EotY Fitness Challenge Week 2 – The Failures Continue…ish

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Here we are, two weeks into my end-of-the-year fitness challenge and I am still making the same mistakes. Though I have to admit, I did improve slightly over this past week in a few elements. Unfortunately, it’s not enough if I want to reach my goals.

I want to be 20 pounds lighter by the time I go to Utah for Thanksgiving. Not to mention that I want to shave off a lot of this body fat. Like I said during the live stream, “I want to be looked at like a piece of meat.”

That’s not going to happen unless I put in more effort.

What Went Wrong This Week?

It seems that I do fairly well while tracking everything for the first few days. And then for some reason, it all falls apart. Then again, I have been struggling with a lot of personal stuff lately.

The worst part is that I am almost back up to where I was when I started.

However, I wonder how much of that is body fat compared to muscle mass. Seriously, over the past few weeks, I’ve been adding a lot of muscle and definition.

Now, I know I can’t say that I’ve added five pounds of muscle over this past week. But, it does make me wonder just how much fat I’ve actually lost in comparison.

Regardless of how I slice it though, I’m definitely not getting enough cardio.

Only Played the Xbox Once

One of my biggest problems right now is that I’m not getting enough time working myself up into a sweat. Well, outside of the gym, anyway. By pushing myself to lift to fail, I’ve been getting quite a decent workout lately.

But if I want to melt more of this body fat before the end of the year, I need to get more time playing the Xbox, Bodyblade, and the Zaaz.

Besides, I really want to write an article about how much weight I lost in a certain timeframe playing video games. And I can’t do that if I only play once per week.

This is on top of the other blog post and video ideas I want to do that require personal data.

Still Stress Eating

Another issue I have is being a stress eater. And with everything I’ve been going through recently, I’ve eaten probably a container and a half of peanut butter in the past week.

I need a more positive outlet for stress. Or at least figure out a way to focus on something else late at night. Getting to bed sooner and playing relaxing music on my computer seems to help quite a bit.

I just need to redouble my efforts in not thinking about certain things or certain people.

What’s the Plan for This Week?

Essentially, the plan for next week is going to be pretty close to what it was before. Somehow, I gotta get myself to commit to the plan.

From a mental standpoint, I am doing much better than I have been. So, let’s see if I can have a complete week of highlighting everything yellow in my 12-week challenge spreadsheet.

Highlighting everything yellow means that I completed and tracked all data correctly. If I do really well, I should be able to write a decent article about the experience of how much I lost and how I did it.

And, it might make for a better video.

More Cardio

Obviously, one of the things I need to work on most is getting more cardio. In this case, getting far more Xbox time. According to my spreadsheet, I really didn’t do much outside of walking around.

I don’t know why I’m just not as committed to it as I was in the past. It’s not that I’m burned out of playing the Kinect. It’s more that I just can’t seem to fix my “give a shit” meter.

If I don’t, though, then I’ll be spinning my tires and not really progressing much outside of building muscle mass. And that’s not what I want to focus on most.

Tracking Everything and Reducing Carb Intake

I need to get back into the midset of tracking every morsel I eat throughout the day. For one thing, I have huge gaps in my current data, which is really messing with my OCD.

I’m half tempted to start the 12 weeks over because of all the blank spaces. But, I’m not going to. The point of all this is to help me realize my mistakes and come up with plans to fix them.

In this instance, it’s trying to get back into the habit of keeping caloric intake low. Not to mention I really need to reduce the carb intake, especially if I’m not getting enough cardio.

Adding Workouts to Asana

Perhaps if I add my workouts and cardio work to Asana, I would remember to get them done. I’ve been working on making sure I check everything off as I go throughout the day, so perhaps this could be something to add.

Technically, the workouts could be considered “production time” since I am using the data to write articles and make future videos.

This week, I’m going to give that a try and see how it works to keep me focused.

It’s kind of sad that I need to start creating reminders like this. But between the sheer amount of stuff I do on any given day and the fact that I’m getting older, I simply forget most of the time.

Aim to Burn 3,500 Calories Per Day According to Fitbit

I burned more calories this past week than I have been, so that is kind of a win. And, I am able to see a pattern between how many steps I need on any given day to surpass my goal of burning 3,500 calories.

In case you’re wondering, burning 3,500 calories per day is my “sweet spot” for losing more than half a pound per day…if I maintain my Net 600 Calorie diet.

I use the calorie burn from Fitbit quite a bit in a myriad of personal case studies. It’s helped me drop 80 pounds over the years, and it will help me reach my goals this time around.

Swing for 13,000 Steps Per Day, Minimum

According to the data, I can reach a lot of daily goals if I can get 13,000+ steps per day. These include steps I get from walking, playing the Xbox, using the Bodyblade, and any other movement I manage to get in.

During week one, I averaged around 8k steps per day. This past week, I cranked it up to 12k. If I can just squeeze in a few more here and there, I will hit my daily calorie burn goals.

Let’s See What I Can Do This Week

So, the first two weeks have been back-to-back failures. But, there is still plenty of time to get as close to my goals as possible. Unfortunately, I don’t know if I’ll hit my goal weight by Thanksgiving.

As long as I have forward momentum and can keep myself from diving into a jar of peanut butter, I should still look pretty good by then.

Did you hear that? It’s the earth-shattering echo of my head popping out of my ass.

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