I’ve Decided to Do a Six-Week Experiment with the Keto Diet

The Keto Experiment
08 Aug

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I have eight weeks to go before the end of my 12-week fitness challenge and the calendar photoshoot I’m doing for a friend. And the first four weeks have been somewhat less than stellar. So, for the next six weeks, I’m going to put everything I can into an experiment with the keto diet.

Initially, this was just going to be a two-week venture. Then, I decided I wanted to go for three weeks as most keto blog posts I read say it really starts taking effect after two weeks.

But this morning, I read some really inspiring blogs about doing it for six weeks.

Why Am I Doing a Keto Experiment in the First Place?

Coming from someone who doesn’t put much stock in mainstream diet plans, this is kind of exciting for me. It’s been a long time since I put this much time and energy into anything, really.

I have a few reasons why I want to follow through with this experiment for maintaining the keto diet.

Quick Fat Loss

According to every research paper I’ve read, all based in science mind you, the keto diet excels and disintegrating fat relatively quickly. This is especially true if you maintain a good workout routine, including weight lifting.

Keto is all about forcing your body to utilize fat stores for energy rather than carbs. Essentially, your body starts using the stuff you have saved up instead of what you recently ate.

This is why it’s a low-carb diet. The body will utilize what you ate first and then pull from fat stores. If you keep the carb count semi-low, then your body pulls energy from fat more often.

And since I have a photoshoot in eight weeks, getting rid of as much fat as possible is ideal. After six weeks, I should look pretty damn good.

Well, at least better than what I look like today.

Lots of Potential for Blog Posts and Videos

This keto experiment should give me plenty of ideas for future blog posts and videos. In fact, if I remember, I plan on doing an update Short on YouTube every day throughout the six weeks.

That’s the key term; “remember.”

Still, I foresee trying new products, recipes, weight loss updates, letting readers and viewers see the transitions, and a whole lot more.

Unfortunately, this does kind of throw a wrench in one of my ideas for later on. But, the potential for other content is equally amazing. I guess we’ll have to see as time goes on.

I’m excited to do some keyword research.

Six Weeks Should Get Me Pretty Close

I have eight weeks to go, and a solid six weeks from this experiment with keto should get me pretty close to my goals before then. In fact, Sam tends to think that I’ll lose most of my weight inside of the first three.

This means there could be profound changes before this month is even over. It’s kind of exciting, especially with what I want to do in the coming months.

My personal goal is to lose as close to 40 pounds in two months as I can. Though, that’s an awful lot, even for me. The best I did on my Net 600 diet was 20 pounds inside of six weeks.

Yet, if the keto diet works well for me, it should get me pretty damn close to my goals by then.

Discovering What I’m Capable Of

I’m a big fan of finding personal limits and setting records. I also love to know what works and what doesn’t from a personal perspective. Am I capable of maintaining a keto diet for six weeks? Am I capable of reaching my fitness goals before October?

Can I avoid diving head-first into peanut butter throughout this time frame?

This is probably one of the most important elements for me during this keto experiment. Because once you start to learn what you’re capable of, you know how to adapt to achieve success.

It’ll help you structure a strategy to move forward to reach your goals. But you’ll never know what you can do until you give it a try.

I Love Personal Case Studies

Even though they don’t get a lot of attention on this blog, I still like setting up and completing case studies. And because I am truly excited to give this one a try, I’m fairly confident I’ll have some great data by the end.

This is because I am a geek with a spreadsheet.

Personal case studies are why I know that I can lose 0.5 pounds per day on my Net 600 diet if I stick with it. They also tell me how far I can push any particular exercise before I burn out.

And they also give you, the reader, a chance to see what I experienced to help you make better decisions if you want to try it for yourself.

In this particular case, the data I’ll collect is going to help create some great content, I think. I’m already working on blog and video ideas and I’ve been on the keto experiment for less than one day.

Getting Excited About Your Routines

That’s the trick to making any diet plan work best for you. It’s not about what other people say, or even what kind of data scientists collect. It all comes down to your own view of the diet itself.

If you go into a diet with a negative mindset, you’re already setting yourself up for failure. This is because you’ll be less likely to follow through and maintain a structured plan.

It starts to feel like some grueling, mundane activity that you truly hate. And this saps the motivation from you to keep going.

The same can be said about weight lifting and cardio exercises. This is why I try to gamify fitness any way I can. The more fun you have during any activity, the more likely you’ll continue over the long term.

Since I am overly excited to try this experiment with the keto diet, there’s a greater chance that I’ll have a positive outcome. Then again, it could be an utter failure. The point is that a positive frame of mind reduces the chance of that failure.

If the keto diet doesn’t work for me, then I’ll know it’s because of a genetic problem and not because I didn’t stick with it.

Will I Continue After the Keto Experiment?

After the photoshoot, I highly doubt I’ll revamp my lifestyle for keto. In reality, I love carb-rich foods. But, it’ll get me to a point that is easier to maintain. And if there is something I learned about myself over the last few months it’s that I can maintain my body weight.

Which is why I’m trying this diet today.

Once I hit my goals, I’ll set MyFitnessPal to maintain my body composition. But I look forward to cakes, cookies, and pies throughout the holiday season. And I have yet to find a keto recipe that even comes close to Marie Calendar.

But who knows? I might just turn into a keto influencer. Yeah, and I’m a hillbilly with a master’s in Astrophysics.

You Don’t Know What Will Work Until You Try

I usually try most things at least once. You can’t really form an opinion about something unless you do it yourself. Otherwise, you’re regurgitating points of view that may not even be close to what your actual opinion might be.

That also depends on the circumstance. I mean, I know there are some things I’ll hate without trying them. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t like a bullet through my leg.

But you should know what I’m getting at. Things like diet plans, exercises, foods, music, movies, games…you don’t know what you really can get into until you give it a try.

And in this case, I’m stepping outside of my comfort zone in a myriad of ways while doing this experiment with the keto diet.

Let’s see what I can do in six weeks!

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  1. I’m excited too, man. Can’t wait to see what kind of results you get. Hang in there when the crash comes tho lol. It won’t last forever. Soon, you’ll be a fat-burning machine.

    1. That’s the plan. lol. To be honest, I haven’t really felt any different the first two days. Then again, I’ve been spending more time working and less time working out. 🙁

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