End of the Year 12-Week Fitness Challenge Starts Soon!

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Perhaps it’s fate that October 9th is the 12-week-mark before January 1st, and I’m in the mood to challenge myself one last time for fitness in 2021. So, let’s end the year by working towards the best version of ourselves, eh? This includes both mental and physical aspects of fitness, mind you.

Because you really can’t have one without the other.

Why Do Another 12-Week Fitness Challenge?

I love challenging myself. I like to push myself to the outer limits of what I can handle simply to see where that line truly is. Then, I try to figure out what I can do to go beyond those limits.

Not to mention the fact that I find challenges fun and engaging. And when you’re trying to focus on any given task, gamifying it helps keep your mind centered on the activity.

In addition to all of this, I figure it’s the perfect time to see what I can do before 2022 begins.

Thank you to my friend, Chris Desatoff, for giving me the idea.

This time, I feel relatively confident that I can meet all of my goals. I know I don’t have the most stellar experience keeping track of everything over the long term. But in reality, I seemed to get better with each attempt.

Perhaps this is my time to shine!

What I’m Doing for This 12-Week Fitness Challenge

I am pretty close to my weight loss goals as it is, so I decided to change up my focus a bit. I decided instead of making a birthday calendar for my friend, it’s going to be a Christmas present.

That’s because I didn’t lose enough to really feel comfortable in front of the camera this weekend.

In any case, I’m doing things slightly differently this time around.

What Are My Goals for This Challenge?

Obviously, I am still looking to lose the last of my body fat. I still have quite the spare tire, although it is shrinking quite nicely. However, I should hit my weight loss goals before Thanksgiving.

That still gives me more than a month before the end of the year. So, I’ve decided to ramp it up quite a bit.

Instead of just losing weight, I am aiming for an 8% body-fat physique. This means I’m aiming for an athletic frame within the next three months.

I’m not sure if I’ll hit that mark, but it’s worth a shot. I would love to open 2022 looking like a running back.

What the End-of-the-Year 12-Week Fitness Challenge Entails

So, there really isn’t much difference in what I plan to do this time around. Most of my fitness challenge ideas are the same, whether is for a 12-week run or just a 7-day experiment.

What is different this time around is my motivation to succeed.

September was pretty rough on me in a variety of ways. But it also opened my eyes to a lot of things I needed to change. Writing for a month straight also fueled a bit of fire under me for CrossingColorado.com.

Anyway, this time I am focusing on:

Taking Weekly Pictures

I really enjoy the before and after photos I’ve been doing on Wednesdays. And although I will do a six-week comparison in a couple of days, I’m going to start doing them on Saturdays.

I’m also going to be taking them weekly as opposed to bi-weekly. This means comparing each week to when I started the challenge.

Taking Weekly Measurements

One thing Sam suggested was taking weekly measurements. This is going to be somewhat difficult in some areas because I plan on adding a bit more girth over the next couple of months.

Still, my waist and hips are areas I need to slim down. So, it’s not going to be a complete waste of time for me. It will also be kind of cool to compare measurements to photos to see just how much fat I’m replacing with muscle.

Strictly Focusing on My Net 600 Calorie Diet

I know my Net 600 Calorie diet works very well for me…if I actually stick to it. This means being afraid of seeing the calories go red. So if I want to drink during Monday or Friday night’s live streams, I better have the calories for it beforehand.

I think I’m also going to do a bit more of the Progresso Soup diet I was on when I lost a ton of weight. I like Progresso Soup, and it helped me drop about 20 to 30 pounds.

Another element I’ll be adding is sticking with a bit of the keto diet plan. I can’t help it, there are a lot of keto snacks I really like, such as the Parm Crisps in ranch.

Doing Six Machines at Planet Fitness

With it getting cooler outside, it’s getting a bit too cold to walk to the gym in my shorts and sandals. So, I’m going to start driving. Luckily, this means I’ll be able to use six machines instead of five as I’ll have a bit more time.

My cardio for the day will be spent in front of the Xbox…which usually does a better job of working up a sweat than a walk to the gym and back anyway.

More Xbox Kinect Cardio Work

I’m going to track the time I spend every day in front of the Kinect for this 12-week fitness challenge. This is because I know how effective the game system is for burning calories and I am doing a few articles for ColoradoPlays.com for losing weight with gaming.

Besides, certain games I love to play do an incredible job of working on my core and legs.

Weekly Video Updates

I know I’ve said this before, but I really do want to get into uploading weekly updates to YouTube. Because I am prioritizing certain projects now, I can make sure I have time to do them.

I would also like to do a few cooking shows, perhaps some workout updates, etc. Something you might find on fitness YouTube channels without the douchy, gym jock attitude.

Sunday Blog Updates on Sundays

I will upload new pics every Sunday so we can see a side-by-side comparison of how the week has progressed. Though, there probably won’t be a resounding difference from one week to the next.

What I plan to do is what I mentioned above; to compare each week to when I started.

More Willpower!

This time around, I am going to muster up as much willpower as I can. I kind of suck when it comes to keeping myself from losing track. However, I am going to give it my all.

There’s actually quite a bit riding on making sure I maintain my diet and fitness plan.

Yep…a Revamped Spreadsheet

You probably saw this coming, but I’ve already revamped my spreadsheet a bit to reflect the new 12-week fitness challenge. This time, I’m including macros such as Protein, Carbs, and Fats.

I’m also tracking the total pounds I lift each day and the total amount of time in front of the Xbox.

This will help drive future articles and strategies, especially comparing total calorie burn to the number of carbs I eat in a day.

Hitting the Ground Running

OK, I have a week to go before officially starting this 12-week fitness challenge. Does that mean I’m going to gorge myself and balloon back up to 240 pounds? Absolutely not!

In fact, I plan on hitting the ground running on October 9th. This means I’m going to try to maintain the diet and fitness plan throughout the week.

Mostly, I want to work out any bugs or kinks in the plan before actually making the 12-week commitment.

I’ll go over more of the specifics when I blog about the beginning this Saturday. For instance, I’ll go over a few more details about what I plan to eat, the types of exercises I want to do, my macro goals, ect.

I’m very interested to see what I can do with myself before the end of the year. And, I would love to show off to the family when I go home for Thanksgiving.

Let’s Get it On!

There are times when I wish I was more popular on social media. I would love to get a group of people jumping in on helping each other achieve goals before the end of the year. But that’s kind of my fault, really.

Sure, Google is making it stupid hard to get recognized. However, I could have put in more of an effort over the years.

At any rate, let’s get ready to run the end-of-the-year 12-week fitness challenge and start 2022 far better than we started 2021.

What kind of challenges are you setting for yourself before January 1st?

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