A Serious Challenge to Myself, Let’s Make This Week Awesome

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Recently, I’ve been on a kick to put in more effort for 2020. In fact, I’ve dubbed it my “Year of Effort.” And so far, it’s been going well. At least from a professional standpoint. But my health needs a serious challenge, I think.

Now I say “serious” because I’ve tried challenges for myself in the past and really didn’t go very far. And I can’t really call last year a failure because I am 15 pounds lighter today than I was this time in 2019.

Still, I need to find a strong method to spearhead the last of my weight loss and reach my fitness goals.

What is a Serious Challenge?

Because I’ve been in the mindset of putting in maximum effort, I feel a fitness challenge to myself would work well this time around. I mean, I’m already in that positive mindset of pushing forward.

This time around, I know I can accomplish my challenge goals. It’s all about taking it seriously and realizing that time is ticking away. Procrastinating is not going to get me anywhere.

With this mindset, I’ve already surpassed productivity records and have seen a massive spike in my life for the better since the beginning of 2020. The next step is to see if that translates into health and fitness as it has for my career.

So for me, a serious challenge is one that I have a passion to complete and will force myself to accomplish.

Because in reality, I’m done with doing the bare minimum to survive. I’m 43…it’s time to get serious about everything in my life.

How Can I Succeed at a Serious Challenge?

Keys to Success

The first part of meeting my goals has already been achieved: positivity. When you approach anything in a negative headspace, it’s going to affect your decision making and emotional status.

You have to be positive with the process and keep an open mind to deal with any obstacles. Otherwise, you’ll dwell on the negative aspects of a task and that’s all you’ll focus on.

Forcing Myself to Do More

When it comes to workouts and exercise, I’ve been a bit lackluster this year. Though, in my defense, I’ve also put in far more work in everything so my time is limited. Still, I know I can do more.

Take yesterday, for example. My 3:45 alarm went off for a quick workout. Instead, I was in the middle of editing a video. I was going to workout afterward, but then I forgot.

I need to force myself to stop and adhere to my exercise alarms. If anything, it’ll help break up the day and get me up and away from the computer for 5 to 10 minutes.

Breaking Bad Habits

I STILL have a habit of snacking late at night. I need to start going to bed at a reasonable time, which would cut out about 1,000 calories worth of snacking at midnight.

One thing I would love to stop is putting things off when I think of them. I know I don’t have the sharpest of memories. So, doing things the instant I think of them is more ideal than saying, “Eh, I’ll do it later.”

Because chances are, I won’t.

Another thing I need to work on is pushing myself to exercise in the morning like I used to. I’ve been feeling sluggish in the early afternoon since I stopped.

Putting an End to Procrastination

Like I said above, I tend to procrastinate too much. Usually, it’s because I forget and not that I don’t want to do the activity. If I keep pushing things off until later, I’ll probably never get anything done.

This is probably the hardest thing to do for myself simply because I do forget a lot. So if I can get into the habit of doing things as soon as I think of them, all the better.

The problem with this, though, is I usually think of things while I’m in the middle of doing something else. Lately, I’ve been trying to write everything down that comes to mind so I remember it’s something I want to do later.

And as opposed to last year, this part of my lifestyle has vastly improved. I just want to remember that I want to put in as much effort with health and fitness as I do with my writing.

Pitting Myself Against My Son

And the last thing that’ll help guide a serious challenge for myself is pitting me against my 20-year-old son. He wants to lose about 40 pounds to join the Air Force. In fact, we’re thinking about making a video about this.

He weighs roughly the same as I do. But, I also have twice the muscle mass and am about 4 to 6 inches taller. Still, a friendly competition for losing weight, especially from a young buck who thinks he’s a badass, might be what this “old man” needs.

Let’s do this, kid.

What am I Doing this Week?

My Checklist

OK, so what am I going to do to get myself into a serious challenge for the week? Well, I think I am going to keep it basic for the moment. Let’s see if I can keep the effort going with something that I know I can accomplish.

I don’t want to promise myself the moon when I can’t even get up to the second floor.

Keeping Calories in the Green, Again

Keeping the calories green in MyFitnessPal is how I lost the majority of my weight. If I can get back into a serious mindset with this, I can go far beyond my current abilities.

Back in the day, if I wanted a snack and didn’t have the calories, I walked for several miles to make sure I can eat those goodies.

I know I can do this part at least. After all, it’s how I went from 300+ to around 280 within a month and a half. If I can reclaim that same sense of urgency and seriousness, I can quickly burn through the fat.

Getting Back to Being Active

Part of keeping the calories green in MyFitnessPal is getting back into being active. Like I said, I would walk for several miles if I wanted an extra slice of pizza.

I’ve also been slacking in terms of Xbox Kinect play in the mornings. Usually, it’s because my son is sleeping on my couch and I don’t want to disturb him. But hey, it’s my house…and I’ve warned him about sleeping in every morning.

Besides, he should be up looking for a job anyway. 🙂

In reality, if he’s serious about losing weight and joining the Air Force, then he should get up and play the Xbox with me in the mornings.

Start Gearing Up for Monthly Challenges

Starting in February, I’m going to get into launching monthly challenges. Now, you can join me if you wish. I plan on doing things like preparing myself to break my push-up record by doing so many each day.

I’ve done it before, and I know I can do it again.

And now that I write this, I am already getting excited to start. This feeling right here is how I know I am ready to accomplish my fitness goals. It’s the feeling of being excited and ready to do what I need to live better.

How Serious are You to Challenge Yourself?

Making plans, goals and challenges means nothing if you’re not serious about the process. And before, I suppose I just wasn’t in the best headspace to accomplish anything. Nowadays, though, there’s new life in me.

That’s what living is all about; going beyond your limitations and putting in the effort for self-improvement in all things.

What can you do to push yourself to live better?

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