How Eating Healthy Actually Saves You Money

Eating Healthy Saves Money
03 May

Last Updated on May 3, 2016 by Michael Brockbank

If there is one thing that drives me crazy when people want to lose weight it’s how fad diet plans rake in the dough by taking advantage of people. Another aspect of cost is when people assume that you need a lot of money to buy the products you need to lose weight. In reality, you wouldn’t need to spend anything more than you do now. In fact, you may even wind up spending less when you’re eating healthy.

Saving Money While Eating Healthy

There are a number of ways you can eat healthy. Spend a moment looking on the Internet and you can find a myriad of “diets” loaded with testimonials of how each one works. Although many of these plans do have their merits, you really don’t need to invest anything extra if you are mindful about what you’re putting into your body.

Proper Portion Sizes
One of the biggest problems that many overweight people have in the United States is being grossly overfed. Which is sad when you consider how many people are also starving. Limiting yourself to proper portion sizes cuts most meals by two-thirds on average. For example, sitting at your favorite restaurant and ordering will probably result in eating for three. When you monitor portion sizes for healthy eating, you’re spending less money at the grocery store as well. Why? Because you’re making the food stretch further. For instance, a single can of Progresso soup is designed for two servings. It doesn’t mean you have to eat them both right now. It’s essentially two lunches in one can. It’s like that with most foods you buy at the store.

Moderating Snacks
Reducing the sugary snacks you love can cut deep into the grocery bill, depending on how much of these you eat. Instead, focus more on fruits and veggies to snack on between meals. I know, these are usually more expensive than Little Debbie cupcakes. However, eating fruits and veggies in logical portion sizes can actually make them last much longer than sugar-filled goodies. In my house, a bag of baby carrots, which is awesome with a bit of ranch dressing, lasts longer than any bag of cookies. And it’s roughly the same price.

Drive-Through Window
Did you know that the $5 lunch box combo meal at Little Caeser’s Pizza can be more than 1800 calories in one sitting? Even though it’s cheap, that $5 would have been better spent fixing up a tasty crab salad or a few sandwiches from home. At one point, my household was spending thousands of dollars, within a few months, dining out. By eliminating the temptation of fast food, we’re saving a ton of money while shedding the pounds rapidly. A dollar menu shouldn’t be your driving force to eat like crap.

Work Performance
It’s been documented that healthier employees are more productive. This is caused by a variety of benefits through eating healthy. In essence, a better lifestyle could contribute to helping you along in your career. It may also save you from having to call in sick as often or spend less time in the emergency room from injuries. Essentially, you’ll give your work ethic a boost simply by changing what you eat on a regular basis. This doesn’t mean you’ll become employee of the month overnight, but it will contribute to helping you prevent losing money in the long run.

Diet Supplements
A lot of pills are on the market that attest how you can quickly lose weight while taking them. Although a lot of them work according to the ingredients, they are also expensive when considering alternatives. For example, green tea is an active ingredient in most of these products. It’s also a cheap tea that can be made with a bit of hot water. As long as you’re mindful about eating healthy, you can consume all of those diet pill components in the foods you eat. I’d suggest starting with raw spinach salad. It’s a super food that delivers a ton of nutritional value.

Home Cooked is Often Cheaper
Many home-cooked meals are cheaper than those that are prepared. Essentially, you’re paying for the convenience of being lazy. Not only will the food you cook be cheaper and often healthier, but you’ll burn calories standing in the kitchen making it. Convenience shouldn’t lead to the byproduct of being overweight. Some of my most favorite dishes were those I made myself.

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to subscribe to some diet plan or sign up for a fitness program. It all boils down to having determination to successfully put the fork down. I am living proof that you can still eat the things that make you happy while losing weight. Moderate your intake and keep more money in your pocket. Just because it looks like a good deal for a dollar doesn’t mean that it will be the healthiest thing to eat.

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