A New Challenge: Getting 14,000 Steps in a Day

14 000 Steps per Day
04 Jul

Last Updated on July 4, 2021 by Michael Brockbank

Today marks the beginning of a new challenge between myself and several friends and family. It’s based on step goals recorded by Fitbit, as we all have newer watches. Since we’re playing for money, I need to surpass 14,000 steps per day.

Although it shouldn’t be all that difficult, 14k is quite a bit more than what I’ve been doing lately. This means I really need to start focusing on accomplishing my physical goals.

How Will I Meet 14,000 Steps per Day?

I live a pretty sedentary lifestyle. I work and play in my office and really don’t go anywhere, which is something I plan on changing in the near future.

Anyway, because I am involved in a variety of projects, I spend a great deal of time in front of my computer. However, this doesn’t mean that I can’t get up and get some steps recorded in Fitbit.

Set Reminder Alarms

First of all, I know I’m going to need to set some alarms. And, I need to actually stop working when they go off so I can walk away from my desk.

I already have a few alarms that are supposed to remind me to exercise. The problem is that I get so wrapped up in work, that I simply swipe to turn off the alarm and continue working.

I need to remember that my health is just as valuable as the time I spend working on a client’s project or writing a blog post for myself. Because without good health, I’m not going to be productive.

Besides, regularly scheduled breaks are good to take to keep one’s stress levels down.

At Least Two Rounds of Playing the Xbox Kinect

On average, I can usually get around 2,500 to 3,500 steps playing the Xbox Kinect for 25 minutes. This also depends on what game I play.

Two, 25 to 30 minutes sessions should give me about half of the 14,000 steps I’ll need each day.

In any case, I love playing the Kinect because of the intensity it offers. The system provides a great HIIT workout if you push yourself and really get into the game.

Since I’m also starting a case study for losing weight while playing games on my other blog, this gives me a chance to really focus on hitting my goals.

At Least Three Walks Around the Backyard

Something I do quite often here at the house is lapping around my backyard. In fact, you can see the dirt path I carved by walking. I simply put on the headphones and listen to three to four songs while maintaining a 3 MPH or faster pace.

After the third or fourth song, the dog and I come back into the house.

Why don’t I just walk around the neighborhood? Because of my job. If I walk around the backyard, I can get right back to work after the short 10 to 15-minute break.

And with it being so hot on some days, I don’t want to be too far from the house should I get overheated.

More Bodyblade Play

Unfortunately, I don’t get as many steps playing with the Bodyblade as I do by walking around in the backyard. However, I do burn far more calories.

This is because of how I use the Bodyblade in general. I don’t simply stand in one place while bouncing the blade. I have a bit of a dance routine when using the device.

I’m still debating on doing a video about burning calories with the Bodyblade and how effective it can be. If anything, I’m sure a few people will find it humorous.

Regardless, I’m actually kind of impressed with how well the unit can help in a cardio workout.

What’s the Point of Walking 14,000 Steps per Day?

In reality, there are a lot of benefits of walking every day. In the past, it was merely my primary mode of transportation.

It’s the Easiest Cardio Workout

Virtually any activity that can elevate your heart rate and work up a sweat can be considered cardio exercise. I’ve actually burned quite a few calories just cleaning the kitchen.

Walking is one of the easiest things most people can do to start losing weight. Even if you start off with a slower pace and a shorter distance, it doesn’t take much to get yourself going.

In fact, walking is what made the biggest impact on correcting several heart problems I had in the past.

Goals Based on Past Performance

Our goals in this challenge are focused on past performance. Those of us who get more steps in per day have a higher overall total. That’s because Fitbit monitors what you can do and sets a realistic goal based on overall averages.

So, because I don’t get nearly as many steps today as I did in 2018, my goal is 14,000 per day.

Personally, I like this kind of setup as it’s realistic to what you can handle and doesn’t set yourself up for failure. It’s still high enough that you’ll have to push a bit, but not impossible according to your performance.

Case in point, I would never set a daily goal for 20,000 steps. I know there are plenty of people who can crank these out, but I simply don’t have the time.

We All Have Fitbits

I’ve been a fan of Fitbit for several years. In fact, I think I still have my Charge 2 somewhere in a box. At any rate, we all have Fitbits and are friends through the account.

This means we can be in direct competition based on the automatic data collected from the devices.

For the most part, I pay more attention to calorie burn from the Fitbit than actual steps. And, it’s helped me lose more than 70 pounds so far. I’ve never really been into “steps” per se.

But, it’s what the system focuses on…so, when in Rome…

Keeping Active in Some Fashion

The whole idea behind this is to boost physical activity in some form throughout the summer. Most of us in this challenge just want to lose weight, while the kids want to work out for school sports.

In any case, keeping active boosts your overall health. Not only does it help keep the weight in check, but it can boost stamina, strength, immunity to sickness, and much more.

For me, hitting 14,000 steps in a day pretty much guarantees I’ll hit my calorie-burning goals of 3,500.

Why Is it So Hard for Me to Hit 14,000 Steps in a Day?

In the grand scheme of things, 14k steps isn’t all that high of a goal. However, not everyone lives the same kind of lifestyle.

For example, I work from home as a freelance writer. I also work on my blogs and YouTube channels without ever leaving my office. This means I never leave the house for work.

To put this into perspective, I can rack up 2,500 steps just by going shopping at Walmart.

There is actually quite a bit of physical activity when it comes to some of the simple things in life. Going to work, hanging out at your favorite club, or going out to the movies burns more calories than you might think.

Since I never go anywhere, have no social life to speak of, am single, and work from home, getting any kind of steps is often a chore.

Not to mention that I often forget to walk away from my desk to get a few laps around the backyard. I’m hoping this challenge will provide more urgency toward my reminder alarms.

Time to Crank Up the Motivation!

I wanted to be at my goal weight by now. But alas, laziness and forgetfulness reign supreme. Hopefully, this challenge for hitting 14,000 steps in a day keeps me motivated.

After all, there’s real money involved in this one.

But it’s more than just the money as I just want to be healthier. After all, I still plan on crossing the entire state of Colorado on a bicycle. And at this moment, I wouldn’t make it two miles, let alone 280.

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