Emerge: One of the Best Pre-Workout Supplements?

Emerge Best Pre-Workout Drink
26 Sep

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A lot of people try a variety of products to boost their performance right before workouts. Even those who are not looking to bulk up will often accentuate their morning routines. For me, I am wondering if Emerge is one of the best pre-workout supplements on the market.

Over the years, I’ve found the Emerge drink mix to be nothing short of amazing. And although I can’t guarantee you’ll have the same experience, I can go into a bit of detail of how the product works from my perspective.

Then, you can make up your mind on whether you want to try it or not.

Why is Emerge the Best Pre-Workout Supplement for Me?

It all boils down to personal experience. For me, it’s been a great drink to spearhead my workout first thing in the morning.

And this is coming from someone who has a bit of a caffeine addiction with coffee. It’s more like a love affair, really.

The Feeling of Peppiness

First and foremost, Emerge offers an incredible boost to my “peppiness” to start the day. I feel more energized than if I was to pound down a double-shot espresso.

For me, this is a vital component. I am a bit lazy when it comes to my mornings, and having a shot of energy is ideal if I want to burn some calories in front of the Xbox Kinect.

Appetite Suppressant

Another aspect of Emerge that I like is how it’s an appetite suppressant. This greatly curbs my mid-morning snacking and I don’t really feel hungry until around lunch time.

Of course I still have a basic breakfast after my workout, but it usually consists of an egg or two and some onions with a bit of shredded cheese. Not a very big breakfast, but filling nonetheless.

Brightening My Mood

One thing that makes Emerge one of the best pre-workout supplements for myself is how it makes me feel overall. I already broke down the composition of Emerge and how many of its claims are supported by science in terms of enhancing your mindset.

Even if it is nothing more than psychosomatic, it works to boost my mood. I am more hyper, energetic and overall happier than I normally am. Considering how I am prone to depression, this is an awesome side effect.

Metabolising Fat

As I am trying to lose the last 30 pounds, Emerge is helping as a way to metabolize fat. Again, according to the chemical composition of the product, there is basis for this in science.

Now, I can’t say for sure if Emerge is the best pre-workout supplement for burning fat. That’s because I still battle with will-power when it comes to nightly snacking. However, I am confident the product could work if I helped it along by curbing the sugar intake at 10pm.

How High is Emerge in Terms of Calories?

In an eight-ounce cup, Emerge has 70 calories total. To put this into perspective, a Monster Java Mocha has 14.7 calories per ounce as an energy drink. Emerge has 8.75.

This isn’t all that fair of a comparison, though. The Monster product has far more components in it that drive the calorie count much higher. In reality, Emerge is a water-focused additive that doesn’t have the same ingredients.

But from the standpoint of an energy drink, Emerge is far superior in terms of calories and nutritional value. After all, Emerge has more than 400% of your daily need for vitamin C and full of B-complex vitamins.

Don’t get me wrong, Monster isn’t all that bad of a product. In fact, I don’t mind indulging once in a while. But for what I’m trying to accomplish in my workout routines, it’s just not comparable to Emerge.

How are the Flavors of Emerge?

I am a bit drawn to the Blue Raspberry flavor. However, I do enjoy the Pineapple Pizzazz version as well. And truth be told, I don’t really vary much from something I enjoy.

However, I wouldn’t mind trying the many other flavors available from Max Muscle. The nearby shop has a wide selection and I am nearing the end of my current canister.

Like most of the best pre-workout supplements out there, Emerge has that tart sharpness to its taste. But that’s to be expected when you consider what’s available in each cup.

In fact, I have yet to come across a pre-workout energy drink that didn’t have the tart taste to it. Personally, I’ve just grown accustomed to it and don’t give the tartness much thought.

How Does Emerge Travel?

At one point, we were putting a serving of Emerge in plastic containers to add to water bottles while traveling. For a while there, it was a common addition to a lunch box when heading out to work.

Nowadays, I work from home so I don’t need to store the powder. However, you can get small serving-sized containers that are perfect for transporting Emerge without carrying the entire canister with you or storing it in ziplock baggies.

Is Emerge a Bit Expensive?

One thing that stands out about emerge is the overall price when compared to other products on the market. It’s more expensive than something like C4 Explosive Energy drink, but I found it to also perform better.

Instead of looking at the price of the entire container, consider how much you spend per serving.

In reality, I’m getting a potent kick-start to my morning for less than a dollar every day. And considering how this stuff works better than a can of Monster or Red Bull, I’d say that’s a bargain.

Why I Continue to Drink Emerge

Like I said, finding the best pre-workout supplement is based purely on personal preference. Some people will love Emerge as much as I do, while others may find greater value in something else.

It all comes down to what works best for you. Each person is different with varying needs. For me, Emerge just meets all of my requirements for getting the day started.

Don’t be afraid to try something new…you might find yourself a fan of a product you didn’t think would help.[template id=”3591″]

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