Can You Get Cheap Workout Equipment from Five Below?

Five Below Cheap Home Gym
10 Jun

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Not everyone can afford high-end exercise equipment. You could easily spend thousands of dollars on workout gear that you may only use for the next three months. However, you can buy affordable home gym equipment from Five Below for less than $50!

And in reality, you don’t get that bad of a deal. In fact, I have several things from Five Below that my son and I use quite often.

What is Five Below?

Five Below is one of those low-cost stores similar to Dollar Tree, Dollar General, or Family Dollar. Most of the items in the store are $5 or less, but some will be higher. And it is quite impressive how many different things Five Below has in inventory.

In some instances, even the quality of the products themselves is somewhat higher than you’d expect at some of the other cheap outlets.

Initially, I went into one of these stores to see if I could find some notebooks and pens. That’s when I saw they had a whole section dedicated to affordable home gym equipment.

What Kind of Cheap Gym Equipment Can You Get?

Out of all of the “dollar” stores I’ve been to, Five Below has probably one of the largest selections of workout equipment. Most of which are part of the Series 8 Fitness brand.

And since Series 8 Fitness pulls up a lot of Five Below articles in Google, I’m wondering if it’s perhaps the store brand. Kind of like how Costco has Kirkland.

Fitness Books

Five Below Fitness Books

One of the things the store has in plentiful supply is fitness books. I’m a fan of learning all you can about any particular topic. And although I haven’t read any of these, I’m debating on adding them to my growing library.

Though, the cover of the book is a bit unfortunate at a distance.

Yoga Mats and Blocks

Yoga Mats

Yoga mats can do wonders for a workout outside of yoga. Although most people will probably strike a pose, I use mine to soften the floor while I exercise. Mostly, this is because I like to go barefoot and the mat cushions my feet from the hardwood floor.

And Five Below has quite a selection of varying sizes, colors, and designs. Everything from solid colors to camouflage, you might find something that fits perfectly in your home or with your personality.

Personally, I’m a bit partial to purple and teal.

Lighter Weights

Light Weights

Part of any good, cheap home gym includes weights. However, you won’t find heavier dumbbells or kettlebells at Five Below. In fact, I didn’t find anything that was heavier than eight pounds.

Still, an eight-pound kettlebell can do wonders to add lean muscle mass when working out. And if you’re just getting started, anything under eight pounds is going to make a big difference in your exercise routine.

Five Below has weights ranging from one to eight pounds, which makes them perfect for people of all ages.

I regularly use one-pound weighted gloves when playing the Xbox, and I can safely say that it made a huge difference overall. So, don’t discredit lighter weights…especially if you’re a beginner.

The best part is that the weights at Five Below are inexpensive.

Toning Cables (Resistance Bands)

I am a fan of resistance bands of all kinds. Though, the ones I use are expandable – meaning I can add more to increase the resistance. Five Below has a decent selection of “toning cables” to help you get started.

There are several different styles available to fit quite a few different workouts. And some of them can be expandable as well, so you can increase your workout without spending a lot of money.

Fitness Balls

Fitness Balls and Cables

Fitness balls, or Swiss balls, are extremely versatile. You can do a wide variety of exercises, or simply use it as a seat in the living room. I use mine for both.

In reality, I often use the fitness ball as a type of weight bench while doing dumbbell flies. This works much better than a bench because you’re tightening your thighs and glutes to stay on the ball.

As opposed to a bench when your backside is relaxed.

Workout Gloves

I’m all for using workout gloves. Not because I’m afraid of blisters, but because some cheaply made workout gear can leave a nasty residue behind.

Case in point, my Bodyblade Classic is used so often that the rubber grip now leaves behind black, sticky markings on my hands.

Weighted Vests

If you want to add a bit of intensity to a jog, walk, or just dancing around in the living room, you can get weighted vests from Five Below. Though, calling them vests is kind of a misnomer.

In reality, it’s kind of a thin harness that has a few weights sewn in.

Still, it’s an extra five pounds. The reason why these work so well is because it makes your body exert a bit more energy to move in order to compensate for the additional weight.

Exercise Dice

Perhaps one of the funniest ideas I’ve ever come across is that of exercise dice. Essentially, you roll these foam dice and perform the exercise that shows.

This can turn into quite a fun game, whether you’re playing alone or with someone.

It breaks up a bit of the monotony of doing the same thing over and over again. This way, the exercise is more up to chance. And you can pit your physical prowess against others to see who can last the longest.

Anything to gamify fitness is a win in my book.

Water Bottles, Towels, and Backpacks

Water Bottles and Towels

Five Below also has a selection of water bottles, towels, and backpacks specifically for exercising. So, you can enjoy your workout in the privacy of your own home or take it with you on the go.

For instance, let’s say that you wind up staying in a hotel for more than a month because of a pandemic. You can bring your cheap home gym with you since the hotel’s exercise room is closed.

Is it Worth Getting Cheap Gym Equipment from Five Below?

Five Below Fitness Gear

When it comes to exercise, the cost of the equipment doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get a better workout. In reality, it all boils down to how you use what you have.

For example, a couple of years ago, one of the major exercise equipment brands touted being able to help you burn 15 calories per minute. They made it sound like you needed that device in order to burn that much.

However, I’m able to burn up to 15 calories per minute playing the Xbox Kinect. That’s because I really throw myself into the game and work up a sweat.

My point is that any cheap home gym can help you achieve great results as long as you put in the effort. And Five Below can help you save a ton of money. For around $25, you can easily create a customized version of home gym for yourself.

As long as you’re getting something out of the experience, it really doesn’t matter if you get cheap exercise equipment or high-end devices.

Where Can You Find Five Below?

You can find a Five Below in most states across the US. In fact, I had no idea how many of them there were until I looked it up. I thought it was something new, as I’d never seen one before 2020.

Apparently, it’s a fairly large chain with more than 1,100 locations in 39 states. So, you may be fairly close to one yourself.

It All Comes Down to Your Intensity

Never discredit setting up a cheap home gym for yourself. When it comes to a good workout, all that really matters is the intensity you’re able to sustain. And some of the goods at Five Below can do wonders for helping you drive up your heart rate.

In the grand scheme of things, you could spend $50 and bring home a wide selection of exercise gear.

It’s all about how you use that equipment.

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