Can I Lose Weight By Walking?

Walking for Health
12 Jun

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Walking is one of the easiest forms of exercise. It’s a process we use to get from point A to point B. From a perspective of health, it can also play an instrumental role in weight loss. The average human can burn 200 to 300 calories within 30 minutes of traveling by foot. The best part about walking is that it doesn’t cost you money to get started. You can begin to lose weight by walking today if you choose.

How You Lose Weight By Walking

The human body will burn calories just by being alive. For instance, I personally burn about eight calories every five minutes when sitting at my desk. When you increase your activity, the calorie burn increases as your metabolism works to create energy for your muscles. In reality, any movement is beneficial for weight loss. That is, as long as it’s above and beyond your normal everyday routine.

Any Movement Helps
Carbs, fats and other components are used to supply energy for the muscles you’re working. As soon as you take those first few steps, you’ll essentially lose weight by walking. The more active your body is, the more fats you’ll burn. Even if you decide to get up and change the TV channel manually instead of using the remote, you’ll burn more. It’s all about increasing physical activity.

Increasing Your Speed
While many people start off with a slower pace, increasing speed will increase the burn. As your muscles work harder to maintain a faster pace, more energy is required. The body then begins to break down every component it can find in order to sustain the exercise. For instance, I’ll burn more calories in a 15 minute mile than I will in a 30 minute mile. Each time you strap on your shoes, try to beat your best time.

5 Important Aspects to Lose Weight By Walking

Although walking may seem like a simple activity, there are a few aspects you should keep in mind when you’re ready to hit the pavement. These things can greatly affect how successful you are when you want to lose weight by walking. If you want to get the most out of the experience, you need to understand that there is a bit more involved to do so in a healthy manner.

1. Shoes
Proper shoes are vastly important when you decide to start walking. When I did the 5K in December of 2015, I gave myself metatarsal stress fractures. This was partly caused by the loafers I wore instead of regular walking shoes. Since then, I bought a pair of Filas. This has made a profound difference in comfort for both my feet and my back while walking longer distances. Never underestimate the value of a decent pair of shoes.

2. Temperature
You want to be mindful of the temperature outside. If it’s too hot, you could run the risk of heat exhaustion. Unfortunately, my body type makes me very prone to heat stroke. If I walk, it’s better if I do it in the early morning or afternoons. I’ve been known to pass out from high temperatures.

Heat can also be problematic for those who have heart conditions. Your body will work that much harder to keep itself cool which will speed up your pulse rate. You shouldn’t have to give yourself a heart attack when you want to lose weight by walking.

3. Time
Time is important to keep mindful of. As I mentioned earlier, longer sessions will help you burn more fats and carbs. However, you want to understand your limitations. All too often, people will bite off more than they can chew. A simple walk could turn into a very painful and physically damaging experience. If you’re not used to walking, you could easily overexert yourself to dangerous levels. Don’t assume you can complete a 15 minute mile if you’ve never done it before.

4. Joint Pain
Walking, jogging and running are considered high-impact exercises. No, I’m not talking about the impact these workouts make to physical fitness. I’m talking about the impact to your joints and various other body parts. Not everyone can sustain a long walk because of arthritis or other similar issues. My body weight hurt my ankles a few times when I was walking.

If you suffer from these kinds of pains or are too obese to walk for long distances safely, then try walking in the pool. Pool walking and jogging makes you work more muscles, is 0-impact and can burn nearly three times the calories as a regular walk or jog.

5. Your Food Intake
It doesn’t matter how much movement you do if you eat too much. When you want to lose weight by walking, you need to pay attention to your food intake. It’s easy to recover all those carbs and calories you just burnt if you’re eating bad foods. Proper health and weight loss starts by changing your eating habits.

Understanding how the body works in general can be very helpful when you’re trying to lose weight or add muscle mass. Being healthy isn’t an overly difficult task. In most instances, it takes a simple decision by you to choose the right foods or add a bit more exercise into your daily routine. By committing to getting more movement in your day, it is possible to lose weight by walking. How much depends on how determined you are to shrink your size.

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