About Me

Hello, there. My name is Michael, a freelance writer who spends way too much time sitting at his desk. And so far, I’ve lost 70+ pounds.

Back in 2015, I realized I was pushing 40 and weighed more than 300 pounds. A year later, my heart would stop.

Obviously, I’m still around. But it’s not without putting in the effort to change my life.

4 Year Difference
A 4-Year Difference

Why I Built This Website and More About Me

In the beginning, I built this website to help me focus on losing weight and getting into shape. I can’t say “back into shape” because I was never all that fit, to begin with.

All was going well until Google torpedoed the website in 2019. At which point, my heart just wasn’t into trying to get fit and lose weight. It sucked the wind out of my sails and pushed me into a bit of a depression.

But, here we are, and I’ve decided to put more effort back into myself as well as the blog.

And in both cases, I have my work cut out for me.

A Journal of My Experiences

For the most part, I blog about everything I’ve experienced or learned. It’s a way to get the information integrated into my mind. This, in turn, helps me focus on becoming healthier.

And over the years, I’ve helped quite a few other people as well.

That’s the whole purpose of a blog, really. It’s all about sharing what you learn and helping or inspiring others during the process.

Keeping Myself Accountable

When it comes to your overall health and fitness, you’re only accountable to yourself. This can be incredibly difficult, especially if you’re someone like me.

This blog helps me maintain accountability. Which explains why I haven’t really done much since 2019. The blog and I are one. It’s kind of like a symbiotic relationship with a digital life form.

At any rate, maintaining this site helps me maintain focus.

Why CrossingColorado.com?

In the summer of 2015, I was disappointed in myself. I wanted to be in good enough shape to participate in “Pedal the Plains.” It’s a bike ride across areas of Colorado that played a role in the state’s heritage.

Although I got to watch the riders go by and meet quite a few of them from the liquor store I operated, I still felt like I was missing something.

It was at that point that I made it my ambition to not only ride the plains, but cross the entire state of Colorado from one side to the other. I know others have already done this – but I haven’t.

And nowadays, I’m joined with Sam, my best friend who plans on logging her experience with Keto and how it works for her to lose weight.

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