Challenging Myself: Can I Go 7 Days Focusing on Fitness?

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Several weeks ago, I decided to try a 12-week challenge for fitness. Needless to say, I’m not doing all that spectacular. Sure, I’ve lost about 10 pounds thus far, but I should have lost more. So, what is the importance behind 7 days of fitness?

Well, it’s mostly about kickstarting my “give-a-shit.”

Between all of the things I try to do on a daily basis and then just not caring, the last few weeks have been anything but stellar. However, I’ve come to a very important decision recently about my workload.

I, indeed, take on too much.

So, I spent this morning coming up with a decent plan for actually keeping productive while putting emphasis on quality work. For instance, I’d rather write a good book than a rushed book.

What is Different in this 7 Days of Fitness?

To start things off, I spent the better part of this morning setting up my week in Asana. It’s the app I use to manage my daily workload. And recently, I decided I need to focus more on just improving on what I did last year instead of trying to accomplish everything at once.

Part of why I’m having such a hard time with the fitness challenge is because of this workload. Instead of going to the gym or playing the Xbox Kinect, I get sidetracked with the work I need to do on that particular day.

I’ll set up an article to write at about 6:30 am. The next thing I know, I’ve published the article and it’s too late to go to the gym because I have to work with GreenGeeks.

So, I am forcing myself to not work until 8 am. This gives me plenty of time to go to the gym and focus more on my health and fitness. Because if I don’t, I’m just going to spin my tires in the mud.

I need to get some traction instead of hammering the gas.

What’s the Fitness Plan for the Next 7 Days?

The idea of this blog post is to light a fire under my ass to actually get this done. Given that I’ve rearranged a lot of my week to accommodate the fitness part of my schedule, I need to make it worthwhile.

Not only that, but I still want to demonstrate that losing weight isn’t physically difficult. It’s mostly centered around your mentality, which I’ve demonstrated in spades over the last few weeks.

The Diet

I know my Net 600 Calorie Diet plan works well for me. I’ve lost a lot of weight thanks to keeping my calories in the green in MyFitnessPal while increasing physical activity.

I need to put in more of an effort to maintain this plan, especially if I want to prove I can lose 20 pounds in a short period of time without pills, personal exercise routines from celebrities, or having to alter my diet in profound ways.

The gist of the diet is to make sure my calories for the day don’t go into the red in MyFitnessPal. I need to force myself to be afraid of those red numbers as I did when I weighed 300+ pounds.

If I want to snack more, I need to make sure I “pay” for it by being more active. This means every day needs to be green when it comes to caloric intake. That will ensure that I burn about half a pound per day.

Of course, I do focus on healthier foods throughout the day. My eating habits aren’t necessarily bad as I usually get quite a bit of nutrition.

It’s the snacks that wind up hurting the most.

The Workout Plan

Theoretically, my workouts should look like this for the next week:

  • Sunday: Two rounds of Xbox play
  • Monday: An hour at the gym in the morning, a round of Xbox in the afternoon
  • Tuesday: Two rounds of Xbox play
  • Wednesday: An hour at the gym in the morning, a round of Xbox in the afternoon
  • Thursday: Two rounds of Xbox play
  • Friday: An hour at the gym in the morning, a round of Xbox in the afternoon
  • Saturday: Two rounds of Xbox play

In case you’re wondering, I get an insane amount of cardio activity playing the Xbox Kinect. In fact, I often burn more calories playing something like Tennis on the Xbox than most people get going to the gym.

Will 7 Days of Fitness Be Enough to Kickstart Myself?

One of the biggest reasons why I decided to make this a smaller challenge within the bigger one is because of how well I usually do with short-term challenges.

For example, last year, I challenged myself to write 90 blog posts in 30 days, and I succeeded. This year, I wrote 30 posts for in 30 days.

My point is that I tend to perform better when challenging myself with short bursts of productivity. So, I’m taking that same mentality I have for writing and blogging and putting it into a fitness challenge for 7 days.

I’m hoping that this will build onto a habit of keeping active. Because it won’t matter if I hit my goal weight if I just balloon back up to where I was before.

The most pivotal element of losing weight and keeping it off is learning what got you there in the first place. For me, it was eating like crap and not being very active at all.

Hopefully, this new plan of action will kickstart a habit or two and help me reach my goals. After all, I’m doing this to stay alive longer. I don’t want a repeat of 2016!

Can I Go a Whole Week Without Getting Sidetracked?

The real trick to all of this is keeping myself from getting sidetracked. I think my new work schedule will help greatly, as long as I remember that I want to be out of the house and heading to the gym by 6:45 am.

But we’ll see. I talk a big game but usually wind up pittering out. After the next 7 days, we’ll see just how committed I am to health and fitness.

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