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In the past, I toyed with the idea of making YouTube videos surrounding my adventure to become more fit. As of late, I’ve been slacking something fierce. Between battling depression and laziness, I haven’t done a spectacular job on the platform. However, I think it’s time to actually put effort into YouTube and see where it goes.

Why Make YouTube Videos?

Started Monday, October 23rd, 2017, I am going to put more focus into YouTube. I’ll still write for my blogs daily, but I am going to take on another task at the end of my work day. Theoretically, I shouldn’t have a problem. I have enough time to make them…but do I have the motivation?

In reality, I started my YouTube videos for the same purposes I started this website, to motivate me to better health. Unfortunately, I still find it difficult to stay the course.

After carefully considering what I want to be when I grow up, coming from a 41-year old, I decided to want more. I’m tired of simply existing and want my life to have some kind of meaning.

Having Accountability

It’s easier to stay on track in any goal if you have some form of accountability. This is why a lot of people will start strong in fitness but then decide to slack after a few months. The only real accountability many of these people have is themselves.

It’s easy to sit there and know you need to lose weight but then don’t seem to have the motivation to make it happen.

YouTube videos, if I can keep my motivation up, will give me that accountability. After all, I want to demonstrate I know what I’m talking about. What better way is there than to keep a video log of my progress. It’s using the viewers to keep me steadfast for losing weight and being healthy.

Helping Others

Another purpose of this website is to help others who have similar problems like myself. Did you know the number one article on this site is based on helping people decide whether a Progresso Soup diet is right for them?

I base all of my information in either science or personal experience. Even websites I quote need to have a high level of confidence before I link back to them. This is because I want to give the best and most accurate information I possibly can possibly for health and fitness.

Using YouTube videos will allow me to broaden my horizon and possibly reach another audience outside of this blog. While I’m sure I wont be as popular as Philip DeFranco or Casey Neistat, just possibly helping one person makes it worth the effort.

Because I Find it Fun

Another driving motivator to build up my YouTube videos is because I find them fun to make. Although it’s time-consuming, a five-minute video takes me about three hours to make, I still enjoy it.

I’m debating on paying for the Adobe Premier addition to my account. At the moment, I pay $10 per month to use Photoshop for work. Which is fine because I love Photoshop and use it daily for my own projects anyway. After playing around with Premier and After Effects in CS3, I fell in love. It was enjoyable to bring content to life.

One of the hopes I have is the fun related to the videos can help me adapt to my depression. Anything to release stress is going to be a bonus. I find focusing my mind on other tasks to be greatly beneficial to my mental health. Plus, it seems I snack far less when my mind is preoccupied.

Adding the Social Element to Health and Fitness

YouTube videos seem to have more of a social connection with users than other platforms. I have a few fans and followers on sites like Twitter and Facebook, but it seems more interaction happens in the comment section of a video.

I know…trolls will be abound in the comment section. However, I’m not making the videos to satisfy everyone who watches. After all, you can’t please 100% of the people 100% of the time.

I am looking forward to seeing if I can interact with others who are in the same boat as myself. Currently, I try to respond to every comment regardless if it’s in social media or on my blogs. I guess I am just hungry for social interaction. Which is weird coming from someone who has lived as a hermit for the past 25 years.

Interconnecting Web of Marketing

It would please me greatly if my personal projects could pay me enough to do it full-time. I don’t make much money blogging and it takes away from freelance writing, but I like to help others and share what I learn.

No matter what, I’ll continue to pay for my blogs and hosting. But marketing can help generate a bit of revenue, which helps offset what I lose. I mean, who wouldn’t want to work a job that inspires them?

Because I want to reach the largest audience I can, I connect all of my social accounts together. From a single video, I can engage people on most of my popular profiles. Not everyone who watches YouTube is going to know exists – and vice-versa.

Additional Revenue

Sure I want to help others and be held accountable for health, but that doesn’t mean I can’t make a few bucks on the side. I’m not expecting to be an overnight sensation or make millions of dollars each year in endorsements. I’d simply like to see a Google payment in my bank account more than once every eight years.

Eventually, I’d like to turn Crossing Colorado into a much bigger business. But I need to fix myself before I can do what I envision. See, I am still battling with depression and a terrible experience with a midlife crisis. Until I can get over my issues, I’ll have to be satisfied with what ever income I can get.

Staying the Course

This is going to be a difficult process for myself. Creating regular YouTube videos means I need to focus on my schedule and do what needs to be done. In other words, I need to pull my head out of my ass and do the job. I know I can come out strong in the beginning. But will I keep up motivation to stay the course? That really depends on my determination to become more than I already am.

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