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  • Week 4 of 12 SoE: July 4th and Down 1.8 Pounds
    Another holiday down and I really didn’t put in a lot of effort this week to lose weight. Mostly because I wanted to enjoy the holiday and was visiting with ALL of my children for a few days.
  • Week 3 of 12 SoE: Getting Back to the Effort Part
    If you’re not coming home from the gym looking like a sweaty mess, why bother going? Well, that is unless you plan on showering there, I suppose. After a two-week hiatus, it’s good to be back.
  • Week 2 of 12 SoE: Family Chaos Strikes Again
    Due to an emergency on Father’s Day, the entire week was thrown into chaos. The good news is that Grandpa is doing much better and is moving about on his own again. So, it’s worth the stress.
  • This Week Might Be a Bust for Fitness Challenges
    Since Sunday night, my levels of stress have been dialed to incredible levels. Not only am I stressed about Grandpa’s health, but having to move the entire house around is taking it out of me.
  • Week 1 of 12 for SoE: Down 3.2 Pounds – Kind Of
    Before Father’s Day weekend, I was on track to lose 9.2 pounds overall. However, I decided to enjoy my day and indulged in quite a bit of goodness. So, the scale says I only lost 3.2 pounds this week.