugger? Would I have the endurance to face a catastrophe such as a tornado? Sure, the adrenaline would offer some support. But I am always worried that I wouldn’t be able to face a drastic problem for very long.

My biggest worry is being a burden on my family. I don’t want to be the one everyone has to take care of in the event of a disaster. And that is probably one of the biggest motivators I have for being healthy.

Take Each Day One at a Time

It’s OK to set future goals as long as your focus remains on today. Ask yourself, “What can I do today to make myself more healthy?” Don’t worry too much about how the week has developed thus far. Keep your mind in the here-and-now.

Being healthy is more than just being fit or looking sexy in those new clothes. It’s about reclaiming a part of yourself that may be missing. When you get yourself into good shape, you’ll mentally and physically feel better. This is not to mention all the doors for possibilities that will open once you reclaim your body.

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