Setting Up Yet Another Xbox Kinect Challenge

Xbox Kinect Challenge
19 Dec

Last Updated on May 21, 2023 by Michael Brockbank

After my previous post of failing a workout schedule, I’ve decided to focus on yet another trial. I’m still working on seeing how much I can lose before January 1st. But, I’m also going to focus on an Xbox Kinect challenge. But this time, I am tracking the workouts as part of my workday.

Because it only makes sense to track the data I collect as I would for doing research on an article I write.

In fact, I am adding it to my list of stuff to do in Asana, as I use the app to track my workload. So now, I can always keep in mind that I want to exercise throughout the day.

Yes, I’m well aware that the Xbox Kinect is long dead. But, it’s helped me lose more than 80 pounds. So, I’ll keep playing until it burns out.

Why Another Xbox Kinect Challenge?

The last time I really put effort into playing the Xbox was about this time two years ago. And pictures of me then were looking pretty good. My arms were bigger, I had that “V” thing going on in my lower abs, and I was dropping fat wicked fast.

Then, I started dating again and everything went to hell.

My point is that the Xbox does exceptionally well for keeping my mind engaged. And that’s the key to any workout routine…finding something that keeps your attention for longer than a couple of weeks.

Besides, the way I play, using the Kinect melts through the calories.

What Does this Xbox Kinect Challenge Entail?

This is for an article I am writing on I’ve decided to move the Kinect gameplay stuff to that site because, well, it simply fits. ColoradoPlays is all about gamifying fitness, video games, and playing in Colorado.

If you’d like to play along, here is what I am focusing on.

Stretching Out to a 12-Week Challenge

Yes, I know I’m not the best when it comes to long-haul challenges. But with how good I feel lately, I think this time around, I can focus. Besides, I’m not dating anyone at the moment and don’t have to worry about falling apart as much.

Since I am starting tomorrow, December 20, I’ll hit the 12-week mark on March 13th, 2021. So, if all goes well, I should look awesome just in time for spring.

And I will take a before and after picture to see how much of a visual difference there is over the span of three months.

Weighted Gameplay

First, like always, I’m strapping on the weights. I have one-pound hand weights and two-pound wrist weights that I’ll use in this Xbox Kinect challenge.

I strap on the weights because it adds an incredible amount of work to various muscle groups. This, in turn, means greater definition in those groups because I’m using more energy to move the extra weight.

But, I don’t want to push it too hard. It’s been a while since I really put in the effort like this, and I am prone to hurting myself quite often.

The spirit is far stronger than the flesh, in this case.

Playing Two Times Per Day

I’m going to get back into playing twice per day. Once first thing in the morning, and then again at just before lunch. This is what worked extremely well in 2019.

However, my new house has sunlight blasting into the living room during the day. So, I’m not sure if playing before lunch is going to be feasible until this spring.

If that’s the case, then I’ll just have to get into the mindset of playing before dinner.

The idea is to make sure I am getting in some intense physical activity every day. And since I have massive windows in my living room, this means the neighbors will get a show.

But that’s OK…I planned on making videos of playing in the near future anyway. What’s a handful of neighbors compared to potentially reaching a few hundred viewers on YouTube?

Tracking Games and Calorie Burn

As this is going to be a 12-week Xbox Kinect Challenge, I’ll have plenty of opportunity to track various games and how well I burn calories. Since I want to create a list of the best Kinect games for losing weight, I’ll be able to keep an eye on several titles.

This is because I usually track 20 rounds of gameplay to get an accurate calorie burn per minute.

So, every week and a half, I’ll change it up to a new game…which gives me another blog post and perhaps a video. I plan on doing reviews for each of the games I play, so this opens all kinds of doors for future content.

I just hope I can build another computer for the living room to record playing the Xbox.

Keeping the Calories in the Green

Like always, I’m using MyFitnessPal to keep the calories in the green. I’m still sticking to my Net 600 Calorie Diet as I know it’s what works for me. The more active I am, the more I can eat.

The fun part is going to get back into the habit of freaking out if the calories go red. I’ve been far too complacent lately in that regard.

It’s not like I starve myself, or anything. In reality, I wind up consuming between 1700 and 1900 calories per day depending on my physical activity. That’s because MyFitnessPal will adjust according to how physical I am with data taken from the Fitbit Charge 4.

Weekly Updates

I just created a template for pushing out weekly updates. These will be published every Sunday morning, or possibly in the afternoon. It depends on what I have going on in the house during the holidays.

But, since I am awake before the kids anyway, I should be able to get them published in the morning.

Since I am following along with Christ Desatoff, he gave me the idea to update them daily as I go. So, that’ll make it a lot easier than trying to write everything up on a single day.

Then, I’ll only have to write a few paragraphs on Sunday and take a picture for the header. It shouldn’t take me maybe a half-hour or so in total.

Tossing in Other Exercises?

I still want to break some personal records. So, I am going to toss in a bit of bodywork throughout the week during this Xbox Kinect challenge. For one thing, I want to see if I can create a washboard stomach…just to see if I can.

And, I do plan on adding up points on Although the site isn’t the glorious platform it was when I started, it’s still pretty cool for what it is. That is, unless I find something else I like that can add a competitive edge to fitness.

I’ll be testing out a few of those for review articles in the near future.

Let’s Push Out Some Instagram Posts!

Another aspect I really want to remember to do is post more stuff on Instagram. I’m not the best when it comes to social media, and it becomes more of an afterthought in most cases.

Well, outside of, rather.

Part of using Instagram more often, though, is to help me stay accountable. And if that’s one thing I’ll need for this Xbox Kinect challenge, it’s accountability to more than just myself.

Mostly, it’s close friends and family who follow the Instagram account. And my brother once gave me crap for showing random workout stuff.

I think he’s just jealous because I have more of a conviction to improve myself than he does.

But, who knows? Maybe I’ll become an influencer for showing 40+ age group gamers that you don’t have to live a sedentary lifestyle.

Yeah…that’s a goal. lol.

Let’s Get it On!

So, that’s the plan. Starting tomorrow, I’m putting in the drive to finish a 12-week Xbox Kinect challenge. And if I maintain the gameplay twice per day, I should have plenty of calories available for Christmas goodies, New Year’s Eve, and a smattering of February birthdays.

To be honest, I think adding the process to my workflow in Asana is going to be key. I’m just tired of forgetting what I want to do every day in regards to health and fitness.

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