About Me

My name is Michael, and I am a freelance ghostwriter. I spend a great deal of time sitting at my desk writing or playing games, which means I don’t get a lot of physical activity. It wasn’t until 2015 that I realized that I was pushing 40 and weighed in excess of 290 pounds. I’m considered obese by scientific standards – which I am not too happy about.

Why I Built This Website and More About Me

In reality, I built this website to help me focus on getting back into a decent shape – other than round. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired. Yeah, I know I am getting up there in the years, but that shouldn’t prevent me from feeling physically and mentally sharp.

I Enjoy Blogging
I’m a firm believer in using a blog to help you develop and retain knowledge. I’ve done extensive work for others on the subject, and feel that I know what I’m talking about. Essentially, a blog is just a digital form of a notebook to help you keep your thoughts organized.

If I help someone else out in the process, then so be it. While the site is focused more about me, I will share everything I come across.

Sharing With Others
I love to share my knowledge with those who need it. I don’t believe in charging anyone money for easy-to-find information – especially under the guise of “helping” them. Anything I learn about keeping physically fit will be put onto this site to share with everyone.

I find that if I am under the impression of other watching me, I perform better at various things. This blog is going to be a running tally of me losing weight and getting back into shape. As I can only assume people will be visiting, it helps give me motivation to stay on task.

Why CrossingColorado.com?

In the summer of 2015, I was disappointed in myself. I wanted to be in good enough shape to participate in “Pedal the Plains.” It’s a bike ride across areas of Colorado that played a role in the state’s heritage.

Although I got to watch the riders go by and meet quite a few of them from the liquor store I operate, I still felt like I was missing something.

It was at that point that I made it my ambition to not only ride the plains next year, but cross the entire state of Colorado from one side to the other. I know others have already done this – but I haven’t.

So, this is all about me and why I wanted to build this site. Here’s to losing 90+ pounds and entering in the Pedal the Plains. I got a lot of work to do – let’s get to it!

April 19 2017 Comparison
Left: 275lbs. Right: 240lbs.
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