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  • Week 9 of 12: Still Not Getting a Good Flow Going
    As you might have guessed, I’m still not getting my poop in a group. I could say that it’s because of the sheer amount of stress I’m under. Or, I could say that it’s because I’m hitting 48 this year. But, the truth is that I’m still having a hard time getting into gear overall.
  • Weeks 7 & 8 of 12: Fighting to Keep Myself Afloat
    The past couple of weeks have been exceptionally difficult. I thought I had things zeroed-in but was grossly mistaken. Now, I’m on the fence about starting over and putting in maximum effort.
  • Week 6 of 12: Still Spinning the Tires in the Mud
    Well, so far, I haven’t made any headway in trying to get myself kickstarted for this latest challenge. However, I think I made some progress from a mental perspective. At least, more than I have in the past.
  • Week 5 of 12: Trouble Gaining a Foothold
    Every Monday, I get a sense of invincibility and that I can take on the world. Yet, the universe says, “Hold my beer,” and tosses everything at me at once. Still, I’ll keep trying to gain a foothold no matter how many orcs are in my way!
  • Week 4 of 12: Still Struggling, But Not Giving Up!
    This last week was a bit of a struggle. I’m not exactly sure how or why I fell apart, but I still lost 1.6 pounds from the week before. So, I suppose I can still call that a win despite being heavier than when I started this challenge.