5 Weeks to Go and Cranking it Up a Notch

Last Updated on November 28, 2022 by Michael Brockbank

Despite having a really crappy run over the last six weeks, I’ve decided to continue with the 12-week fitness challenge and end it on a high note. With five weeks left, I doubt I’ll hit my weight goals. But that doesn’t mean I can’t do a fair amount of damage in the meantime.

The primary focus for December is to just weigh less than I did when I ended 2022, which was 236 pounds. I should hit that in a couple of weeks. That is as long as I can keep myself focused on my goals.

I know I haven’t had the best year in general. But I intend to have a successful five weeks for both my health and professional career.

Getting Ourselves Jazzed for the Coming Week

How do you intend to start your week? Personally, I’m ready to play the game and score big before the end of the year. I know that there isn’t a lot of time left, but that doesn’t mean I can’t drop quite a bit of weight over the next five weeks.

Why wait until the new year when you can put in the effort today?

This week, I am laser-focused on the case studies. I have two running simultaneously over the next seven days, but they’re both using similar data. The only real difference is one is focusing on weight loss in general and the other is analyzing muscle mass development.

Finishing 7-Day Kinect Study

I had started a 7-day case study for using the Xbox Kinect recently, but things fell apart when we lost the Kia. After that night, it was just a non-stop barrage of unfortunate events that kept me from reaching a lot of goals.

Now that the dust has settled, I’m working on finishing the study and demonstrating how much you can lose playing various games on the Kinect.

I’m also working on showing my heart rate in real time with the recording software I use for YouTube. I haven’t had a chance to install the Samsung app yet, but am pretty excited about its potential.

I’d love to show you how I’m able to burn around 15 calories per minute playing the Xbox. When I play games, I go all-in.

In any case, I should be able to write a post next week about the results. But like I said before, seven days really isn’t a lot of time in the grand scheme of things. It’s always better to run a case study for several months or longer.

Unfortunately, I have a living room full of kids sleeping and a house full of people. So, I won’t be able to play like I wanted this morning. I’ll go for a few walks and wait until the afternoon to get in front of the Xbox.

When everyone goes home tonight, I’ll have my living room back for the remainder of the week. At that point, I’ll play two sessions per day, Tuesday through Friday.

New Case Study Involving Muscle Mass

I’ve started a new case study this week that involves muscle mass according to the Renpho scale. I noticed a pattern of developing 0.2 pounds of muscle each day playing the Kinect, and it got me thinking.

How much muscle is developed through various routines?

So, this week I am focusing on Kinect play, which contributes to the case study above. Next, I’ll see what is created by going to the gym. Finally, I’ll do a week of both gym and Kinect play.

While I am very interested to see the results, I am a bit perplexed. This morning, although I’ve lost 0.4 pounds on the scale, the Renpho also says I’ve lost 0.4 pounds in muscle mass overnight.

This is why I’m not too keen on “smart” scales. How do I know the technology isn’t flawed or that low batteries don’t alter the results?

When I start the 12-week fitness challenge again in January, I’ll do this particular case study. In 2023, I’ll run each exercise method for two weeks at a time instead of just one. Maybe there are a few variables I didn’t consider.

Now that I think about it, I didn’t get as much protein yesterday as I have in the past.

Boxing in Three Months?!?

Yesterday, my son said that he wants to train and box me in three months. I kind of scoffed and laughed at first, but then I thought about it some. Although I would rather have a tougher opponent, I suppose boxing my 23-year-old isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

Though, I think it’ll be like pistol-whipping a blind kid.

Still, if that’s what it takes to motivate him to do better, then who am I to judge? And no, I have no intention of letting him win. First of all, I don’t believe in simply handing a child victory. It doesn’t teach them how to be gracious losers or the value of effort.

If you want to beat me at anything, you’ll need to bring your “A” game. We don’t have a participation-trophy family.

When I do win games, I explain to my kids how I was able to do so. Then, we work on accepting the loss and how to practice for next time to improve the chances of victory.

In this instance, I have a four or five-inch longer reach, more power, and am much faster (at least at the moment). Not to mention I have a superior level of stamina as currently displayed by both of our exercise routines.

In other words, I can go longer without becoming winded.

But you never know. I’m also twice his age and have a myriad of pains I can’t explain. So, it might be interesting to see what I can do to the little man in three months.

Maybe that’ll play a part in the next 12-week fitness challenge. We’ll do a theme in 2023 surrounding boxing and getting ready for the “big fight.”

Huh…maybe there are a couple of blog posts and video ideas in that.

Let’s Make This Week Count

Well, my week is cut out for me. As long as I don’t have any unforeseen random elements thrown into the mix, I should have a pretty good seven-day stretch. I’m looking forward to recording some data and possibly uploading some videos.

According to the spreadsheet, I should weigh 226.4 by January 1st. Let’s see if I can do anything this week to lower that number.

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