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  • Week 10: Lost Some Weight, But Is it Enough?
    So, I managed to lose a bit of weight this week but didn’t put in nearly as much effort as I wanted to. Wow, doesn’t that sound familiar? Still, I can’t be upset at the results, which were better than I thought they would be.
  • Week 9: Lost and Gained Throughout the Week
    This week, I only lost 0.8 pounds from what I weighed last Sunday. And yes, I am well aware of why I didn’t lose much weight. It seems I keep falling into the same traps as before when it comes to willpower.
  • Week 8: The Damage from Thanksgiving is Short-Lived
    Between everyone being here and hanging out most of the week, Thanksgiving did a number on my weight loss and fitness goals. That was to be expected, though. The trick is to not let it get me down and keep trudging along.
  • Week 7: Getting Back On Track – Ish
    This week wasn’t all that bad, considering the sheer amount of stress and chaos I had to endure. And in some ways, it’s still going. Still, I’ve managed to lose 2.4 pounds this week, so I can’t really complain.
  • Review: Are Bentgo Meal Prep Kit Containers a Good Buy?
    Storage containers for meal prepping are quite useful when you’re planning out your week of dieting. Should you use the Bentgo Meal Prep Kit storage containers as part of your routine?