Why I Continue to Do Cardio Even if V Shred Doesn’t

Continue Cardio and V Shred
10 Jul

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I recently stumbled across several commercials on YouTube. One of which is how V Shred essentially tells you to stop doing cardio if you want to burn fat. I say, no thanks, I’ll continue with the cardio because of the benefits and there is more at stake.

Obviously, V Shred is simply doing what he can to sell a product, as would any other company. And since health supplements are not regulated by the FDA, anyone can make any baseless claim they want.

It’s a brilliant marketing tactic that seems to work, given V Shred and his company’s net worth.

For the most part, it’s all about targeting people’s inadequacies about themselves and making the impression your product can help. This tactic has been around for decades, actually.

What I’m having an issue with is how these companies go about making their money. I guess I’m not the cut-throat, capitalist, American much of the world believes us to be.

Why I’ll Continue with Cardio?

Cardio activity is pretty much anything that can get your heart rate above your average resting rate. Now, the more intense the workout, the more calories and fat you’ll burn.

For instance, you’ll burn more while jogging than you would while walking for 30 minutes.


But, many people seem to have this odd stigma about cardio activity. Probably because they are picking the wrong methods of being more physical.

Exercise doesn’t need to be a mindless, dull activity. In fact, you can have a great deal of fun if you choose the best workouts for your needs and wants.

I Gamify the Experience

First of all, I gamify just about any workout. Gamification is when you take an otherwise mundane task and turn it into something you find fun and engaging.

Because people are more likely to continue an activity if they enjoy it.

Not only do I love playing the Xbox Kinect, but I am also a bit of a geek when it comes to numbers. So, keeping track of my all-time best reps and trying to break my own “scores” is quite appealing to me.

Find a way to make your workouts more fun and engaging. Or, find an outdoor activity that you really enjoy playing where you can work up a sweat.

I’d Rather Build Stamina and Strength

A lot of people are into the “lose fat while doing nothing” mindset. That’s why you see a lot of supplements or those electronic ab crunch machines plaguing the Internet.

Personally, I’d rather put in the effort to build stamina and strength. And, I can look back at my progress with a sense of pride that I accomplished all of this on my own.

For one thing, thanks to the current state of the world, building stamina and strength helps in survival during natural disasters.

Ask yourself, would I be a hindrance or an asset during a zombie apocalypse?

I know the odds of the walking dead marching through downtown Denver are slim to none. But, health and fitness play a role in a myriad of other situations that are more realistic.

Floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, and a slew of other elements are a reality. Is your health going to slow you down when having to outrun a blaze?

I Don’t Look for the Quick Fix

We live in a world where instant gratification reigns supreme. It seems that most people want everything right now, instead of actually working for their success.

Personally, I would rather coast on self-improvement and pride in my accomplishments.

I’ve always been this way, though. Even if I’m playing an RPG, I’d rather earn my loot than have someone hand it to me. There is far more of a sense of accomplishment when you can do something for yourself.

I don’t do follow-for-follow on social media, I don’t pay for subscribers and views, and I don’t try to cut corners when it comes to my health.

I’ve Lost 70 Pounds So Far While Defining Muscle

Sorry, V Shred, but cardio does burn fat. In fact, I’ve lost more than 70 pounds so far playing the Xbox Kinect and working up a sweat. Then again, I don’t have a product to sell.

Not only have I dropped the pounds, but the way I work out has also improved muscle mass and definition. And no, I didn’t jump into any fad diet plans or spend hours per week at the gym.

In fact, I still eat the same crap today that I did when I weighed 300+ pounds. The difference is moderation. I simply don’t eat as much of that crap as I used to.

For the most part, I just got tired of being fat and decided to do something about it.

What’s the Trick to Losing Fat with Cardio?

No Tricks

In reality, there is no trick for cardio in order to lose weight and drop the fat. It all comes down to three vastly important aspects: what you eat, how much activity you get, and your mindset.

I know you’re probably looking for some quick fix for losing weight. Unfortunately, I don’t do that here. I’m not into quick fixes and instant results.

