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05 Mar

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Well, the past couple of weeks were quite a failure. Between a lot of birthdays, dinners, family outings, and taking off this Friday to Utah, the last couple of weeks of my latest fitness challenge are just not going to happen. I know me and have no chance of sticking to a diet in Utah until Sunday.

I’m not going to be too down on myself, though. There was simply too much chaos for me to maintain a good eating and workout routine. What I would give to have a week where nothing out of the ordinary spawned…

Sometimes you just gotta roll with what life throws your way the best that you know how.

Besides, I have a few ideas about how I am going to progress next time around.

Restarting Next Sunday – Ish

As I’ll be in Utah next Sunday and possibly Monday, I’m going to do my best to maintain physical activity and diet. Luckily, the hotel has a pool and exercise room that I fully intend on using.

Usually, I am up way before the kids anyway. So, it’ll give me plenty of time to head down to the weight room even if it’s for a brisk, one-mile walk.

In any event, I am restarting my 12-week fitness challenge on the 12th. If I can maintain a good rhythm this time around, I should make quite a bit of progress by June 3rd, which is the end of 12 weeks.

This time around, I shouldn’t have too many extenuating circumstances thrown at me. Then again, I live a life of pure chaos. I’m sure the Universe will decide my day is too mundane and toss something new my way.

On the upside, I can’t say my life is boring. Every time it’s something new to explore. I just wish I could have one week where everything runs smoothly. Then again, I don’t know what I’d do with myself if it did.

Still Managing My Intake This Week

Even though I’m not tracking things in the spreadsheet this week, I am still going to focus on sticking with my diet. That’ll give me about five days before seeing family, and I wouldn’t mind being a few pounds lighter than I am.

This also means heading back to the gym on Monday, Wednesday, and possibly Friday before heading to Utah.

Sure, the Oculus and Kinect are great for cardio. But I miss lifting some of the weight that I was lifting several months ago. Not to mention that I want to start working on my next case study for a blog post – how many calories I burn while at the gym and why.

Since there are no more birthdays and such this week, I should be able to manage myself quite well. Especially since I went shopping at Trader Joe’s on Friday. And I always tend to eat better after buying my favorites.

So, the focus this week is to keep calories in the “green” while increasing physical activity. Same as before, but perhaps with a bit of willpower added to the mix.

Working on a New Theme for the Blog

The last few days have been incredibly frustrating, which is part of why I stopped tracking intake and output. When I get fixated on a problem, I’ll grind myself into a gooey paste trying to figure it out.

The issues this time around were related to the blog. I’ve had everything from security plugins tapping out all of my memory to dark mode wreaking havoc on content. I was able to fix a few things that I hope will make a difference throughout the year.

Perhaps one of the more important aspects is getting the new theme on this blog. I bought three licenses from Themegrill and am looking forward to polishing up the site a bit.

I already added a new layout to my writing website, and I am quite pleased with the results thus far. It appears less busy and hectic with a more clean flow for the content.

It’s just one thing that no longer feels chaotic in my life.

I’m not 100% how the new theme will look on this site, but I am almost certain it’s going to take a lot of time to polish it up. Nonetheless, I’m pretty excited to give the new layouts a try.

Besides, I find the more I work on this website, the more inclined I am to stick with my diets and workouts. It’s quite motivational, to be honest.

Heading to Utah

Yep, I plan on being in Utah by one or two in the afternoon on Friday. That means heading out of here by around eight in the morning. I’m not looking forward to the drive, but am looking forward to seeing family.

Not to mention being able to sleep in a comfortable bed, for a change. Knock on wood…

The last couple of times I went to Utah, the bed was quite disappointing. I’m hoping that won’t be the case this time around. I would so love to sleep for longer than five and a half hours.

I really need to take more time off. It’s something I don’t do that often for myself, despite telling others how vital it is for mental health to do so. Even if I just get out of the house more often on the weekends, it would probably make a vast positive difference while handling a chaotic week.

Maybe a Hot Summer Dad Bod?

OK, so losing all of my weight by spring isn’t going to happen. And although I didn’t lose much over the last 12 weeks, I have noticed a major difference in my arms, shoulders, chest, and traps.

That’s all thanks to the sheer amount of time I’ve been putting into playing the Oculus. There are a lot of upper-body movements when playing Fruit Ninja.

Starting this up again on the 12th means that I am going to be working toward a “hot summer dad bod.” How about we just focus on completing a 12-week fitness challenge without red days and “forgetting” to log things in?

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