Can I Lose 20 Pounds in a Month? My June Challenge

20 Pounds In A Month
01 Jun

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Is it possible for a lazy, computer geek who works and plays at his desk to lose 20 pounds in a month? As long as I can increase activity while choosing better eating habits, yes it is. I did it back when I weighed 290 pounds. So, how will I go about it for June?

Losing 20 pounds inside 30 days isn’t all that unrealistic. It takes a lot of dedication and determination to succeed, but it’s not impossible. Well, from a healthy standpoint anyway.

The Internet is full of ways you can lose weight exceptionally fast. The problem with most of them is they are often dangerous. For example, the “fasting” diet denies your body of daily nutrients you need to function properly.

Here’s how I am going to lose 20 pounds in a month without hurting myself. And I know it’s possible because I’ve done it before.

Strategies to Lose 20 Pounds in a Month

The most important thing about losing weight is not setting yourself up for failure. Sure you can say you want to lose 100 pounds but such-and-such date. However, you need to be honest with yourself.

For instance, I average about 0.3 pounds per day when I half-ass diet and exercise. This means I can easily lose at least nine pounds this month. If I actually put work into the process, and follow my Net 600 Calorie diet, 20 pounds in a month should be achievable.

Create a goal that you can live with. Too much strain on your diet or exercise routines could leave you feeling frustrated and anxious if you skip a day or two.

This morning, I weighed in at 225.8 pounds. Which means overall I gained two pounds back after dealing with 4,000 miles on the road for various graduations this year. It’s my goal to hit 205 by July first.

Daily Activity

Jogging Activity

In a nut shell, losing weight is all about burning more than you consume. If you’re capable of burning 400 calories through various activities, it doesn’t hurt to eat that slice of pepperoni and onion pizza.

This has been my premise of losing nearly 70 pounds so far. I still eat a lot of the same junk I did before, I just try to make sure I burn off the calories each day.

The trick is to find activities that engage your mind, though. If you find something boring or mundane, you’re less likely to commit to it.

Find activities you like to do and keep your mind as active as your body.

Increasing Physical Movement

Keeping active is key to losing 20 pounds in a month. And this doesn’t mean sticking to some strict exercise regimen you’ll hate. In fact, any activity that increases the heart rate and makes you sweat is beneficial for burning fat.

This month, I am going to go back to reviewing Kinect games and finding out which ones burn the most calories. This entails playing a game every morning and recording my experiences and the data from my Fitbit Charge 2.

Now that my bike is in riding condition, I want to get back into adding some miles. After all, I would love to ride across the state of Colorado before I reach 90 years old.

Work to Break Personal Records

Setting personal records is good for two reasons: a) gets you moving, and b) gives you a goal to work towards. For instance, you can use sites like to keep a running record of your attributes and “train” yourself to become better.

It’s been a while since I set a personal record. I’ve been lazy and complacent over the last few months. This needs to change if I want to lose 20 pounds in a month. To that end, I’m going to work to break at least three personal records by the end of the month.

Getting Out More

Being a hermit does very little for your health. I’m not saying that being a home-body guarantees your unhealthy. However, getting out more and being social helps burn fats and carbs.

Even something as basic as walking around and window shopping at the mall can burn enough calories for a complete meal.

For me, this means walking a mile to the train station and spending a few bucks to get into town. Which isn’t bad really. Besides, I love downtown Denver.

My point is getting out and socializing is as much for your physical health as it is for your mental stability.

Daily Diet


Your daily intake is going to modify how much you lose throughout the next 30 days. While some foods are more capable of helping you burn fat, you don’t really need to stick to a restrictive diet. [note][/note]

In fact, I am against most mainstream diets that purposely deny you certain foods. This is because a majority of people who fail at these diets do so because they feel the restrictions are just too much.

Don’t get me wrong. Adding nutrition is paramount to living healthy and losing 20 pounds in a month. But it doesn’t mean you can never have chocolate or ice cream ever again.

600 Calories in MyFitnessPal

My Net 600 Calorie diet is capable of sustaining myself while making sure I burn off at least twice what I consume. It works by adjusting what I can eat in any given day based on my physical activity.

