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  • Week 5 of 12: Trouble Gaining a Foothold
    Every Monday, I get a sense of invincibility and that I can take on the world. Yet, the universe says, “Hold my beer,” and tosses everything at me at once. Still, I’ll keep trying to gain a foothold no matter how many orcs are in my way!
  • Week 4 of 12: Still Struggling, But Not Giving Up!
    This last week was a bit of a struggle. I’m not exactly sure how or why I fell apart, but I still lost 1.6 pounds from the week before. So, I suppose I can still call that a win despite being heavier than when I started this challenge.
  • Week 3 of 12: Gaining Some Easter Weight
    This last weekend was Easter, and I gorged myself a bit on its goodness. At first, I was going to try to be good and record everything I ate. Then I thought, “Why?” As long as I go back to maximum effort, it’s all good…it’s a holiday, after all.
  • Week 2 of 12: Time to Take This Seriously! Again…
    Well, here we are; two weeks into my latest fitness challenge and I’m not really challenging myself. It kind of defeats the purpose of creating a challenge if you don’t have any intention of seeing it through, right?
  • Week 1 of 12: Gained 3.2 Pounds, But Not Really
    I was doing quite well throughout most of the week keeping the calories green. But I decided to give myself a weekend off as the plan was to do some drinking and play some games. Since I’m not going to Utah, I figured it would be a nice mini-vacation.