How to Use the Social Element in MyFitnessPal

16 May

MyFitnessPal is a free system that has great potential to help you get into shape while monitoring food intake. One of the biggest reasons I like the system so much is because of the social element it presents. It can keep you connected with a wide range of people while engaging those who already follow you on Facebook. Since it’s capable of connecting to other apps as well, it can be used as a central hub for your fitness. Read More

How to Use Runkeeper Without a Phone

Runkeeper Logging
19 Jan

Runkeeper is an excellent tool to track your walks, jogs and runs. While it’s greatest feature is the GPS logging from your smartphone, what can you do when you don’t have a phone available for the system? Luckily, Runkeeper can still track and log your activities through the use of the website. Using the web-based portal, you can still keep track of your physical activities while getting an accurate portrayal of your progress. Read More