Health and fitness is more of a life choice. Otherwise, you’ll just pack on the pounds after you reach your goals.

How many people do you know lost a ton of weight only to put it back on? Most of the time, it’s because they didn’t learn anything from the experience to make their lives better for the long term.

Changing Your Mind About Health and Fitness

When it comes to losing weight and living healthier, it all starts with how you view the process. It’s why some people love certain diet plans when those plans fail for others.

If you go into something like a diet or workout plan with a negative attitude, you’re going to fail.

You’ve got to look at those kinds of things objectively. Because one of those diets or exercises might turn out to be the best thing for you.

For example, I used to think planks were the dumbest-looking exercises on the planet. I kept getting the vision of people “planking” on objects in YouTube videos or Facebook memes.

But after trying planks a few times, they turned into one of my favorite exercises.

Getting Enough Physical Activity Each Day

Next up, you need to make sure you’re getting enough physical activity during the day. If you lounge around on your couch for 16+ hours watching YouTube or Netflix, you’ll find it difficult to burn fat.

The best way to continue cardio is to find something you enjoy doing that elevates the heart rate. As I said earlier, gamification can work wonders to keep you motivated.

Keeping yourself active improves a variety of things such as:

  • Improving brainpower; the capacity to handle stress, process information, memory, and stabilize moods.
  • Boosting your metabolic rate; your body’s ability to process calories and burn fats.
  • Enhancing your immune system; the ability for your body to fight off illness and infections.
  • Improving enduarnce and energy levels; keeping you at work longer while maintaining focus.

And this is just the tip of an extremely large iceberg. The benefits of fitness are vast, which is why getting more physical activity is key for a better lifestyle.

Balancing Your Diet

And lastly, balancing your diet is one of the easiest ways to drop the pounds. Don’t get me wrong, you should continue cardio because of the other benefits as well. But a good balance of what you put into your body will make a world of difference.

For example, I usually eat around 1700 calories per day while burning more than 3500. But these calories are a mix of healthy and not-so-healthy foods.

Sure, I’ll still have a serving of Nutter Butters. But, I also have quite a few veggies in my lunch and dinner. Not to mention I have a fascination for fresh peas out of the pod, which I have growing in my backyard at the moment.

The human body requires a specific level of nutrition in order to function at optimal performance. This is one of the biggest reasons why I added bananas to my morning routine. I’m short on potassium.

My point is that you can’t eat anything but cupcakes all day and expect the fat to melt off. Give your body the best chance of doing what it needs to do.

Why is it Harder to Lose Belly Fat with Cardio?

Belly Fat

In reality, it’s not that difficult to burn belly fat when doing cardio. The issue is the activity itself.

Now, this is all based on personal experience and a myriad of case studies. So, this may not apply to your specific situation. But, it’s what I’ve discovered over the past several years about myself.

It has more to do with not having enough physical activity that engages the core muscle groups.

When I look at myself in the mirror, there is a vast difference in muscle definition in my chest, arms, and shoulders when compared to my core. The same can be said about everything from the waist, down.

This is because most of my activity focuses on those muscle groups. It’s also why you’ll see some weight lifters with extraordinary arms but look like they swallowed a barrel.

Now, I’ll still lose inches around the waist when I continue cardio with the Xbox. But, it’s lost at a much slower rate than my arms and legs.

If you want to define your core and lose belly fat, you’ll need to find an activity that engages your abs and back.

One of my favorite activities that has made a difference on my core is playing Virtual Smash on the Kinect. This is because it relies on a twisting motion and squats while playing.

And since I wear weighted gloves while playing the Kinect, the effects are even greater.

Continue the Cardio and Reap the Rewards

Although V Shred’s idiotic rant about cardio speaks to many, I’d rather continue with my journey. Taking the time to explore my own potential and what works best for me is far more rewarding.

So, before you put money down on some plan or diet that may or may not work, try finding a physical activity you enjoy. It may be cheaper and far more enjoyable over the long term.

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