Using MyFitnessPal and Fitbit together, I get an idea of how much I am burning and if it’s safe to eat a slice of cheesecake without putting the numbers in the red.

MyFitnessPal is perhaps one of the most used apps on my phone. It’s crazy when you record something like a meal deal from Taco Bell and see just how much junk you’re actually consuming.

Unfortunately, Taco Bell is my guilty pleasure.

Anyway…if you don’t want to stick with a strict diet, I suggest using MyFitnessPal and setting your own calorie goals. Just make sure you record every morsel of food you put into your mouth, including water.

Fewer Carbs at Night

A lot of experts attest to how increasing carbs at night is beneficial for fat loss. To be honest, I’m not sure how much stock I put into this belief. That’s because of the research I’ve done for digestion and how long it takes the body to absorb nutrition.

This month is going to be experimental for myself. I believe that fewer carbs at night will impact how much fat I burn throughout the month. This is because when you’re inactive, your body stores glucose – the byproduct of carbs and sugars that supplies energy to the muscles. [note][/note]

If you eat heavier foods at night, I suspect you’ll pack on more fat as you sleep. It’s an interesting personal case study for myself, and I am eager to see the results and whether it makes an impact on my body over the next month.

To do this, I’ll make sure all carbs from my daily routine happen before 8:00pm. This gives me two to three hours before actually sleeping. If I feel snacky after that, it’ll have to be veggies, fruits or something else that is lower in carbs.

Keeping Occupied

Many will have issues with “boredom eating.” It’s usually something you see quite often in children. However, many adults have this persistent habit…including myself.

The trick is to keep yourself occupied with other activities that keep you from getting bored. For me, it’s been all about playing games lately.

For instance, I don’t have a single snack when playing Fallout 4. In fact, I almost forgot to eat dinner last night because I was immersed in the game.

I also want to get back into artsy stuff. I used to have a lot of talent as a graphic designer, but I haven’t put pencil to paper in years. It’s time to change some of that I think.

Ways to Keep Motivated


It’s easy to come up with a plan that looks good on paper. Unfortunately, a lot of us have problems with follow-through because of a lack of motivation. It’s important to find things that can inspire you to continue each day.

When you find yourself thinking, “to hell with it,” it’s time to find something else that can get you back in a positive mindset.

Find a City League

Joining a sports league of some kind is beneficial for being social as well as fit. Especially if you’re as competitive as I am. It gets you out of the house and exercising whether you’re playing softball, golf or even pool.

For instance, I would spend more time at the driving range if I was on a golf league. Actually, I am thinking about joining a league at Topgolf for this very purpose.

This doesn’t include the training I would do to strengthen and condition myself such as shoulder and back exercises to improve my golf game.

The point is to join a sports team and play. Even if you’re not very good, it’s all about improving yourself mentally and physically.

Get Back Into Social Media

Initially, I use social media such as YouTube and Instagram to keep myself engaged and working towards my goal. I’ve lacked severely this year and would like to get back into it.

Sharing experiences and what you’ve learned is inspiring for others while getting attention to your own achievements. Everyone loves the idea of praise, and there are a lot of good people out there who will give kudos for your progress.

For me, it’s nice to see when my family “likes” a post from MyFitnessPal stating that I’ve lost a few pounds. I find it to be quite inspirational.

Teaching My Daughters

Perhaps one of the most important things that motivates me is teaching my daughters to be more than couch slugs. My youngest has gained a bit of weight, and I don’t want her to have health and social issues that we have had in the past.

Parents have a responsibility to teach children how life actually works. Eating junk and being lethargic is actually incredibly bad for you. And parents need to show how much better life is when they are healthy and fit.

It’s not about looking like a super model. It’s about preventing a heart from stopping at a young age. And I’ve found it quite beneficial to walk up stairs and small hills without getting winded.

Losing 20 Pounds in a Month is Not Impossible

Losing 20 pounds in a month simply requires a bit of effort on your part. Something as simple as eating less can make a profound difference in your clothing sizes. I am living proof of this.

Push yourself to be better than you are and live a more self-reliant lifestyle.[template id=”3591″]

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