Accomplishments: Any Victory Is Still a Victory

24 Aug

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One of the things I try to teach my children is that any victory is still a victory. No matter how small the accomplishment, there is still a layer of success that one could be proud of. A lot of people will give up on fitness because they don’t meet certain expectations. It’s this form of surrender that makes it a failing. Instead, relish in the accomplishment as it will affect how you proceed.

What Is a True Victory in Fitness?

Any improvement, no matter how insignificant you may believe, will still benefit your health. Even if you only reduced your caloric intake by small numbers, it’s still better than what you may have done in the past. Fitness isn’t about looking like a supermodel. It’s about improving your overall health, which will help you live longer.

Obese WorkoutThe most important thing you need to keep in mind is that a victory centers around your own mindset. You can believe you’re a failure if you only improved the number of push-ups you can do by five instead of 10. Or, you can relish in the accomplishment that you increased your push-up count by five.

Anything you do that is beyond your normal day is what makes you a winner in the grand scheme of things. If you start exercising and increase the reps you do or the weights you lift over time, you’re a winner. If you eat one cupcake a day instead of the normal four, you’re a winner. It’s these small changes that wind up benefiting your health.

Focusing On Self-Improvement

Virtually anything you do for self-improvement can be considered a victory. In fact, I felt proud of myself last night when we went shopping. Instead of getting a pint of ice cream with everyone else, I decided against it. That, right there, is an accomplishment. As a result, I consumed more than 400 calories less yesterday than I could have.

Even a simple decision can lead to positive results for the day. Spending 10 minutes walking around the yard is better than spending 10 minutes sitting on the couch. It’s all about what you can do today for self-improvement. I know it can be difficult to change your mindset, especially if you’re so set in your ways that you can’t fathom doing something else. But it needs to be done if you want to claim victory in fitness.

Victory for Yourself, Not Others

A lot of people will try to keep up with much healthier individuals. When they can’t, many of them will give up. You need to keep in mind that you’re not getting into fitness to please others. You’re doing this for yourself. Whether it’s wanting to change your appearance or looking forward to playing with the kids without exhaustion, it’s all about you.

stop your weight lossIf you’re comfortable with losing three pounds per month, then that is what really matters. While others can influence your goals, don’t let it alter how you feel about yourself. Once you start doubting yourself and feeling bad that you’re not accomplishing more, it can affect your mentality towards fitness. Instead of a life-changing experience, it becomes more of a mundane chore.

Getting More Out of Life

Too many people focus on muscles and thin physiques. They don’t put enough thought into what fitness will give them overall. Dieting and exercise doesn’t merely help you lose weight. In reality, fitness can help you get a lot more out of life in general. For example, I would love to look like a superhero, but I’ve discovered that many hobbies I love are improving as I add fitness to my routines. For instance, exercise affects my golf game for the better.

Getting more out of life outside of gluing yourself to the couch can be a victory for fitness. Many of us can’t do some of the things we enjoy because of physical constraints. By working towards overcoming those issues, your improving yourself as a whole.

Even a miniature victory can make a gigantic impact in how you view life as well as yourself. Don’t focus on the size of the accomplishment. Instead, relish in the fact that you completed the objective. This frame of mind helps build confidence, which can lead to greater accomplishments later on.

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