Fitness Challenge Complete: Not Bad, But Less than I Wanted

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Here we are. Four weeks down to complete a fitness challenge between my friend and I. And the winner is me by about two pounds. I feel a bit confident that I could have lost more weight as my scale shows less than I was aiming for. However, I know what areas I need improving. So, how did I fare this month?

Started at 340, ended at 232.2 Pounds

Weight FluctuateI lost 7.8 pounds over the course of four weeks. That’s not really a spectacular amount, but it’s to be expected considering how poorly I performed. This doesn’t bode well for dressing up as a superhero for Halloween.

I’ll be cutting it close to be in the 220s before I arrive in Utah for my son’s graduation. I’m still going to strive to meet that goal, but I’m not 100% sure if that’s going to be possible. I guess we’ll see.

In my defense, I did have a rough time last week. I was suffering from some bug, as far as I could tell. I had headaches, stomach issues and aches for several days and had a very hard time sleeping. I am feeling much better this week, but it did kind of slow me down in terms of weight loss and activity.

Why My Performance Was Less than Ideal

Perhaps one of my biggest failings this past month was my inability to quit snacking at night. Although I am doing a little better than before, I still eat way too much after 10:00pm. Like I’ve said before, I could probably curb a lot of that snacking if I could actually get to bed at a reasonable time.

During the day, I am fairly good when it comes to snacks and activity. It’s being awake at the midnight hour that winds up hurting me the most. Not to mention that I’m a stress eater….which is a severe problem in and of itself.

Physical Activity

I was actually quite physically active this past month. Between walking and doing a few exercises, I think I did fairly well. There’s always room for improvement, though. For instance, I would love to get more sleep and wake up at 6:00 am like I used to and get 20 minutes in of cardio work.

I’ll be heading back to Colorado soon, so I am sure to boost my activity once I move into my new place. I’ll spend a few days exploring the area on foot while identifying routes and shopping areas. The location that I am moving too is a bit new to me, but I am sure I’ll manage. After all, it’s Colorado.

As soon as I get my bike back, I’ll probably start riding to the nearest Anytime Fitness. I have a membership, so I might as well use it. It’s an eight-mile round trip from where I’ll be staying. The only reason why I probably won’t walk that distance much is because I simply don’t have time. Biking would be much faster.

Eating Foods

Food ChoiceAnother aspect that I’ll have to keep in mind is that I won’t have Trader Joe’s nearby. I’ll have to do most of my shopping from Safeway. Which is fine by me. I miss Safeway and haven’t been a regular shopper since we moved to Sterling, Colorado. I am pretty excited to have one 0.7 miles from me.

I won’t really know what kind of eateries are nearby until I actually walk around a bit. I’ve looked at the area on Google maps, but it’s just not the same as getting a feel for the neighborhood by being in person.

One thing I have to work on is eating less snacks that have an over-abundance of calories. I need to start pulling out more fruits and veggies and less carbs and sugars. I mean, I’m still losing weight. But I would like to lose more at a faster pace by not eating so many carbs at night.

My kingdom for a bag of baby carrots…Safeway, here I come!

Sleeping Regularly

Good MorningI’ve actually been doing really well on getting more than seven hours of sleep several nights a week. However, I am moving into a new place with no bed or other furniture. I plan on picking up an air mattress for now. Either way, I don’t suspect I’ll be sleeping well for the first few weeks.

I’ll definitely have to make sure I pick up some Sleepy Time Echinacea tea. It’s been an incredible boost to keeping me asleep once I finally drift off. Plus, I genuinely feel better in the morning all-around.

That reminds me…I’ll also need to pick up some new pillows.

Drinking Water

Towards the last couple of weeks, my water intake dropped dramatically. I’m not exactly sure why. Again, I think it is related to simply remembering to grab it. The last few days have flown by so fast that I really haven’t had time to process everything.

In reality, my move to Denver has me a bit stressed out. It’s not exactly where I want to be and I will again be sharing a house with someone. But, the rent is half of what I am paying now, I like the person I’ll be spending time with and it’s much closer to my girls.

I simply need to remember to keep drinking as much water as I can. I am consuming far less than even a child should have. I think once things get settled down, I should be able to get into a groove for maintaining my work and health.

My Plans for a June Challenge

For June’s challenge, we’re definitely stepping up our game to be at 180 by Halloween. I am still above 200 with five months to go. Technically, I should be able to cut through fifty pounds by then. Which means I need to burn off at least 10 pounds per month.

deadpoolBut it’s not just losing weight that I am aiming for. Remember, I want to look like a superhero…which means muscle definition. Luckily, I’ll be about four miles away from an Anytime Fitness. That means I’ll be able to ride my bike back and forth for some good cardio work.

I think June will focus on trying to improve my snacking habits, fitness routines and sleep. Two of these are my most prominent weaknesses…well, aside from drinking water. However, I am still confident that I can reach 180 pounds by Halloween.

Stay tuned by subscribing to notifications. As soon as I post the “rules” for June’s challenge, you can join in. Feel free to follow me at any of my fitness profiles located in the My Tools section above. I’m also fairly regular on Twitter if you want to send a message that way.

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