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09 May

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A lot of us live quite the chaotic lifestyle. Whether it’s by choice or by circumstance, there may be things in your existence that can be incredibly stressful. I tend to manage a great deal of strain every day, but sometimes those walls I built come tumbling down and I lose control. The result is a lash out in anger and frustration to anyone nearby. However, practicing better health and fitness has helped me keep focus and reduce the amount of chaos I undergo in any given day.

How You Can Control the Chaos in Your Life through Fitness

Depending on your situation, there could be a great deal of stress in your life. Everything from career to home life can weigh down on you to the point that you feel like you’re going to break. Because of my situation, I feel like this every day. Practicing better fitness has been greatly beneficial for keeping my head clear and more relaxed.

Fitness is more than just losing weight. It’s the process of developing the strongest body possible – including the mind. Usually, both body and mind are enhanced through most physical activities simultaneously. However, proper meditation itself can help reduce the stress you feel – which will directly affect your overall health. It can help you maintain motivation or help you center thoughts on a specific task. I find that regular meditation helps me face the chaos in my life, as it could greatly help you.

When you subject yourself to grueling physical activity, the body begins to produce great amounts of endorphin. This is a natural pain killer within the body and can create a euphoric sensation. This is where “Runner’s High” comes from. Endorphin can impact your emotional state, which is a healthier way to address your day rather than the bottom of a bottle or in a container of pills. Exercise will also increase the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain, which will impact your ability to think and reason. I find this to be of great benefit when trying to deal with all the chaos in my household.

Healthier Eating
Food is capable of modifying your overall outlook on life. For instance, many people eat chocolate when sad or depressed. This is because of the components within chocolate that stimulate the pleasure center of the brain. If you live in a high-stress environment, increasing your diet of foods that can reduce stress maybe ideal. For the most part, eating more of these foods has made a difference in how I face the day. While this may not completely cure all the problems instantly, I have noticed a significant difference in my overall behavior throughout the day when I eat better.

Finding the Time
The most difficult part of maintaining fitness in a lifestyle filled with chaos is finding the time. Many of us are so constantly busy that it may seem unrealistic to dedicate time to things like an exercise routine. In reality, you might have more time than you believe. It wasn’t until recently that I took a long hard look at my life and realized just how much time I actually waste. By cutting some of the other activities, I was able to develop a schedule for getting more activity in my day.

Importance of Fitness Beyond Losing Weight

Although physical activity and proper eating are the cornerstones for losing weight, fitness can create a balance within you. Emotions and rational thought are also aspects you should consider before scoffing at a diet or exercise routine. You need to realize the physical and mental ramifications of what fitness can do for you.

Toxins and Components in the Body
Proper fitness can help eliminate toxins and other components within the body. These have potential to affect almost everything about you. By reducing the amount of junk that is floating around within, there is greater capacity for thinking clear. This isn’t to mention reducing the onset of such problems like Alzheimer’s and other mental illnesses. Increasing water intake gives the body the ability to flush these components out through urine while eating better reduces the amount of the junk in the first place.

It’s a Controllable Aspect In an Uncontrollable World
One of the biggest things to realize is that fitness is something that is completely controlled by you. Even those who don’t believe they have the time can squeeze in a few minutes before and after sleep. In a world where there are many things you can’t control, personal health is something no one can stop you from achieving. It’s this frame of mind that is promoted by therapists. For example, crafts is often therapeutic for stress because of the same aspect – you control the outcome.

Many people seem so overwhelmed with chaos in their lives that it could appear to be hopeless. It’s this chaos that prompts many to drink alcohol or find solace through substance abuse in order to feel some kind of control. As of late, fitness has been my drug of choice to help me face the problems throughout my hectic lifestyle. When things seem too difficult to control on your own, consider what fitness may do for you. It could be a cheaper alternative to therapists and mind-altering substances.

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